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Can You Make It? - Extras is a web series produced by Red Bull TV. The show features different groups of three friends from around the world competing in a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, where they must travel across Europe with no cash, relying solely on their charisma and resourcefulness to complete various challenges and ultimately reach their final destination.

The show aims to test not only their physical abilities but also their mental strength and capacity to work as a team, making for an entertaining and exciting viewing experience. The series comprises six episodes, each following a different team as they navigate through different countries, cultures, and languages in pursuit of their goal.

One of the main elements of the show is the challenges that the teams must complete. These challenges are designed to test their skills in various areas, such as cooking, performing, and problem-solving. Each episode features a new set of challenges, which can range from creating a unique dish with limited ingredients to performing a street act in a foreign language. The teams are judged on their creativity, ingenuity, and execution, with the winning team receiving a reward that helps them in their journey.

While the show is primarily a competition, it also serves as a travelogue. The teams journey through some of Europe's most remarkable cities, including Berlin, London, Prague, Vienna, and Budapest. Throughout the series, viewers are treated to stunning shots of iconic landmarks, hidden gems, and local culture, providing an immersive and authentic travel experience.

In addition to the challenges and travel elements, the show also emphasizes the importance of teamwork and communication. In each episode, the teams must work together to overcome obstacles and complete tasks, highlighting the importance of trust, cooperation, and open communication in achieving success.

One unique aspect of the show is the fact that the teams are not allowed to use cash, relying instead on their persuasive abilities and the kindness of strangers to acquire the resources they need. This rule adds an extra layer of difficulty to the challenges, as the teams must be creative in their approach and adapt to unforeseen circumstances.

Overall, Can You Make It? - Extras is an entertaining and immersive series that combines adventure, travel, and competition. With its unique premise, diverse cast of characters, and stunning visuals, the show is sure to appeal to viewers interested in travel, culture, and adventure. So, join the teams on their thrilling journey and find out if they have what it takes to make it!

Can You Make It? - Extras
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2016 Event Highlights
33. 2016 Event Highlights
April 25, 2016
In one short week, 165 teams created lifelong memories while adventuring 1,000 km towards Paris, France. From the highs and lows to every crazy happening in between, relive the incredible journey from start to finish.
Personal Favorites: BTS
32. Personal Favorites: BTS
April 19, 2016
With so many incredible moments throughout this one-of-a-kind journey through Europe, including some that happened backstage, the staff have some trouble choosing their favorites from this year's Can You Make It? adventure.
USU: Team Profile
31. USU: Team Profile
April 19, 2016
Whether it's skydiving, jumping into a frozen lake, or hugging a stranger, the challenge makes no difference to Team USU. They are committed to doing whatever it takes to reach the final destination in Paris, France.
Top 5 Up in the Air
30. Top 5 Up in the Air
April 19, 2016
If there was any doubt that Red Bull actually does give you wings, here is authentic video proof. Flying, diving, and gliding through the air, these teams soared highest in the competition.
Day 7: Highlights
29. Day 7: Highlights
April 19, 2016
While 165 teams started this one-of-a-kind adventure, only the resourceful remain. It's crunch time, and the students will have to think outside the box to come out ahead. Which teams will lead going into the final stretch?
Running Wild: BTS
28. Running Wild: BTS
April 18, 2016
After production runner Nick gives host Vick the lowdown on what it takes to do his job, she's inspired to give it a go. Her first two attempts at running leave few questions about which job she's better suited for.
Balboa Brothers: Team Profile
27. Balboa Brothers: Team Profile
April 19, 2016
A long way from home, three best friends from Milwaukee, Wisconsin leave the United States for the first time in search of adventure. Their approach to the competition is simple: smile big and let the rest fall into place.
Top 5 Music Moments
26. Top 5 Music Moments
April 19, 2016
For every great adventure in history there are songs of the heroes and their brave deeds. Of course, some teams can't wait for the bards to tell of their exploits, so they chronicle their own experiences the best way they know how.
Day 6: Highlights
25. Day 6: Highlights
April 18, 2016
With only a few days left, completing challenges and collecting fans on social media will be the keys to victory. Find out which student teams are ahead as the studio reviews the top stories, best bargains, and favorite moments of the day.
The Gallery: BTS
24. The Gallery: BTS
April 17, 2016
Meet studio director Tony Gregory who keeps everyone in line being the voice in your ear. Plus an exclusive crash course in vision mixing.
The Dawgs: Team Profile
23. The Dawgs: Team Profile
April 17, 2016
As massive extroverts who love interacting with strangers and sharing the joys of life with them, The Dawgs are ready and equipped to take on Europe. They've been through so many adventures together and are more than ready for another.
Top 5 Funny Moments
22. Top 5 Funny Moments
April 17, 2016
Counting down the top 5 funniest moments of the contest thus far as we reach the midway point of Can You Make It? 2016!
Day 5: Highlights
21. Day 5: Highlights
April 17, 2016
The adventure is in full swing as the student groups inch closer to their final destination in Paris. Watch the action unfold as the studio reviews the top stories, best bargains, and favorite moments of the day.
I've Got Your Back: BTS
20. I've Got Your Back: BTS
April 16, 2016
With coverage around the clock, the command center crew watches over the teams through every step of their journey. They'll keep the teams safe and give them updates on their overall ranking, but won't help them make it even if they're stuck!
Tokyo Wings: Team Profile
19. Tokyo Wings: Team Profile
April 16, 2016
Tokyo Wings, a trio of the most active, inquisitive and thrill-seeking Japan lovers, are yet again setting off on a new adventure. Having been close friends for many years now, the three of us originally met through a community of active youths in Tokyo.
Top 5 Shower Spots
18. Top 5 Shower Spots
April 16, 2016
Even the simple act of washing up can be unexpectedly tough when racing through Europe. Proving that any place becomes the perfect spot for a shower with a little creativity and determination, the teams get clean in the most ingenious places.
Day 4: Highlights
17. Day 4: Highlights
April 16, 2016
The halfway point of the contest sees some teams prosper, while others are on their last drops of Red Bull. Find out which student teams are ahead as the studio reviews the top stories, best bargains, and favorite moments of the day.
Tour the Studio: BTS
16. Tour the Studio: BTS
April 15, 2016
Meet the team responsible for putting together this one-of-a-kind adventure contest as hosts Vick and Roman give an exclusive tour of the broadcast studio.
Contiki Wildcard: Team Profile
15. Contiki Wildcard: Team Profile
April 15, 2016
An international band of strangers with a penchant for adventure are ready to face this one-of-a-kind challenge. Always traveling off the beaten path, this unlikely trio is ready for whatever comes their way.
Top 5 Hugs
14. Top 5 Hugs
April 15, 2016
The teams put their travel plans on hold, if only for a moment, for a little tender love and care. Spreading joy and good vibes through Europe, nothing quite beats the warm feeling of a well-placed hug.
Day 3: Highlights
13. Day 3: Highlights
April 15, 2016
Something incredible is happening at all hours of the day when cans of Red Bull are involved. Whether it's staying at a luxury hotel or becoming a Roman senator, a new life-changing experience is always just around the corner.
Reliving Adventure: BTS
12. Reliving Adventure: BTS
April 14, 2016
While Vick and Roman rehearse for the next broadcast, social media host George gives a backstage tour of the central command center and shares his own experience from competing in Red Bull Can You Make It? 2014.
Day 2: Highlights
9. Day 2: Highlights
April 14, 2016
The scramble across Europe hits full stride, and teams use every method of transportation imaginable to reach the next checkpoint. En route to Paris, teams encounter their first adventure and checkpoint challenges.
Calming the Nerves: BTS
8. Calming the Nerves: BTS
April 13, 2016
Hosts Vick and Roman riff about some of the most nerve-wracking on-air jobs they've ever had and trade questionable strategies about how to overcome butterflies in this behind-the-scenes look at the Red Bull Can You Make It? 2016 broadcast.
Summer Day: Team Profile
7. Summer Day: Team Profile
April 13, 2016
This squad from Prague is named after their favorite season for adventuring. Passionate about world travel and squeezing as much fun they can out of any experience, they're out to make the most of Red Bull's one-of-a-kind adventure challenge.
Top 5 Starting Moments
6. Top 5 Starting Moments
April 13, 2016
Adrenaline is pumping as the adventure begins, and who better to capture the excitement from the starting line than the teams themselves? Red Bull Can You Make It? is off and running in style.
Day 1: Highlights
5. Day 1: Highlights
April 13, 2016
All 165 teams set out on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, and they're already creating some amazing experiences. Not to be left behind, reporter Hayley gets into the action and tackles a mini-challenge with just two cans of Red Bull.
Beauty Sleep: BTS
4. Beauty Sleep: BTS
April 12, 2016
Sometimes looking good doesn't take much. While Vick sits through hair and makeup, Roman takes a simpler approach to getting ready for show time.
UK Chicks: Team Profile
3. UK Chicks: Team Profile
April 12, 2016
This French trio boasts five spoken languages, an overflow of energy, and a secret strategy for how they'll come out on top in Red Bull's one-of-a-kind adventure challenge.
Top 5 Epic Auditions
2. Top 5 Epic Auditions
April 12, 2016
Counting down the top five best team entry videos. Some teams show off potential strategies, while others focus on their destination or put their up-for-anything attitudes on display. No two are alike, but only one can be #1.
Meet the Hosts
1. Meet the Hosts
An unabashed love of tiny animals wearing clothes and North/South English rivalries. Just some of what to expect from Vick and Roman, hosts of Red Bull Can You Make It? 2016, as they bring highlights from the teams on the road all week long.