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"Stealing jewels for profit . . . and hearts for pleasure!"
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  • 1941
  • 1 hr 32 min
  • 6.5  (1,234)

They Met In Bombay is a 1941 romantic adventure film directed by Clarence Brown, starring Clark Gable, Rosalind Russell, and Peter Lorre. The film takes place in Bombay, India, where the central characters meet and become involved in a daring jewel heist. Clark Gable plays Gerald Meldrick, a roguish thief who has made a living stealing from the wealthy. Rosalind Russell plays Emmy, a sophisticated woman on vacation who becomes enamored with Meldrick's charm and wit. Peter Lorre plays Captain Chang, a cunning detective who is hot on Meldrick's trail.

The film begins with Meldrick and his partner, Chang, stealing a valuable diamond from a wealthy man's house. However, things take a turn for the worse when Chang betrays Meldrick and steals the diamond for himself. Meldrick is left empty-handed and determined to take revenge on Chang by framing him for a robbery.

While on the train to Bombay, Meldrick meets Emmy, who is immediately taken with his charm and humor. They embark on a playful and flirtatious relationship, but Meldrick keeps his true identity and criminal past a secret from Emmy.

Upon arriving in Bombay, Meldrick discovers that Chang is also in town and hatches a plan to frame him for a robbery. However, his plan goes awry when he realizes that Emmy has unintentionally become involved in the heist.

As the film progresses, the relationship between Meldrick and Emmy deepens, and Meldrick must decide whether to come clean about his true identity or risk losing her forever. Meanwhile, Captain Chang is closing in on Meldrick and his compatriots, and the stakes of the heist become increasingly high.

The film is notable for its exotic setting, with vibrant depictions of Indian culture and architecture. The chemistry between Gable and Russell is electric, and the witty banter between them provides much of the film's charm. Peter Lorre is appropriately menacing as the villainous Captain Chang, providing a stark contrast to Gable's roguish charm.

Overall, They Met In Bombay is a thrilling adventure film that balances romance, humor, and suspense. Its strong performances and exotic setting make it a classic example of classic Hollywood cinema.

They Met In Bombay
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