The War Lord

"He Battled Two Empires For The Love Of One Woman."

This is an historical dramatic movie about a knight who must defend a coastal village. Part of a Duke’s land includes a village on the coast. He had wanted a castle there to defend the village but it has not come to pass. The area cannot support a building that large and complex. The barbarians are at the border and approaching this village. The Duke sends one of his most trusted knights to set up a defense for the village from these roving pillagers.

The knight makes a good beginning on defenses. He is distracted when he meets and falls in love with one of the local women. The barbarians are still approaching.

| 1965 | 2 hr 3 min | 6.9/10
Charlton Heston, Richard Boone, Rosemary Forsyth, Maurice Evans
MCA Universal Home Video
Franklin J. Schaffner
The War Lord
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