The Pope Must Die

"Our Father who art in trouble..."
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The Pope Must Die is a 1991 film starring Robbie Coltrane. To begin with, this film first of all presupposes the hypothetical situation where the Vatican is controlled by mafia don Vittorio Correlli. The film opens with the death of the previous pope and the College of Cardinals in Rome to elect a new Pope. Cardinal Rocco, who is a mafia installment and shill, has convinced them to accept the mob's pick, a priest by the name of Albini. However, the clerk of the Vatican is hard of hearing, and accidentally elects lowly parish priest Guiseppe Albinizi to the post.

Much to the chagrin of everyone involved, the new Pope is very fond of rock music and women. His tendency to "stick out like a sore thumb" leads him to discover some illegal gun smuggling and stolen merchandise operations, and Cardinal Rocco is fired in the wind-up.

Cardinal Rocco is now out for blood, so he attempts to find some kind of scandal to get the new Pope removed. He discovers that Albinizi has an illegitimate son, Jon Don Dante, a rock star who just happens to be dating Correlli's daughter. Correlli does not approve of the relationship, and attempts to have a hit put out on Dante. After it is botched, Dante learns that his father is indeed the new Pope.

The affair of the Pope is revealed, he is forced to resign, and Rocco once again convinces the College of Cardinals to elect Albini as the new Pope. Albinizi rushes in at the end of the ceremony, and reveals a new twist: Albini is really Correlli in disguise. Correlli holds Albinizi at gunpoint, fires at the ceiling, and it falls on him. He is defeated and the Cardinals elect a nun to be the first ever female Pope.

| 1991 | 1 hr 37 min | 5.1/10
Robbie Coltrane, Adrian Edmondson, Paul Bartel, Damir Mejovsek
Peter Richardson
Produced By
Stephen Woolley, Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein, Michael White, Channel 4 Films
The Pope Must Die
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