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In this sitcom, an aspiring actress in her 30s decides it's time to finally get her life in order. She also thinks it's time she learned to drive a car. With the help of her best friend, her therapist, and her driving instructor, she just might be able to pull it off.GameFace is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on October 12, 2017.

GameFace is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch GameFace on demand atHulu online.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on E4
2 Seasons, 12 Episodes
October 12, 2017
Cast: Roisin Conaty, Damien Molony, Dustin Demri-Burns, Dylan Edwards
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GameFace Full Episode Guide

  • Marcella (Roisin Conaty) is five weeks' sober and turning things around. She receives some news from Tom (Ako Mitchell) about their writing project. At Jon's art exhibition she discovers some even more surprising news.

  • Marcella (Roisin Conaty) goes to stay in a country cottage to write and clear her head. She's atoning for her drunken behaviour at Billy (Dylan Edwards)'s party. Whilst at the cottage, Marcella encounters a horse, a spider, and a surprise visitor.

  • Marcella (Roisin Conaty) stars in a TV advert and spends some of the money on joining a writing class. Unfortunately she has a huge hangover from a night out with the girls.

  • Marcella (Roisin Conaty) is feeling left behind. But she gets news of an audition. Will this be her big break?

  • Marcella (Roisin Conaty) deals with the fallout of her date with Jon (Damien Molony), confronting Simon (Dustin Demri-Burns) on his wife's behaviour.

  • Marcella (Roisin Conaty) takes her driving test and has a date with Jon (Damien Molony). All seems well, but is Marcella being followed?

  • A hung-over and guilt-ridden Marcella has to face a date with Jon - whilst haunted by sex-flashbacks from the night before. Jon tries hard to impress but Marcella is called away abruptly when Billy stages his own intervention. Marcella's family and friends gather together but what starts out as an attempt to reach out to Billy quickly turns in to an afternoon of explosions, revelations and a whole lot of singing.

  • Marcella needs to tell her family about Billy's drug problems - but she can't bear to dent her mother's faith in her golden boy. After contacting her hot-headed father, and finding him to be as unhinged as usual, she reluctantly turns to Simon for help. And, after some soul searching - and typically unhelpful advice from her life-coach - Marcella feels ready to admit her feelings to Jon.

  • Marcella is thrilled to have a role in a film, but her delight is short-lived when her actions accidentally cause the lead actress to have a meltdown. With filming cancelled for the day she finds herself running into Jon and discovers that there's more to him than meets the eye. After a boozy, giddy and confusing evening they re-unite at the film screening, but as the night unfolds it becomes far from the triumphant occasion Marcella had hoped for.

  • Marcella's wayward brother, Billy, is coming out of rehab and it isn't long before their sibling squabbles start up again. Her life-coach is on hand to help her work through their differences using some new, questionable methods. Meanwhile, Marcella finally has an audition for an acting role but there's a hitch, she needs to cry in it and no matter what she tries the tears won't come.

  • Marcella's ex-boyfriend, Simon, re-enters her life with some startling news and further surprises arrive in the shape of his new wife, Tania. In an attempt to clear her head, Marcella sets out on a gung-ho camping trip - which sees her battling unsuccessfully with the great outdoors and ends up bringing her closer to her driving instructor, Jon. In the therapy room she reflects on some of the worst decisions she's made whilst inebriated.

  • A boozy night has some disastrous consequences for Marcella - including a ruined children's party, a lot of missed calls from her ex-boyfriend and an unwanted house-guest who's never seen Friends. Meanwhile her temping job takes an unexpectedly dramatic twist and, in her first life-coaching session, she admits that her dreams of becoming a full time actress aren't going to plan.