The Punisher

"If society won't punish the guilty, he will."
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The first of three films featuring the title character, played by Dolph Lundgren in the 1989 film, The Punisher brings the deeds of one of Marvel Comics' most violent vigilantes to the big screen. Frank Castle is the mysterious, cold blooded vigilante known only as The Punisher. A former police officer whose family was murdered because they witnessed a mob hit, Frank has declared war on organized crime and is bringing them down one, bloody body at a time. With over 100 kills in the past 5 years, he's begun to weaken the hold of the biggest Mafia families in the city.

Every action has consequences though, as the new boss of bosses Franco finds out when he tries to step in and do something about the problem with the Punisher. However, with the Italians on the ropes, the Yakuza has decided to muscle in and take over everything that the families are running. And to ensure their cooperation, the Yakuza has kidnapped the children of the powerful Mafia bosses. Franco, in a moment of desperation, persuades the Punisher to save the children, and to kill the foreign criminals that are trying to rebuild everything Castle has destroyed. Frank manages to save most of the children, but Franco's son is stolen away to the Yakuza's headquarters. In the end Franco teams up with Castle, and they assault the place where the kid is being held.

A lot of bloody action later, Castle and Franco kill the head of the Yakuza and rescue Franco's son. In a monumental act of betrayal, Franco attempts to kill Castle, but the Punisher is too fast and puts Franco down. Franco's son picks up a gun and tries to find the courage and rage to kill Castle, but doesn't. Castle tells the boy to grow up and be a good man, before he disappears back into the city sewers.

1989 | 1 hr 32 min | 5.7/10 | 63/100
Dolph Lundgren, Louis Gossett Jr., Jeroen Krabbé, Kim Miyori
New World Pictures
Mark Goldblatt
Produced By
Robert Guralnick, Simon Heath, Mace Neufeld
The Punisher
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Also directed by Mark Goldblatt

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