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  • 1970
  • 1 Season
  • 7.8  (380)

A Family at War is a British television drama series that originally aired from 1970 to 1972. Set during World War II, the show follows the lives of the Ashton family, a working-class family from Liverpool. The series is produced by Yorkshire Television and is now available for streaming on FilmRise.

The show features a stellar cast, including Colin Douglas and Barbara Flynn, who give powerful performances as the patriarch and matriarch of the Ashton family. The rest of the family is equally well portrayed by actors such as Coral Atkins, Colin Campbell, and Edward Wilson. Each member of the family brings a unique point of view to the show, allowing viewers to see the war and its effect on families from different perspectives.

A Family at War is a historically accurate portrayal of life in Britain during World War II, depicting the hardships and challenges that families faced on a daily basis. The show explores themes such as sacrifice, duty, and morality, all while showing the resiliency and strength of the human spirit. From rationing and air raids to love and loss, the series covers it all.

The show is divided into six seasons, each with thirteen episodes. Each season takes place during a different year of the war, allowing viewers to see how the conflict affects the Ashton family over time. The series begins in 1938, before the war starts, and concludes in 1945 with the end of the conflict.

Throughout the series, viewers are given a glimpse into the world of World War II from the perspective of both civilians and soldiers. The show does an excellent job of depicting the sacrifices made by soldiers abroad and their families back home who worry and wait for their loved ones to return. At the same time, the series shows how civilians in Liverpool deal with rationing, air raids, and other challenges.

One of the things that makes A Family at War such a compelling series is the way in which it focuses on the relationships between family members. The show doesn't shy away from portraying the conflicts and struggles that families faced during the war. The series also shows how the war brought families closer together and how they leaned on each other for emotional support during difficult times.

The show's attention to historical detail is also excellent. The producers went to great lengths to ensure accuracy in everything from the costumes to the hairstyles to the language used by the characters. This attention to detail adds a level of authenticity to the show that is rare in period dramas.

Overall, A Family at War is a powerful and moving series that provides a glimpse into the lives of families during World War II. The show's strong performances, historically accurate setting, and focus on family relationships all contribute to its enduring popularity. Whether you're a history buff or simply enjoy well-made dramas, this series is definitely worth watching.

A Family at War is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on April 14, 1970.

A Family at War
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The End of the Beginning
13. The End of the Beginning
August 4, 1970
It is immediately apparent that the family dynamic has changed. Later, an old will is discovered.
If It's Got Your Number on It
12. If It's Got Your Number on It
July 28, 1970
Freda has a romance with an Australian airman - before she runs into an old flame.
Brothers in War
11. Brothers in War
July 21, 1970
Philip and David have a falling out while both are vying for the same woman, and Robert's mother has a hard time accepting that her son has grown up.
One of Ours
10. One of Ours
July 14, 1970
David takes part in a bombing raid that goes horribly wrong, and Fred confronts Sheila over her relationship with Bob.
The Night They Hit No. 8
9. The Night They Hit No. 8
July 7, 1970
The Ashton children go missing during a night of intense bombing while Margaret prepares to give birth.
For Strategic Reasons
8. For Strategic Reasons
June 30, 1970
Awaiting orders on the island of Guernsey, Philip and a friend become involved with two local sisters.
The War Office Regrets
7. The War Office Regrets
May 26, 1970
The fate of John Porter remains a mystery, and David spends his time on leave facing up to his actions.
The Breach in the Dyke
6. The Breach in the Dyke
May 19, 1970
Margaret returns home, and John gets separated from the rest of his division while serving in France.
The Gate of the Year
5. The Gate of the Year
May 12, 1970
John searches for Margaret with only hours before he has to leave for the front.
The Summer Before the War
4. The Summer Before the War
May 5, 1970
A sudden evacuation divides the family, while hasty arrangements are made for an unplanned pregnancy.
Lines of Battle
3. Lines of Battle
April 28, 1970
Margaret and John prepare for their wedding, knowing that he may be conscripted to fight on the front line any day.
To Die for Spain
2. To Die for Spain
April 21, 1970
Philip returns to Spain to fight in the civil war, disheartening his family that fears he will not come back alive.
The Facts of Life
1. The Facts of Life
April 14, 1970
Edwin Ashton has his hopes dashed by his brother-in-law, while his son worries about providing for his family.
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A Family at War is available for streaming on the FilmRise website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch A Family at War on demand at Amazon Prime and Tubi TV.
  • Premiere Date
    April 14, 1970
  • IMDB Rating
    7.8  (380)