The Second Chance

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The director of the film, the Second Chance, is Steve Taylor, and it was produced by J. Clarke Gallivan, Coke Sams, Steve Taylor. The film was written by Chip Arnold, Henry O. Arnold, Ben Pearson, and Steve Taylor. The main stars of the film are: Michael W. Smith, Jeff Obafemi Carr, J. Don Ferguson, Lisa Arrindell Anderson, and David Alford. The editing was done by Matthew Sterling, and film was distributed by Triumph Releasing Corporation. The release date was February 2006, and the running time of the movie is 102 minutes. The film was taped in the United States, and the actors in the film speak in English.

The main character of the show is Ethan Jenkins, and is played by Michael W. Smith. Ethan is a pastor, and he is working for a nice congregation. The place of worship has money, and he takes the job because his father recommends that he take the job. Eric starts to work for Second Chance Church, and this is when he meets Jake Sanders. This character is played by Jeff Obafemi Carr. Jake and Ethan are completely different people as Jake spends a lot of time dealing with crime, poverty and drugs.

Even though Ethan and Jake follow the same god, they are very different pastors and do not have a lot in common. You can see the differences in class as Ethan works for a rich congretion and Jake works for a poor chruch. Jake is African American, and he learned his smarts from the street. He counsels teen mothers, gang members, and much more. Ethan is in for a shock when he goes to work for Jake's congregation because Ethan had never worked in a rough neighborhood before. You will have to watch the film to see who gets the second chance.

Since these two people live completely different lives, it is not at church that they run into trouble.

| 2006 | 1 hr 44 min | 6.8/10 | 52/100
Michael W. Smith, Jeff Obafemi Carr, J. Don Ferguson, Lisa Arrindell
Steve Taylor
Produced By
J. Clarke Gallivan, Coke Sams, Steve Taylor
The Second Chance
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Also directed by Steve Taylor