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Tom Horn is an American western movie that was written by Thomas McGuane and Bud Shrake. Directed by William Wiard, the movie features Steve McQueen, Linda Evans and Richard Farnsworth. The story follows the life of Tom Horn, a frontier tracker and scout who assisted in the capture of Geronimo. As he arrives in a small town, he provokes a prizefighter named Jim Corbett and is left badly beaten and unconscious in a livery stable.

John Coble (played by Richard Farnsworth) finds Horn and offers him a chance to recuperate at his ranch. He offers him work to investigate and deter the cattle rustlers who are stealing from the grazing firm that Coble is a member of. Horn accepts Coble’s offer and also gets approval from Joe Belle (played by Billy Green Bush), who is a U.S. marshal.

Horn meets a local teacher named Glendolene (played by Linda Evans) at a picnic, and she is obviously smitten with him.

After warning cowboys at auctions where Coble's cattle is found, Horn decides to either drive off or murder those found to be rustling any of Coble's cattle.

The public goes against Horn because of the brutality he is exacting. They all start to plot his demise. When a young boy is killed, Tom Horn is blamed. Horn does not realize that he has been set up and refuses to leave town. Coble and Glendolene try their best to warn him, but Horn ignores them.

Joe Belle gets Horn into his back office, where their conversation is transcribed. While Horn does not admit to killing anyone, he indicates that if he did, it would have been quite a feat. Based on what he said alone, Horn is arrested by the sheriff.

Horn breaks out of prison but is recaptured. He is convicted after newspapermen testify, having skewed Belle and Horn's conversation. Horn ultimately accepts his fate before he is finally hanged.

| 1980 | 1 hr 38 min | 6.9/10
Steve McQueen, Linda Evans, Richard Farnsworth, Billy Green Bush

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