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  • TV-Y
  • 2020
  • 2 Seasons
  • 3.0  (814)

Baby Shark's Big Show is a children's television series that premiered in 2020. It stars Kimiko Glenn, Luke Youngblood, and Natasha Rothwell, who lend their voices to various characters in the series. The show is inspired by the popular children's song "Baby Shark," which has become a viral phenomenon in recent years.

The show follows the adventures of Baby Shark and his best friend William, a fish who is always by his side. They live in a colorful underwater world, filled with friendly creatures and exciting adventures. The two friends embark on all sorts of missions and quests, always with a smile on their faces and a catchy song to sing.

Baby Shark is the main character of the show, and he embodies all the qualities that kids love. He is enthusiastic, curious, and always up for a new challenge. William is his loyal friend and sidekick, who helps him navigate the sometimes tricky waters of their underwater world.

The show is filled with catchy songs and dance numbers, which are sure to get kids up and moving. Each episode features a new song, with lyrics that are easy to learn and sing along to. The songs are a mix of classic children's tunes and original compositions, all with a fun and playful vibe.

The animation in the show is colorful and vibrant, with lots of attention to detail. The characters are all adorable, with big, expressive eyes and lots of personality. The underwater landscapes are also beautifully rendered, with coral reefs, schools of fish, and other marine creatures brought to life in stunning detail.

One of the unique aspects of Baby Shark's Big Show is the way it incorporates educational content into its episodes. Each adventure that Baby Shark and William go on teaches kids something new, whether it's about ocean creatures, friendship, or problem-solving. The show follows the preschool curriculum, with a focus on developing social and emotional intelligence, as well as early reading and math skills.

Another strength of the show is the talented voice cast. Kimiko Glenn, best known for her role in Netflix's "Orange is the New Black," voices Baby Shark, bringing a playful energy to the character. Luke Youngblood, who played Lee Jordan in the Harry Potter films, voices William, infusing the character with humor and warmth. Natasha Rothwell, a writer and actress on the hit HBO show "Insecure," voices the mischievous crab character, Crabulous.

The show has been well-received by audiences, with parents and kids alike raving about its catchy songs and positive messages. It has also sparked a range of merchandise, from plush toys to backpacks, that are sure to delight young fans.

In conclusion, Baby Shark's Big Show is a fun and engaging children's series that is sure to capture the hearts and imaginations of young viewers. With its catchy tunes, colorful animation, and positive messages, it is a show that parents can feel good about letting their kids watch.

Baby Shark's Big Show is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (60 episodes). The series first aired on December 11, 2020.

Baby Shark's Big Show
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Deep Dark Disco/Finception
23. Deep Dark Disco/Finception
December 20, 2023
The Sharks help Wavey Jones search for his disco ball so he can throw a jaw-some party. When Hank accidentally takes an important treasure from Swimmy Hall, he goes on a sneaky mission to set things right.
Finterstellar/Goldie's Greatest Role
22. Finterstellar/Goldie's Greatest Role
December 18, 2023
Baby and Grandpa team up to win a bubble rocket competition. Goldie puts on a play about a skatefish boarding legend and casts herself in the lead, instead of giving Vola a chance to shine.
Sherman in the Middle/Smoothie Day
21. Sherman in the Middle/Smoothie Day
December 13, 2023
Hank becomes frustrated when he has to share his father's time with his new stepsisters. As everyfishy prepares for Smoothie Day, William makes a new friend whose jokes are more hurtful than funny.
Doctor Drama/The White Whale
20. Doctor Drama/The White Whale
December 11, 2023
After injuring his fin, Hank is afraid to go to the doctor. Baby and William search high and low for the most delicious flownuts in the ocean.
Picture Imperfect/The Fishy Friends Talent Show
19. Picture Imperfect/The Fishy Friends Talent Show
December 7, 2023
When Baby gets his sweater dirty on Shark family picture day, he sets off to fix his mess.Penny and Wallace team up to perform in a two-fishy talent show.
Finloose/Operation Ernie
18. Finloose/Operation Ernie
December 6, 2023
When dancing is outlawed in Carnivore Cove, Baby Shark will do whatever it takes to get the town dancing again! Baby and William try to help Ernie make a best friend.
FLOWMO/Fishy Scouts
17. FLOWMO/Fishy Scouts
December 5, 2023
When all the other fishies are out of town during winter vacation, Baby and William create their very own fin-credible day of friendship. Chucks takes a unique approach to camping on his first trip with the Fishy Scouts.
Baby Shark's Big Movie
16. Baby Shark's Big Movie
December 8, 2023
Baby Shark is forced to leave behind the world he loves after his family's move to the big city and must adjust to his new life without his best friend William. When Baby Shark encounters an evil pop starfish named Stariana, who plans to steal his gift of song in order to dominate all underwater music, he must break her spell to restore harmony to the seas.
Findependence Day / Costello Quits
15. Findependence Day / Costello Quits
September 25, 2023
Fishy Force takes on a villain who steals all the treats in Carnivore Cove. When Costello quits, Vigo sets out to be a supervillain without his henchfishy.
Fishy Force / Superhero Training Day
14. Fishy Force / Superhero Training Day
September 18, 2023
Vola, Goldie, Chucks, and Hank feel left out when they learn that Baby and William have been keeping a super secret. To prepare for their first big TV interview, Fishy Force trains to be just like their favorite comic book heroes.
 Washed Up; 2 Cool 4 Rules
13. Washed Up; 2 Cool 4 Rules
June 16, 2023
Baby, William, and Goldie help a Medieval Tides swordfish regain his confidence. When Mommy goes away for the weekend, the rest of the the family take a vacation from the rules.
The Trouble With Bunny Slugs; Life With Chumby
12. The Trouble With Bunny Slugs; Life With Chumby
June 9, 2023
When a group of bunny slugs wander off, Vola sets out to round them up all by herself; when William adopts a sea pig named Chumby, the little squirt is more trouble than William bargained for.
Shark House Rock; Toothpaste Tumble
11. Shark House Rock; Toothpaste Tumble
May 29, 2023
Baby Shark helps Mommy find the perfect musical instrument to play in their family band; when a silly video of Daddy goes viral, he finds he doesn't want to be internet famous, so Baby wants to make another popular video instead.
Splish Splashketball/The Slug Hank Redemption
10. Splish Splashketball/The Slug Hank Redemption
March 17, 2023
Baby, Vola, and William head to Hydrospace to take on Shadow's team in the Splashketball Finals. Detective Baby Shark and William Watson team up with Hank to help the Slobber Slug out of a jam.
Call Me Billiam/The Finship Trap
9. Call Me Billiam/The Finship Trap
January 27, 2023
When Rayna asks William to be more responsible, he sets out to become a grownup fishy named Billiam. When Baby discovers Hank and Goldie aren't speaking to each other, he concocts an elaborate plan to bring them back together.
The Lucky Necklace/Vigo's Surprise
8. The Lucky Necklace/Vigo's Surprise
January 20, 2023
Baby struggles to let go of his lucky necklace when the time comes to pass it along to somefishy else. Super Shark and Captain Kelp spot Vigo doing errands around town and are convinced he's hatching a sinister plot.
Tour Fishies/Sorry, Not Sorry
7. Tour Fishies/Sorry, Not Sorry
January 13, 2023
When Finnegan Travelfins leaves Carnivore Cove out of his travel guide, Baby and William make a video to show off their town! Shadow's insincere apologies put a strain on his friendship with Bait and Switch.
Extreme Dodge Bubble/The Lost Tickets
6. Extreme Dodge Bubble/The Lost Tickets
January 6, 2023
Vola puts it all on the line to win an epic game of Extreme Dodge Bubble. When Mommy loses her and Baby's tickets to the big Glow-J concert, they retrace her wake to track them down.
Best In Flow/Blizzard Wizard
5. Best In Flow/Blizzard Wizard
December 15, 2022
Baby and Teensy embrace their fancy side to win a dance contest for pets. When the owner of Iceberg Ice Cream, Scoops, has to rush out on a frosty emergency, he leaves Baby Shark and William in charge of his parlor. Guest Stars: Jim Rash, Ben Schwartz
The Secret Password/Monday Funday
4. The Secret Password/Monday Funday
December 13, 2022
The fishy friends find themselves locked out when they can't remember the secret password to get inside their clubhouse. The Sharks compete in a series of games to see which of them is the Monday Funday Chomp-ion.
Fishtival of Lights/Shadow on Ice
3. Fishtival of Lights/Shadow on Ice
December 2, 2022
Chucks teaches Baby and William the joys of celebrating Hanukkah, the Fishtival of Lights. Goldie finds an ice-skating partner in the unlikeliest of fishies
Fort Fin-ship/Water Buggin'
2. Fort Fin-ship/Water Buggin'
November 4, 2022
When Baby and his friends build a clubhouse, Hank has no idea what to put in his personal nook. When a noisy water bug takes up residence in the Shark's home, the family will do whatever it takes to reclaim the peace and quiet they lost.
The Treat Goblin/Baby Super Shark
1. The Treat Goblin/Baby Super Shark
October 18, 2022
Goldie's reputation as a great party hostess is on the line when she forgets to buy treats for her guests. Vigo's evil plot to turn every fishy in Carnivore Cove into babies backfires when toddlers Super Shark and Captain Kelp turn out to be a finful. Guest Star: John Michael Higgins
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    December 11, 2020
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