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Based on life inside the house of the globally recognized Big Brother series, Dead Set is a satire using horror and comedy to tell a story of a zombie infection spreading across the U.K. Produced by the fiction production company Zeppotron, which is owned by Endemol, the production company responsible for Big Brother allows the presenters and former contestants of Big brother to appear in the series. Dead Set was written by British journalist and screenwriter Charlie Brooker and shows the contestants, producers and viewers of the British version of Big Brother in a bad light.

Opening in the Big Brother house when an eviction is about to take place to remove a contestant from the captivity of the game show. The live broadcast of the eviction is delayed when reports of rioting see a live news bulletin take the place of the show; in the Big Brother house the housemates are not informed of the reason why the show is delayed. A driver bringing the family of a contestant to the show has already been bitten by a zombie and turns into a zombie infecting members of the assembled crowd of onlookers for the eviction.

The only people safe from the outbreak are the members of the house, some production staff isolated from the outside world and a few people on the outside of the house. During the five episodes of Dead Set the members of the Big brother house are shown to struggle to outwit the zombies despite the infected people only acting on primal instincts. as the show progresses the group of contestants in the Big Brother house are shown to divide as they would when the show is airing normally to achieve their own aims. Even during the outbreak of zombie's the live broadcast of Big Brother is shown to be ongoing and remains uninterrupted and viewed by various zombies.

Dead Set is a Drama series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (8 episodes). The series first aired on October 25, 2010. It has mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.7.

Dead Set is available for streaming on the E4 website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Dead Set on demand at Netflix online.

10:00 pm et/pt on E4
1 Season, 8 Episodes
October 25, 2010
Cast: Jaime Winstone, Andy Nyman, Kevin Eldon, Adam Deacon, Davina McCall
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Dead Set Full Episode Guide

  • Episodes 4 - 5 of Charlie Brooker's zombie thriller.

  • Episodes 1 - 3 of the zombie horror series.

  • Feature length version of Dead Set, showing all five episodes of Charlie Brooker's zombie horror series set in a fictional Big Brother house. With a guest appearance from Davina McCall.

  • Riq and Kelly are reunited. Patrick is forced to be tied up when he wants to leave the house and leave the others in danger. Patrick tries to get Joplin on side as the housemates decide what to do with him. Joplin unties Patrick and he takes Kelly hostage and leaves the house with her and Joplin. Riq ends up getting shot and killed in a scuffle. Joplin opens the gates and the zombies make it into the Big Brother complex. Patrick is killed as he attempts to escape. Space becomes trapped in the Big Brother control room after trying to find Pippa but is bitten by a zombie. The zombies make it into the house and Kelly manages to make it into the diary room. Kelly decides to try and make her way to Space but fails.

  • Patrick and Pippa attempt to escape. Riq and Alex find themselves in real danger and after Alex is bitten by a zombie Riq is forced to kill her. The zombies keep making their way to the gates of the Big Brother house as Riq makes his way there too.

  • Kelly and Marky try and find some medical supplies. Life in the house takes a turn for the worse when Angel becomes a zombie and bites Grayson. Alex and Riq are shocked by what they discover.

  • Riq tries to stay alive outside of the Big Brother house and finds himself rescued by Alex after he becomes trapped in a shop. Patrick and Pippa are unable to escape from the office as a zombie Davina is outside the door. Angel's condition takes a turn for the worse.

  • With disturbances happening around the United Kingdom, Big Brother producer Patrick is worried that the live eviction show could be canceled. Pippa is evicted from the house and as she chats to Davina the watching crowd is attacked by Zombies. Patrick tries to save Pippa after he finds her alive in an office. Kelly manages to make it to the house and tries to inform the housemates what is going on but a zombie makes it into the house when they don't believe her.

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