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"His praire was the big city. His fantasy was..."
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  • 1970
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The Resurrection of Broncho Billy is a Western film from 1970 that tells the story of Billy Anderson, a former silent film cowboy star, who returns to his hometown of Henrietta, Oklahoma after many years. Johnny Crawford, known for his role in the television series The Rifleman, plays the lead role of Billy. The movie opens with Billy returning to Henrietta by train, only to find that the town has changed dramatically since he left. The old Wild West themes from his movies have been replaced by modern buildings and new ways of life. Billy is shocked and saddened by what he sees and the absence of the life he once knew. However, he holds a sense of hope and determination to breathe life back into the town he once called home.

Upon his return, Billy reconnects with his old flame, Nora Grey, played by Kristin Harmon. She is now married to the town doctor, played by an older and more reserved Jock Mahoney. Despite this, Billy still has feelings for her and is determined to win her back. However, when he discovers her husband is in financial ruin, Billy sets out to save the couple's livelihood and use this opportunity to restore the town to its former glory.

Billy's plan involves the production of a new Western film, something that the town has never seen before. Billy takes charge, using his expertise to create a brand new film to draw in crowds and restore Henrietta into a thriving community. However, Billy's old 'black hat' rival, Lash, played by Robert J. Wilke, is trying to sabotage the production and ruin Billy's plans.

As tensions build among the cast and crew, the production of the film is threatened. Nevertheless, Billy continues to push forward and bring his vision to reality. Alongside the film's production, Billy is forced to confront his relationship with Nora and determination to win her back.

The Resurrection of Broncho Billy ultimately embodies the themes of nostalgia, determination, and redemption. The Western movie touches on the resurgence of old traditions in a modernized society and the desire to preserve the past. The struggle to succeed despite the odds and the pursuit of love make this a timeless classic for viewers of all ages.

Johnny Crawford delivers an excellent performance as Billy Anderson, embodying the role of the struggling cowboy desperate to preserve his reputation and ultimately win back the love of his life. Kristin Harmon offers a nuanced and dynamic performance as Nora Grey, mastering the complexity of her character. Ruth Hussey also offers memorable moments as the town's primary investor, with her comedic timing being the highlight of the film.

Overall, The Resurrection of Broncho Billy offers excellent entertainment for fans of Western films and an insightful reflection on society's relationship with the past. The film manages to blend classic Western themes with the challenges of contemporary society, resulting in a compelling film that will captivate audiences today just as it did over fifty years ago.

The Resurrection of Broncho Billy
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