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  • 2014
  • 1 Season

Two construction teams deliver and install modular homes in just 48 hours.

Breakneck Builds
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Bigger House/Home Is Family
14. Bigger House/Home Is Family
December 18, 2015
Roger and Jamie bought more horses than they have room for, so they're building a modular home on a giant ranch. Scott and Natalie live in a cramped apartment, so they're building a prefab to get into a proper family home.
Family Plans/Baby on the Way
13. Family Plans/Baby on the Way
December 18, 2015
Nate and Lexi want to start a family, so they're planning a modular home with the customization of a site-build. Emerson and Tanya have a third child on the way, so they're building a family-sized prefab home in record time.
All about Family/Take me Home
12. All about Family/Take me Home
December 11, 2015
Michael and Christine loved their small Baltimore row house, at least until their daughter was born. John lost the home he loved in rural Colorado to a fire and is building prefab to get back to the quiet mountain life he loves.
Mod on Prairie/Race for Space
11. Mod on Prairie/Race for Space
December 11, 2015
Nathan and Jennifer love their farm in Kansas and are turning to the prefab world to build a family house. New parents Dwight and Angie are still living with his parents, so they're going modular to quickly get into a family home.
Modular Home on the Range
10. Modular Home on the Range
December 4, 2015
Derek and Kristi need a home of their own on the family ranch where they live and work. Robin and David sold their house over a year ago to build a traditional home, but are now going prefab to get a new house quick.
The Surprise/School Days
9. The Surprise/School Days
November 27, 2015
Mike and Stephanie are building a new modular home that needs to be ready in time for their baby's due date. James and Kelly sell their first home to build a prefab in a better school district for their kids.
Stormproof/Big Plans
8. Stormproof/Big Plans
November 20, 2015
Jack and MaryEllen are replacing the home they lost to Hurricane Sandy with a modular house built to survive the storm of the century. Rich and Will are building a prefab family home so that they can adopt their first child.
Starting Over/The Tradition
7. Starting Over/The Tradition
November 13, 2015
Bill and Kim are building a modular country house after almost losing their life savings in a traditional build. Mark and Donna are done with renting a beach house and decide to buy a modular home on the New Jersey coastline.
Second Chance/The Round House
6. Second Chance/The Round House
November 6, 2015
After Dorrie successfully beats cancer, she and her husband Brian buy a prefab beach house for quality time as a family. Steve and Nancy are building a circular panelized home designed to take in the beauty of the Black Mountains.
No Time / Sweeter with Wine
5. No Time / Sweeter with Wine
October 30, 2015
Angie and Dan need a family home for their growing boys, but their lease is almost up. To meet their timeline, they're building with modular technology. Jim and Lynn are trading their big suburban house for a smaller modular home.
Prefab Legacy / Green Home
4. Prefab Legacy / Green Home
October 23, 2015
Mike and Tami have 8 kids and no time to spend together, so they are building a prefab log cabin. Jordyn is ready to leave her rental behind, but wants an eco-friendly home, so she turns to the modular world to build.
Potential / Modular Solution
3. Potential / Modular Solution
October 16, 2015
Jason and Zolina love downtown Pittsburgh but not their cramped apartment, so they are going modular on their street. Justin and Casey are sick of renting, so they turn to the prefab world to get the most for their money.
Time to Grow Up
2. Time to Grow Up
October 9, 2015
Joey and Cindy need a real home so they can start the family they've wanted for years. After two tours in Afghanistan, Steve and his wife Amy are turning to modular technology to build a cabin in the Smoky Mountains.
1. Breakneck Builds
1. 1. Breakneck Builds
August 15, 2014
Explore the next generation of high-quality custom factory homes.

Two construction teams deliver and install modular homes in just 48 hours. Breakneck Builds is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (14 episodes). The series first aired on August 15, 2014.

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Breakneck Builds is available for streaming on the DIY website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Breakneck Builds on demand at Apple TV.

  • Premiere Date
    August 15, 2014