The Twinkle in God's Eye

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  • 1955
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The Twinkle in God's Eye is a 1955 Western comedy drama that tells the story of the Wild West during the time when America was expanding its frontiers. Directed by George Blair, the movie stars Mickey Rooney as Reverend Macklin, a young and zealous minister who arrives in a small frontier town that is in dire need of spiritual guidance and moral support.

The Reverend finds himself in the tumultuous town of Lodestone, where lawlessness prevails and the word of God seems to have lost its way. Lodestone's populace is not used to having a preacher around, and Macklin's arrival is met with skepticism and amusement by the local folk who are more interested in gold and gambling than attending any church service.

Played by Coleen Gray, the character Laurie is the organist at Macklin's church, a woman with a kind heart and a spirited personality. Her strong moral compass and support play a pivotal role in the story, as she serves as a foil to some of the more dubious characters of the town. Laurie also represents the possibility of romance for Macklin, who is otherwise entirely preoccupied with his holy mission.

Hugh O'Brian portrays the character Rick Harper, a charming yet roguish figure who embodies the quintessential Western hero with his own nuanced complexity. Harper is content with his life of adventure and seems at odds with the rigid morality of the newcomer preacher. Yet, his attraction to Laurie may prove to be the catalyst for his own transformation.

The plot delves into the struggle between good and evil, as Reverend Macklin's determination to build a church is constantly challenged by the townspeople's vices and an array of colorful characters who prefer to spend their Sundays anywhere but in a pew. The story unfolds as Macklin tries to not only build his church but also to win the souls of the town residents, influencing them to turn away from their wicked ways and embrace a more virtuous life.

The Twinkle in God's Eye is painted with classic elements of the Western genre, including saloon brawls, gunfights, and horseback chases, all of which serve the dual purpose of providing action and testing the protagonist's faith. The film captures the dichotomy of harsh realities and the redeeming qualities of the human spirit, all set against the backdrop of an untamed landscape where law and order are not easily established.

Mickey Rooney's portrayal of Reverend Macklin is marked by his characteristic energy and earnestness. His performance brings depth to a character who is idealistic but also human, someone who can be naive about the nature of the frontier but is ardently dedicated to his task. The dynamic between Rooney's Macklin and O'Brian's Harper creates a compelling contrast, exploring themes of redemption, forgiveness, and the transformational power of faith.

The Twinkle in God's Eye sets itself apart by its light-hearted approach to the genre. While it has its fair share of drama and tension, it is also infused with moments of humor and warmth, a testament to the talents of its leading actors and a script that knows when to be serious and when to let the audience breathe with a chuckle.

As the narrative progresses, the adversity faced by Reverend Macklin elevates, both personal and physical. His character growth is seen through the challenges he overcomes and the impact he makes on the town and its inhabitants. Similarly, the townspeople who initially seem difficult and irredeemable begin to show layers of complexity.

Without revealing the culmination of the trials and tribulations, it can be said that The Twinkle in God's Eye aims to take the audience on a journey through the transformation of a community when provided with the right guidance and a firm, caring hand. It speaks to the victory of benevolence over malevolence, and the ripple effect one good deed can have on a sea of wayward souls.

On the technical front, the film's production harks back to an era of Westerns made on modest budgets, where storytelling and performance took precedence over grandiose set pieces or special effects. The cinematography captures both the simplicity and ruggedness of the frontier town, while the music underscores the emotional beats of the narrative.

In essence, The Twinkle in God's Eye is a homage to traditional Westerns of its time, a story of righteousness amidst rebellion, and of a man's tireless endeavor to sow seeds of compassion in a seemingly barren field. This 1955 cinematic piece is a reminder of the genre's capacity to entertain while touching on themes that are timeless and universally relevant: faith, hope, love, and redemption.

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