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  • R
  • 1998
  • 1 hr 33 min
  • 5.1  (821)

The Naked Man is a 1999 independent film directed by J. Todd Anderson and written by Ethan Coen. The movie is set in the fictional town of Drassville, a place that is backward and surreal. The protagonist of the movie is Dr. Edward Blis, a chiropractor who is down on his luck. Blis has always had an interest in professional wrestling and has spent his life cataloging wrestling moves. Blis' father had always told him that professional wrestling is a phony profession, but Blis believes there is something more to it.

One day, Blis is visited by a spirit who tells him that he has been chosen as the "hero" that will bring justice to the world. Blis takes this as a sign that he must become a wrestler, and he starts his journey as the Naked Man. The Naked Man is a character that Dr. Blis creates, who is entirely naked except for the mask that he wears on his face. The Naked Man is unlike any wrestler that Dr. Blis has ever seen. He is not big, strong, or muscular, but instead, he is agile and fast.

As the Naked Man, Dr. Blis starts to compete in local wrestling matches. He quickly becomes a fan favorite, and his wrestling moves are unlike anything that the audience has ever seen. The Naked Man's signature move is the "Buddha Palm," a move that knocks out his opponent with one swift hit. The Naked Man quickly becomes the talk of the town, and Dr. Blis starts to believe that he is the chosen one that will bring justice to the world.

However, things start to take a dark turn when a group of businessmen approaches Dr. Blis and offers him a deal. They want Dr. Blis to throw a wrestling match, and in return, they will pay him a large sum of money. Dr. Blis initially refuses, but when he realizes that his chiropractor business is failing, he accepts the offer. This decision leads to a chain of events that puts Dr. Blis' life in danger.

The Naked Man is not your typical wrestling movie. It is a movie about a man who is searching for a purpose in life and finds it in an unconventional way. The movie is darkly comedic and satirical, with a mix of absurdity and reality. The movie's setting is Drassville, a small town that is filled with eccentric characters. The movie's characters, including Dr. Blis, are all flawed, which makes them relatable and human.

The Naked Man is also a movie about the wrestling business, and how it is not what it seems. The movie portrays the wrestling business as being corrupt, with businessmen trying to control the outcomes of matches for their financial gain. The movie shows how the wrestlers themselves are often disposable, with the businessmen not caring about their safety or well-being.

The acting in The Naked Man is excellent, with Michael Rapaport giving an outstanding performance as Dr. Blis/The Naked Man. In the movie, Dr. Blis is a man who is searching for something more in life and gets in over his head with the wrestling business. Rapaport portrays Dr. Blis as a likable character, even when he is making questionable decisions. Michael Jeter and John Carroll Lynch are also excellent in their roles as the businessmen who try to control the wrestling outcomes.

The movie's direction by J. Todd Anderson is impressive, with a unique visual style that adds to the movie's surreal environment. Anderson's use of color and lighting helps to create a dreamlike quality to the movie. The movie also has a great soundtrack, with an eclectic mix of music that adds to the movie's unique tone.

In conclusion, The Naked Man is a quirky, darkly comedic wrestling movie that is well worth watching. The movie's mix of absurdity, surrealism, and social commentary make it an unforgettable experience. The movie's acting, direction, and soundtrack are all outstanding, making The Naked Man a must-see for anyone who loves independent cinema.

The Naked Man
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