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"SIXTY YEARS A QUEEN...and every day a woman...madly in love!"
  • 1937
  • 121 hr
  • 6.3  (260)

"Victoria the Great" is a 1937 historical biographical film that tells the story of Queen Victoria's ascension to the throne and her reign as the Queen of England. The film stars Anna Neagle, Anton Walbrook, and Walter Rilla, and was directed by Herbert Wilcox. The movie is notable for its lavish production quality and its focus on the background of the queen and her life.

The movie begins with a young Victoria growing up as an only child to over-protective parents. She blossoms into a young woman filled with curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. Drawn to the charms of Prince Albert, the future queen forms a deep bond with him, and they eventually marry. The film shows the development of their relationship and the struggles they faced during their marriage.

The film also showcases the political climate of the time, and the struggle Victoria faced to earn the respect and trust of her people. Through a series of events that helped establish her as a strong and capable queen, Victoria managed to earn the love and respect of the nation. She also had to face several rebellions and uprisings during her reign, which the film highlights as well.

One of the key themes of the movie is the importance of love in the life of a monarch. Both Victoria and Albert's deep love for each other are shown to be the driving force behind their success in their respective roles as queen and consort. The film takes a romantic approach to their relationship, often portraying them as the epitome of love and devotion.

The movie's production value is remarkable for its time. The grandeur of Victorian-era England is captured through lavish sets, costumes, and grand ballroom scenes. The film's intention was to provide an authentic representation of the era, and it went to great lengths to do so.

The performances of the three lead actors are noteworthy. Anna Neagle played the role of Queen Victoria, portraying her as a regal and dignified leader while also showcasing her human side. Anton Walbrook played Prince Albert, and his performance highlighted both the diplomatic and human qualities that made Albert a beloved figure. Walter Rilla played Lord Melbourne, Victoria's mentor and adviser, and his performance added depth to the character.

The film's direction by Herbert Wilcox is impressive, and he managed to convey the emotions of the characters through the use of subtle nuances. The movie's score composed by Richard Addinsell complements the film's visual quality and adds to its overall charm.

"Victoria the Great" is a touching and dramatic film that captures the spirit of the Victorian era. It stands as a classic of British cinema and a timeless celebration of the life of Queen Victoria. The film is an enjoyable watch for those interested in finding out more about the life of one of England's most iconic figures.

Victoria the Great
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