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  • TV-14
  • 1990
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.5  (452)

Chancer is a British television series that originally ran from 1990 to 1991. The show stars Clive Owen as Stephen Crane, a roguish, ambitious businessman who is always looking for the next big deal. Simon Shepherd co-stars as his more restrained business partner, Mark.

At the beginning of the series, Stephen is newly released from prison after serving time for fraud. He is determined to make a fresh start, but he quickly falls back into his old ways when he becomes involved in a scheme to take over a failing brewery. This sets off a chain of events that sees Stephen and Mark getting embroiled in a number of dubious business deals, often coming up against powerful and dangerous opponents along the way.

Despite his many flaws, Stephen is a likeable character who is always thinking on his feet and coming up with new schemes to stay ahead. He is also fiercely loyal to his friends and partners, especially Mark, who he sees as the wise and steady yin to his reckless yang. Mark, for his part, is more reserved and cautious, often serving as the voice of reason when Stephen gets in over his head.

Throughout the series, Stephen and Mark are constantly struggling to make ends meet and keep their businesses afloat, despite interference from corrupt politicians, violent gangsters, and shadowy figures from Stephen's past. The show is a thrilling blend of high-stakes business drama and action-packed suspense, with plenty of twists and turns along the way.

One of the show's biggest strengths is its cast. Clive Owen delivers a standout performance as Stephen, bringing a charming and charismatic energy to the character that makes him both captivating and frustrating to watch. Simon Shepherd is equally impressive as Mark, providing a grounded and nuanced counterpoint that keeps the show from veering too far into melodrama. The supporting cast is also excellent, with a number of memorable guest stars fleshing out the show's intricate plotlines.

Visually, the show has a gritty and realistic aesthetic that perfectly complements its themes of corruption and greed. The sets and locations feel authentic, lending the show a sense of grounded realism that makes it all the more gripping. The use of music is also noteworthy, with a number of memorable tracks adding to the show's overall atmosphere and mood.

Despite its relatively short run, Chancer is a highly regarded show that has gained a cult following over the years. It is a testament to Clive Owen's talent and charisma as an actor, as well as the show's ability to balance complex plotting with engaging character development. Fans of business dramas, crime thrillers, and British television in general will find much to enjoy in this gripping and well-crafted series.

Chancer is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on March 6, 1990.

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7. Sacrifice
June 4, 1991
Love, now working for Franklyn's ailing "Build British, Buy British" campaign, discovers his main weapon is to pour scorn on the bankers who refuse to back it.
6. Fall
May 28, 1991
Tom offers Love access to his son in return for accepting a job with him. Having discovered the secret gaming club at Winterleigh, Tom tries to make life difficult for Piers.
5. Blood
May 21, 1991
The letter confirming Joseph's paternity finds its way back into Love's hands. But having already crossed paths with Piers over the gaming club, Love finds his world is slowly crumbling around him.
4. Remembrance
May 14, 1991
Anna, now on the run, declares her love for Love. Meanwhile, having stolen membership records from Franklyn's gambling operation, Love and Piers start up a gaming club at Winterleigh.
3. Secrets
May 7, 1991
Tom begins to suspect that Anna may have been involved in Jo's death. Love offers to help Piers save Winterleigh after scamming Tom's casino out of a fortune.
2. Ashes
April 30, 1991
Devastated by Jo's death, Love is manipulated by Tom after a letter from Jo regarding the paternity of her son mysteriously disappears. Blake continues in his attempts to track down Anna.
1. Jo
April 23, 1991
Love, now out of prison, decides to make winning back Jo's affections his only goal.
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  • Premiere Date
    March 6, 1990
  • IMDB Rating
    7.5  (452)