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  • 2000
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Boesman and Lena is a powerful and emotional drama film set in apartheid-era South Africa. The movie, which was released in 2000, was directed by John Berry and stars Danny Glover, Angela Bassett, and Willie Jonah. The film follows the story of Boesman (Glover) and Lena (Bassett), a black couple who are forced to leave their home and wander the barren wasteland of South Africa after being evicted from their shanty. Over the course of the movie, the couple confronts issues of identity, belonging, and the legacy of apartheid.

The film begins with Boesman and Lena leaving their home in search of a new place to live. They are refugees in their own country and must wander the landscape in search of a new home. As they journey through the wilderness, they encounter Outa (Jonah), an elderly man who is also a refugee.

Despite the obvious tension between Boesman and Lena, they set up camp and begin to build a new home. However, the momentary peace that they find is rapidly disrupted by the arrival of a group of officials who force them to abandon their new home and move on.

As they continue on their journey, Boesman and Lena struggle to find a new place to call home. They argue and fight along the way, and Lena's mental state begins to deteriorate. She becomes increasingly obsessed with their past and the memories of their former home.

Throughout the film, Boesman and Lena's relationship is explored in great depth. The couple's struggles with each other and the harsh realities of their environment highlight the challenges of maintaining a relationship in the face of societal pressures.

The performances of the lead actors in Boesman and Lena are truly stunning. Bassett in particular gives a raw and emotional portrayal of Lena. She perfectly captures the desperation and heartbreak of a woman who is forced to leave her home and confront the harsh realities of her situation.

The film's cinematography is also beautiful, with wide sweeping shots of the South African wilderness adding to the sense of isolation and desolation felt by the characters.

Overall, Boesman and Lena is a poignant and powerful film that explores issues of identity, belonging, and legacy in the face of apartheid. The heartbreak and hardship that the characters face is a moving reminder of the struggles that many people faced during this time in South African history.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a moving and thought-provoking film, then Boesman and Lena is definitely worth a watch. The film's performances, cinematography, and exploration of complex themes make it a must-see for anyone interested in South African history or great drama films in general.

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