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"The Worldy Story of Three Deadly Females and the Men in Their Lives!"
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  • 1954
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Woman's World is a 1954 drama film set in the male-dominated corporate world of advertising in New York City. The film is directed by Jean Negulesco and features an all-star cast including Van Heflin, Lauren Bacall, and Cornel Wilde. The plot follows a group of top executives from the automobile industry who travel to Paris to lure a talented engineer to join their company. However, their job search becomes a competition between three executives, Brad Bishop (Heflin), Bill Baxter (Wilde), and Ernest Gifford (Fred MacMurray), who each bring their wives along for the trip. The wives, played by Bacall, June Allyson, and Arlene Dahl, are all strong-willed women who try to support their husbands but also have their own ambitions and desires.

Bacall plays the role of Elizabeth Burns, the wife of Brad Bishop, who is a powerful and successful businessman. Elizabeth is used to being in control and is not afraid to speak her mind, which often leads to clashes with Brad. She is a former fashion model and has a passion for designing clothes.

Allyson plays Katie, the wife of Bill Baxter, who is quiet and reserved. She struggles to find her place among the group of powerful and successful women, which leads to feelings of inadequacy and frustration. She is a talented artist who dreams of opening her own art studio, but her husband does not support her ambitions.

Dahl plays the role of Carol, the wife of Ernest Gifford, who is an ambitious and career-driven woman. She is confident and independent and wants to take on a more significant role in her husband's business. However, Ernest does not support her ambitions and feels threatened by her success.

Each of the wives brings a unique perspective and dynamic to the group, which reflects the changing role of women in society during the 1950s. As the executives compete for the engineer's services, the wives begin to realize their own worth and strength, leading to personal growth and empowerment.

The film explores themes of gender roles, power dynamics, and the struggle to balance personal and professional aspirations. It includes several lavish and beautifully filmed scenes in Paris, highlighting the glamour and elegance of the city during the 1950s.

Overall, Woman's World is an entertaining and thought-provoking film that provides a glimpse into the evolving role of women in American society during the mid-20th century. The excellent performances of the cast members and the beautifully crafted scenes make the movie a must-see for fans of classic Hollywood cinema.

Woman's World
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