The Saint in London

"He's at it again! Fiction's fighting man of mystery! Chasing down the most dramatic crime in London legend! Shock-charged drama--with a peppery bit of love on the side! You'll laugh--shiver--THRILL!"
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Private detective Simon Templar, aka the Saint (George Sanders), heads home to London, where he enlists the help of ex-pickpocket Dugan (David Burns) and socialite Penny Parker (Sally Gray) in investigating a gambler named Bruno Lang (Henry Oscar), who might be involved in a counterfeiting racket. Things get more complicated as the group uncovers a scheme involving the kidnapping of a count named Duni (John Abbott), and Scotland Yard's suspicious Inspector Teal (Gordon McLeod) gets involved.

| 1939 | 1 hr 12 min | 6.4/10
George Sanders, Sally Gray, David Burns, Gordon McLeod
John Paddy Carstairs
The Saint in London
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Also starring Sally Gray