Tout va bien

The film opens with a series of checks signed to make a movie (actors, technicians, laboratory ...). The voice over explains that to make a film, it takes money and to have money, you need stars. The film then shows Yves Montand and Jane Fonda, explaining that these two characters are a couple. The couple goes to an industrial sausage factory, without knowing that it is occupied by workers. They find themselves sequestered with the boss. Suzanne is an American radio journalist, she had to interview the boss and so the two go up and about trying to find "the way."

| 1972 | 1 hr 35 min | 6.7/10
Yves Montand, Jane Fonda, Vittorio Caprioli, Elizabeth Chauvin
Criterion Collection
Noureddine Benhamed, Jean-Luc Godard
Tout va bien
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Tout va bien|0:30