The Seven-Ups

"Mess with the Seven-Ups, and they WILL mess you worse."
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Buddy Manucci has been getting crap from his superiors for working with renegade cops, the titular Seven-Ups, and from using uncommon approaches to apprehending criminals. After a spree of kidnappings hits the city, with only high-functional criminal types being taken, Manucci decides to put his entire focus on solving the case. Although he eventually figures things out, Manucci's revelation doesn't come without a cost to the camaraderie of the Seven-Ups or to the safety of his own life.

| 1973 | 1 hr 43 min | 6.9/10
Roy Scheider, Victor Arnold, Jerry Leon, Ken Kercheval
Philip DAntoni
Produced By
Philip DAntoni
The Seven-Ups
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