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  • 1997
  • 7.2  (1,220)

Yeshwant is a Hindi-language action drama film from 1997 that stars Nana Patekar, Madhoo, and Atul Agnihotri in lead roles. Directed by Anil Mattoo, the movie revolves around the theme of corruption in Indian society, where a common man takes the law into his own hands to bring justice to the society. The story of the film revolves around Yeshwant Lohar (played by Nana Patekar), who is a honest and hardworking policeman. Right from his childhood, Yeshwant has been a rebel and has always stood against injustice. Mr. Lohar gets posted to Mumbai, where he is given the responsibility to head a special police team that is formed to eradicate organized crime and corruption from the city.

Soon, Yeshwant finds himself caught in a deep web of corruption and crime that has plagued the city of Mumbai. He discovers that the politicians, police, and bureaucrats are all hand in glove in curbing and promoting criminal activities. As he starts to uncover the truth behind such high-level corruption, he is pressured and threatened by his own superior officers and the politicians.

In the movie, Madhoo plays the role of Ragini, who is Mr. Lohar's love interest. She is a simple and honest person who works as a school teacher. Ragini supports Yeshwant in his fight against corruption, and together they form a strong team to bring accountability to the city.

Atul Agnihotri is seen in the role of John DeCosta, who is a notorious gangster and head of an organized crime syndicate. John is known to be one of the most powerful people in the city, and he does not hesitate to use force to keep his position.

The film highlights the plight of the common man who has to bear the brunt of corruption and crime in the society. It showcases the struggle of a person who stands against the system and fights to bring justice to the society. The movie also depicts the harsh realities of the Indian society, where corruption is rampant and people in power misuse their authority for their own gain.

The music of the movie is composed by Anand-Milind, and the lyrics are penned by Sameer. The soundtrack of the film includes some popular tracks like "Jab Dil Churaye Koi" and "Chori Chori Tera Chalna."

Overall, Yeshwant is a gripping and intense movie that showcases the power of an individual who stands up against corruption and fights for the truth. It is a must-watch film for anyone who wants to witness the struggle of a common man against the system. Nana Patekar gives a brilliant performance in the movie, and the storyline keeps the viewers engaged throughout the film.

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    7.2  (1,220)