Young Thugs: Innocent Blood

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  • 1997
  • 1 hr 48 min
  • 6.5  (427)

Young Thugs: Innocent Blood is a 1997 Japanese crime drama film directed by Takashi Miike. It is centered around the Takashi family, a rough and tough gangster clan in Osaka, Japan. The film follows the lives of two young boys, Shin and Tetsu, who become involved with the Takashi crime family after Tetsu's brother becomes indebted to them.

The opening scene introduces us to the two young boys, Shin and Tetsu, who are seen playfully riding their bicycles through the streets of Osaka. We soon learn that Tetsu's older brother is heavily indebted to the Takashi family and is unable to pay them back. As a result, Tetsu and Shin are forced to work for the family to repay the debt.

The film then shifts its focus to the Takashi family and their operations. The clan is run by Goro, who is a strict and violent leader. The family is deeply involved in drug trafficking, and the film depicts the harsh realities and violence that comes with this line of work. The family's business is interrupted by the arrival of a rival gang, which leads to a brutal showdown between the two groups.

Throughout the film, we see the impact of the Takashi family's criminal activities on the two young boys. Both Shin and Tetsu are innocent and naive, and they struggle to understand the ruthless and unforgiving world they have been forced into. We witness the boys as they navigate their way through this new environment, trying to do what they think is right while being pulled deeper into the criminal underworld.

As the story progresses, the film takes us on a journey of betrayal, violence, and loss. Tetsu's older brother, who introduced him to the Takashi family in the first place, becomes embroiled in a plot to overthrow Goro and take over the family. This leads to a chain of events that ultimately results in tragedy for both the Takashi family and the two young boys who were caught up in their world.

The film is beautifully shot and showcases director Takashi Miike's signature style of filmmaking. The violent and gritty nature of the world depicted on screen is contrasted by moments of tenderness and sentimentality, which serve to humanize the characters and make the film all the more poignant.

The performances in the film are exceptional, particularly from the two young actors who play Shin and Tetsu. Takeshi Caesar and Seiji Chihara deliver sincere and heartfelt performances, bringing a sense of innocence to their roles that is both refreshing and heartbreaking.

Overall, Young Thugs: Innocent Blood is a compelling and engaging film that explores the brutal reality of the criminal underworld. It is an emotional rollercoaster that will leave the viewer questioning the nature of justice and the sacrifices that are made in the name of family and loyalty. The film is a must-see for fans of Japanese cinema and those who appreciate a well-crafted story that is both thought-provoking and entertaining.

Young Thugs: Innocent Blood
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    1 hr 48 min
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    6.5  (427)