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  • PG-13
  • 2001
  • 1 hr 44 min
  • 4.7  (15,026)
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In the year 1625, France is in turmoil as the power-hungry Cardinal Richelieu (played by Tim Roth) rules with an iron fist, using his army of Red Guards to oppress the people and maintain his grip on the king, Louis XIII (Daniel Mesguich). However, a group of heroes known as the Musketeers are determined to resist Richelieu's tyranny and defend France's honor. This is the premise of The Musketeer, a 2001 film directed by Peter Hyams and starring Justin Chambers, Catherine Deneuve, and Mena Suvari.

At the beginning of the movie, we see young d'Artagnan (Justin Chambers) and his father, a respected Musketeer, being attacked by a group of Red Guards. In the ensuing fight, d'Artagnan's father is killed, and the young man swears to avenge his death and become a Musketeer himself. Years later, he arrives in Paris and immediately finds himself drawn into the Musketeers' struggle against Richelieu and his minions.

The Musketeers are led by the wise and experienced Athos (Jan Gregor Kremp), the brash and impulsive Porthos (Steve Speirs), and the suave and charming Aramis (Nick Moran). They take d'Artagnan under their wing, and together they embark on a dangerous mission to rescue the queen (Catherine Deneuve), who has been kidnapped by Richelieu's henchman, Febre (Tcheky Karyo). Along the way, they encounter a beautiful and enigmatic thief named Francesca (Mena Suvari), who becomes an unexpected ally in their quest.

The Musketeer is a classic swashbuckling adventure movie, filled with sword fights, daring escapes, and dramatic betrayals. The action sequences are expertly choreographed and shot, with the performers displaying impressive physical prowess and agility. Justin Chambers is a charismatic and likable hero, projecting both vulnerability and strength as he strives to live up to his father's legacy. Catherine Deneuve is regal and elegant as the queen, while Mena Suvari brings a modern edge to her role as the plucky thief.

The movie's villains are equally memorable, with Tim Roth delivering a sly and menacing performance as Richelieu. Tcheky Karyo's Febre is a fierce and ruthless adversary, with a tragic backstory that adds depth to his character. There are also some great supporting performances from actors such as Bill Treacher as the bumbling Monsieur Bonacieux, and Jean-Pierre Castaldi as the loyal Musketeer Planchet.

One of the movie's main themes is the idea of brotherhood and loyalty among the Musketeers. They are not just colleagues, but friends who have each other's backs no matter what. This is particularly evident in the scenes where they train d'Artagnan and teach him the Musketeer code of honor. At the same time, the film also explores the political and social tensions of the time, with Richelieu and his Red Guards representing the forces of authoritarianism and repression.

Overall, The Musketeer is a fun and entertaining movie that successfully captures the spirit of the classic novel by Alexandre Dumas. It may not be the most historically accurate or intellectually stimulating adaptation, but it delivers on its promise of swashbuckling adventure and heroic derring-do. Fans of action movies, historical dramas, and romantic adventure stories will find plenty to enjoy in this film.

The Musketeer
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