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"A comedy about love, marriage, reconciliation and other acts of courage."
  • PG
  • 1977
  • 1 hr 32 min
  • 4.6  (174)

Thieves is a 1977 American crime-comedy film, directed by John Berry, and stars Marlo Thomas, Charles Grodin, and Irwin Corey in the lead roles. The movie, set in New York City, revolves around two struggling actors, Patty and Joe, who decide to pull off a heist to pay off their debts, but soon find themselves in over their heads. Patty and Joe are both struggling actors who are unable to make ends meet. They find themselves in a lot of debt and are constantly worried about how they will pay the rent at the end of the month. They have both auditioned for several parts, but nothing seems to be working for them. Patty works as a waitress at a diner, while Joe delivers groceries for a living.

One day, while discussing their financial struggles, they hear about a heist that took place at a theater, and that the thieves got away with a huge amount of cash. They begin to float the idea of robbing the same theater, thinking that it would solve all their problems. After a lot of thought and planning, they decide to go through with it.

They start making preparations for the heist and enlist the help of a local locksmith, played by Irwin Corey. In the meantime, they are also trying to land acting roles, which serves as a humorous subplot throughout the movie.

The heist itself is bungled, as they are unable to get the money due to a mistake by Patty. However, they are soon caught by the police, who have been tipped off by one of their acquaintances. They are taken to a police station and questioned separately by two gruff detectives, who are played by Dick Anthony Williams and Gerry Bamman. Even though they both deny their involvement, the detectives are sure that Patty and Joe are the ones who committed the crime.

The rest of the movie follows their misadventures as they try to clear their names and avoid jail time. They are helped along the way by their friends, including their landlord, who is sympathetic to their plight.

The performances of the lead actors are noteworthy, with Marlo Thomas as the impulsive Patty, and Charles Grodin as Joe, the more cautious of the two. They have great chemistry on screen, which adds to the comic tone of the movie. Irwin Corey, as the aging locksmith, also gives a memorable performance.

The writing and direction of the movie are also solid, with the humor being the highlight. The movie has a lighthearted tone throughout, which makes it enjoyable to watch. The scenes between Patty and Joe are particularly entertaining, as they bounce off each other's personalities.

Thieves is not a perfect movie, as it can feel a bit predictable at times, and the ending may not satisfy everyone. However, it remains an entertaining watch, with great performances and a fun storyline. It is a breezy, enjoyable crime-comedy that will surely bring a smile to your face.

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    4.6  (174)