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  • 1969
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Life Behind Bars is a captivating and thrilling web series produced by Red Bull TV that explores the world of freestyle mountain biking through the eyes of two professional athletes: Brandon Semenuk and Logan Peat. The show offers an intimate glimpse into the lives of these ambitious Canadian bikers as they push their limits and test their skills on some of the trickiest and most challenging terrain in the world.

Throughout the show, Brandon and Logan share their stories, struggles, and triumphs as they compete in some of the most prestigious events in the world of freestyle biking. From the Crankworx World Tour to the Red Bull Rampage, these athletes tackle everything from massive jumps to narrow twists and turns, all while performing tricks that will leave even the most seasoned riders in awe.

One of the most impressive aspects of the show is the way in which it captures the raw physicality and inner psychology of these athletes. As they approach each new challenge, Brandon and Logan must contend not only with the physical demands of the sport but also with the intense mental pressure that comes from performing at such a high level. Through it all, however, their incredible resilience, determination, and focus never waver, proving just how much of an impact mountain biking can have on the human spirit.

In addition to the incredible action and high-octane energy of the show, Life Behind Bars also provides viewers with a unique look at the culture and community of freestyle mountain biking. Through interviews with other riders, equipment manufacturers, and event organizers, the show explores the various interconnected elements that make up this exciting and dynamic sport. From the cutting-edge technology used in bike design to the vibrant personalities of the riders themselves, Life Behind Bars is a show that truly celebrates the spirit of innovation and creativity that lies at the heart of freestyle mountain biking.

Perhaps most importantly, however, the show is a testament to the power of passion and dedication. Throughout their journey, Brandon and Logan are driven not just by a love for the sport itself, but by a fierce desire to constantly push themselves to achieve greater heights. Whether they are training their bodies to perfect new tricks or strategizing for the next big event, these two athletes never lose sight of what truly drives them: the thrill of the ride and the chance to share it with others.

Overall, Life Behind Bars is a must-watch for anyone who loves action sports, adrenaline, and the beauty of human endurance in the face of great challenge. With its insightful interviews, awe-inspiring footage, and unforgettable action sequences, this show is a true testament to the power of the human spirit, and to the magic of freestyle mountain biking. Whether you're an avid fan of the sport or simply someone who loves a good story of triumph over adversity, Life Behind Bars is a show that you won't want to miss.

Life Behind Bars is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (36 episodes). The series first aired on .

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Whistler Shredding
8. Whistler Shredding
January 1, 2016
Brandon, Logan and R-dog return home to British Columbia and reminisce about the past two seasons. In between runs at the Whistler Mountain Bike Park, they share highlights and never-before-seen footage from Life Behind Bars and Rad Company.
Rad Company Film Premiere
7. Rad Company Film Premiere
January 1, 2016
Ahead of the premiere for his film, Rad Company, Brandon cuts loose on some coastal loam with Graham Agassiz and Matty Miles. Along the way, Brandon shows behind-the-scenes footage of the coastal rain segment with guest rider Nico Vink.
Highland MTB Park
6. Highland MTB Park
January 1, 2016
Brandon, R-dog, and Logan head east and hook up with Aaron Chase at Highland Mountain Bike Park for a three-day private session. The boys have free reign to explore the park' feature, including a few legendary, closed-to-the-public zones.
Coast Gravity Park Laps
5. Coast Gravity Park Laps
January 1, 2016
After wrapping filming for Rad Company, Brandon returns home for some epic laps with the crew at the Coast Gravity Park. Then, Brandon and Logan Peat session the new indoor BMX park in Brandon's yard before playing a game of BIKE on the mulch jump.
The Grey Zone
4. The Grey Zone
January 1, 2016
In a top-secret area in Utah called the Grey Zone, Brandon and the crew film the final sessions for Rad Company. Then, R-dog and Logan meet up for some horseback riding at Jacobs Ranch to shoot the title sequence for this season of Life Behind Bars.
Downhill Sessions in Fiji
3. Downhill Sessions in Fiji
January 1, 2016
For his upcoming freeriding film, Brandon heads to Fiji with Brendan Fairclough to shred a custom-built trail. Along the way they take a few high speed tumbles on some jetski', before drinking Kava with the local village chief.
Mega Ramp in Utah
2. Mega Ramp in Utah
January 1, 2016
Cam McCaul joins Brandon on the road in Arizona and Utah to search for new spots for Brandon' freeride film, Rad Company. Along the way they ride on roadside features and fix up an abandoned mini mega ramp built out of soiled mattresses.
California Sessions
1. California Sessions
January 1, 2016
Brandon heads south for a winter escape to sunny California, where he meets up with Brendan Fairclough and Nico Vink at Troy Lee Designs for a motocross session. Then it's off to Griz's jumps in Pine Valley before riding some Cali single track.
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