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  • 2011
  • 3 Seasons
  • 6.9  (91)

Banzai is an eccentric game show that aired on E4 from 2003 to 2004. The show features Japanese-style game shows, which includes bizarre and unusual challenges that are typically not seen on western television. It is a hybrid of comedy and game shows, with the host and his assistant creating a unique atmosphere that is both humorous and surreal.

The format of the show is built around several strange and often inscrutable challenges. These include gambling games, such as betting on which way a centipede will crawl, or guessing the number of fish that will swim past an underwater camera. The show also features uniquely quirky contests, such as people competing to see who can chop through a giant fish with the fewest number of strikes.

Beneath all of these strange games, Banzai is also a quiz show, and viewers at home are encouraged to play along with every challenge, attempting to predict the outcomes and winning prizes if they manage to guess correctly. The show is littered with humorous animations, which come to life to introduce games, offer amusing commentary, and provide helpful hints for viewers at home.

This show has an off-the-wall aesthetic which is at once both zany and calming. It is a world where everything happens in slow motion, where the colour palette is incredibly bright, and where sound effects are used with reckless abandon. Everything on Banzai is designed to make the viewer feel like they have entered a world where anything can happen, and where the bizarre is normal.

The host of Banzai is comedian, Chris Tarrant, who is very well known in the UK as a prominent quiz show presenter. He is joined by a female assistant, who helps him with the challenges, and provides a lot of the show's comedy. Together, they make a unique and amusing combination that is sure to keep viewers entertained throughout each episode.

One of the more unique aspects of Banzai is its use of D-list celebrities in various challenges. These celebrities range from cult-status actors to minor pop stars, and they allow the show to poke fun at itself and the people who appear on it. Some of the challenges that these celebrities participate in include guessing which way a cat will turn its head, or predicting how many times a bowl of noodles will spin. These stunts can be surprisingly fun to watch, as the juxtaposition between the anticipation of the stunt and the comedically underwhelming results creates the perfect tone for the programme.

As mentioned earlier, Banzai is a show that is very much built around a Japanese-style game show format. As such, many of the games revolve around gambling, and involve placing bets on the outcome of various events. One of the more popular games is the sumo-wrestling challenge, where rubber sumo wrestlers are pitted against one another in a battle to the death. Another game that viewers might be familiar with is the ridiculous human sushi challenge, where contestants are wrapped in seaweed and rice, and then doused in various types of raw seafood.

Despite the show’s eccentricity, it is worth noting that the production values for Banzai are very high. The show features great sets, slick camera work, and high-quality graphics. There are also a lot of interesting visual effects, such as the slow-motion capture of various objects, or extreme close-ups of people's faces that add to the surreal atmosphere of the show.

In conclusion, Banzai is a quirky and fun game show that is sure to make viewers laugh. It is unashamedly silly and proudly over-the-top, with challenges that are as bizarre as they are entertaining. The show's Japanese-inspired setting adds a unique dimension to the format, and the use of D-list celebrities in various challenges is a clever way to add humour to the proceedings. If you are looking for something a little bit different, Banzai might just be the perfect fit.

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Season 3 Episode 8
8. Season 3 Episode 8
Challenges include A Young Boy Bra Test - which older lady will the teenage boy choose to see in her underwear? And Lady One Question interviews Graham Norton.
Season 3 Episode 7
7. Season 3 Episode 7
A Celebrity Smoking Situation investigates how long it takes for the ash to fall from the cigar of Blade Runner's Rutger Hauer. Elsewhere, Lady One Question pops the question to Samuel L...
Season 3 Episode 6
6. Season 3 Episode 6
This week's conundrums include A Cat-flap Shutter Flutter - which cat-flap will Vanessa Feltz crawl through in order to get her dinner? Elsewhere, Lady One Question asks ex-Backstreet Boy...
Season 3 Episode 5
5. Season 3 Episode 5
A totally gratuitous football special where viewers are asked to bet bet bet on a plethora of puzzles and cunning conundrums with a football theme. And Lady One Question interrogates Nancy...
Season 3 Episode 4
4. Season 3 Episode 4
Cunning conundrums including: Gone in 60 Seconds - how many chicken nuggets can Rik Waller eat in a minute? And Mr Shakehands man is back - but for how long can he shake the hands of...
Season 3 Episode 3
3. Season 3 Episode 3
This show features A Disgusting Dog Food Decision - which ex-EastEnder is actually eating a dog-food sandwich? And Lady One Question asks Antonio Banderas, er, one question
Season 3 Episode 2
2. Season 3 Episode 2
A Lesson in Ladies from a Lesbian Lady reveals how Rhona Cameron rates a famous sportswoman out of ten. Elsewhere, Lady One Question grills Gene Simmons.
Season 3 Episode 1
1. Season 3 Episode 1
In The Sucky Sucky Sportsman Showdown, Eric Bristow and Jimmy White suck up pints of ale using household vacuum cleaners, but who will suck the fastest? Elsewhere, Lady One Question meets...
  • Premiere Date
    January 15, 2011
  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (91)