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In this crime drama, a criminal investigator teams up with a medical expert to solve a particularly tough case. They find that they work well together, and they assemble a bigger team of forensic experts, the Academia, to help them to solve further perplexing crimes. Galina Sumina and Maxim Bityukov star.

Academia is a Crime, Drama series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (60 episodes). The series first aired on February 5, 2015.

Academia is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Academia on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

3 Seasons, 60 Episodes
February 5, 2015
Crime, Drama
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Academia Full Episode Guide

  • This time we have a really serious situation. One of the members of the team Academy is found murdered and our characters have to solve this case overcoming their preconception. But later this investigation takes a different turn and its result will be uncovered in the final episode on this feature.

  • A dead man's body is found among the movie prop during the TV-series shooting. This turns to be a producer who seemed to steal the budget money. This case is offered to the Academy. First of all our team suspects the main actress of the shooting series, but then the case takes a new twist as the new evidence appear.

  • The new victim and the new case. This time we have a grocery store owner murdered. The investigation team finds a young 16-year old girl who works as a clerk in the victim's store, and who seems to be his ex-lover. She helps the team Academy to solve this uneasy case and to find the murderer.

  • Two similar murders take place in a short period of time. Both victims were killed with a shotgun. All the evidence shows that the deceased were both into the drug business. The further this investigation goes - the more clues point at the fact that the murderer was a vigilante who takes his revenge because someone he knew very well has died because of this drug dealing. But who is that person?

  • An old murder case breaks surface again. An unknown man informs the police that suspect of that case was wrongfully accused and now - everyone who is responsible will die every 24 hours one by one. This maniac has started a very dangerous game with the team Academy, but will he succeed in it?

  • A young girl who witnessed a murder 14 years ago agrees for a hypnosis session to recover the memories of the past. This unusual approach seems to be the only chance to solve this case. The experiments with the trance provide the investigation with some new and unexpected results.

  • A dead body of an elderly man with his hand chained to a case is found. Team Academia has to deal with the very unusual and uneasy case, which deals with a rare registered reward of the Hero of the Soviet Union and a collector of various valuable medals and rewards. But as it always happens - our character will successfully deal with this.

  • A dead body of a woman has been found buried in the yard. Trying to find out the circumstances of this death, our investigators face a life model painter who made the paintings of thin women making all them to lose weight. The victim's body was also very emaciated. Is there any connection? That's what our characters should find out to close the case.

  • A brutal murder takes place in a women's prison. The victim was wounded many times, but which hit among many was deadly - this is unknown. Besides it is unknown if this was a real murder or just an accident. Later our characters find out an amazing fact: none of the attackers has been a murderer, as there has been someone else.

  • A famous superannuated general is murdered in his apartment, but there are absolutely no clues at the crime site at all. The more time our characters investigate the case the more complicated the murder version is. Who is behind all this? Is it a nephew, a bride or her ex-husband? That's exactly what team Academia should find out.

  • A dead man's body was found in a car trunk on a parking. The victim had a very rare blue blood mutation. He worked as a barman in a quite unusual place - the club of people whose ancestries have had a title of nobility. The further the investigation goes the more our characters suspect that this club has something to do with all this.

  • A young and beautiful woman's body found in the forest. The investigation shows that the victim was raped and strangled. The main clue is a rare spices with saffron found with meat in the woman's stomach. This unusual fact gives a boost to a chains of events which in the end will help our characters to learn who the murderer was.

  • A young man's dead body has been found in a gym. The identification shows that it's a famous broker 39 years of age. First it seems that his wife is the one to suspect, as they were going to divorce. But the further the investigation goes the more it seems that the deceased might have had more foes who could kill him. So who is responsible for this death?

  • A gruesome murder! A young girl was beheaded and her body had the traces of tortures. This time we face a serial killer with his own signature, who has been murdering women for 5 years and beheaded each of them. Or does someone want it to look as if it was a serial killer case? The Academia members will have to make a long way to find the right answers.

  • In this episode the new body has been found in a small lake outside the city. We learn that it belongs to a well-known public man Vitaliy Glushakov who was a TV star. He was on the air with his program where he was giving advises to the women who want to get a divorce. Might this be the key to crack the case? But the Academia team members soon find out that Glushakov had one more business.

  • A treasure-hunter finds a huge iron barrel underground with the heavy burnt body inside. The condition of the body makes it very hard to identify the person. Nevertheless we find out that the deceased was a sport coach and this case might have something to do with the fields of sports. That's something that our heroes have to find out.

  • The new case concerns the suicide. A man jumped off the roof. After analyzing everything more detailed the Akademia team comes to a conclusion that this was a murder. The most difficult this is that no one is able to identify the body... But a sudden video in the Internet helps to start solving this problem in order to close the case.

  • The new body means the new case. A 30 year old office worker's body is found. She has been missing for almost a month. Her colleagues insist that she hasn't had any enemies. Could this be something more, concerning a love-affair for instance? Our characters have to end up with this case using their logic safe and sound.

  • A famous Bulgarian singer Tsvetana Petrinina is murdered. Several knife wounds and the face covered with acid. She was identified by her girl friend, but the body disappeared when she came back to the place with the police. Trying to solve this uneasy case the Academia members start to suspect that it has to have something to do with the selfish concert organizers.

  • In this episode the members of Academia have recourse to a psychic who is able to talk with the dead. A girl was hit by a car to the death with an oligarch's son steering the wheel. Of course everything was set up as an accident. But our heroes learn that it wasn't an accident with the psychic's help, and now all they need is to find the proofs.

  • A body of the son of the famous official is found on the object of the Federal Security Guard Service. It seems very unnatural that the father of the deceased teenager takes his death calm and as for granted. Was it really an accident or was it a murder? Once again the Academia team faces the new uneasy case.

  • The auction house robbery is occurred. Sometime later a male finger is found in the suburbs which fingerprint matches the fingerprints that have been left on a crime scene during the robbery. The expert examination showed that the finger had been torn off from the dead man. The case becomes complicated by the fact that this time there is no body, only the finger.

  • The human remains of a male person with tied hands and a gunshot wound in the head have been found in the forest. The investigation takes an unexpected turn when it turns out that Anastasia's father, who she thought was dead, might have been alive and somehow connected with this very case.

  • The number of victims is this episode grows bigger - four dead bodies are found in the van. The expert examination shows that their deaths occurred in the different time, and that three victims were drug users. The investigation leads our characters of Academia in the medical center where they face a new drug which kills people. Who is standing behind all this?

  • A young girl is found dead with katana in her hand and with a slashed neck. The investigation of this case leads our characters in the world of anime and cosplay fans. Having no clues what is what in the world of anime Anastasia Zorina and her colleagues ask to help Nastya's younger sister Olya, who looks into this matter quite well.

  • Important international negotiations between Tonga and Fiji are to be held in Moscow. One of the delegates in murdered and our characters are asked to investigate this case. The suspicion falls on the Fijian Prince, but at the last moment this case takes a new course and its outcome show us who the real murderer was.