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"Thrills in the sky ! and romance below ..."
  • 1945
  • 1 hr 44 min
  • 7.3  (1,615)

The Way to the Stars is a 1945 British war film directed by Anthony Asquith, known for his work in both the silent and talkie eras of British cinema. The film stars a young Michael Redgrave as David Archdale, a Royal Air Force pilot, alongside John Mills as Flight Lieutenant Peter Penrose and Rosamund John as Iris Winterton, a WAAF officer.

The film takes place during World War II and follows the lives of those stationed at a fictional RAF base in rural England. The ensemble cast of characters includes pilots, mechanics, and other support staff. The film explores the relationships and tensions between these characters as they face the harsh realities of life during wartime.

As the film opens, we see Penrose arriving at the base, where he is assigned to fly with Archdale. Archdale is initially skeptical of Penrose's abilities as a pilot and critical of his privileged background. However, as the two men fly together on missions over Germany, they begin to form a bond.

Meanwhile, Winterton arrives at the base and catches the eye of several officers, including Archdale. She is initially dismissive of their advances, but eventually finds herself falling for Archdale. However, their relationship is complicated by his devotion to flying and the ever-present danger of his missions.

Throughout the film, we see the various characters coping with the stresses of wartime. They struggle with homesickness, loneliness, and the constant fear of death. There are moments of levity, such as when the mechanics play pranks on the officers, but these are always tempered by the seriousness of their situation.

The film is notable for its realistic portrayal of life on an RAF base during the war. The aircraft, uniforms, and other details are all accurate to the period. The film's production design and cinematography are also impressive, with sweeping shots of the English countryside and tense, claustrophobic scenes in the airplanes.

One of the most interesting aspects of the film is its exploration of class tensions within the RAF. Archdale is a working-class pilot who chafes at the authority of his upper-class superiors, while Penrose struggles to prove himself despite his privileged background. This subtext adds depth to the film's characters and themes.

Overall, The Way to the Stars is a powerful and emotional film that explores the complexities of life during wartime. It features strong performances from its ensemble cast and impressive technical elements. Though it was made more than 75 years ago, its themes of sacrifice, camaraderie, and loss are timeless and still resonate today.

The Way to the Stars
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    1 hr 44 min
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    7.3  (1,615)