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"The Glory Story of the Great Sioux Indian Uprising!"
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  • 1950
  • 1 hr 22 min
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Tomahawk is a western movie from 1951 directed by George Sherman. The movie stars Van Heflin as "Jim Bridger", Yvonne De Carlo as "Julie Madden", and Alex Nicol as "Burt Hanna". The movie follows Jim Bridger, a mountain man, and his adventures as he travels to the west to start a new life. Along his route, he bumps into Julie Madden and her wagon train. Julie is a widow traveling with her young daughter, Ann, to start a new life in Oregon. Jim and Julie fall in love, but Julie is still recovering from the loss of her husband and is hesitant to start a new relationship.

As they continue their journey, they encounter more challenges such as harsh weather, unfriendly Native Americans, and a band of criminals led by Burt Hanna. Burt and his gang have been terrorizing wagon trains and stealing their goods, and Jim and Julie's wagon train is their next target.

Jim takes matters into his own hands and decides to lead the wagon train through dangerous terrain to avoid Burt Hanna's gang. They successfully avoid them for a while, but Burt and his men catch up with them eventually, leading to an intense and thrilling showdown.

What sets Tomahawk apart from other western movies of its time is its approach to Native Americans. Unlike the majority of western movies that portray Native Americans as enemies or savages, Tomahawk treats them as complex and nuanced characters. The movie highlights the different perspectives and conflicts between Native Americans and settlers, recognizing their rights to defend their lands.

The movie is also notable for its stunning cinematography. The landscapes are captured beautifully, painting a vivid picture of the stunning scenery found in the American West.

The performances by the main cast are strong and compelling, especially Van Heflin's portrayal of Jim Bridger. His character is an interesting mix of tough mountain man and tender lover. Yvonne De Carlo's performance as Julie Madden is equally impressive, and her character grows from a grieving widow to a resilient and strong woman.

The supporting cast also deserves praise, especially Alex Nicol's Burt Hanna, who is a ruthless and cunning villain. It's easy to hate his character, but he makes every scene he's in exciting and suspenseful.

Overall, Tomahawk is an engaging and thrilling western movie that still holds up to this day. Its portrayal of Native Americans is progressive, and its stunning cinematography makes it a feast for the eyes. The performances by the main cast are excellent, and the supporting cast adds to the movie's overall quality. It's a must-watch for anyone who loves westerns and wants to see a different side of the genre.

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