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Stephen Crane (Clive Owen) is a chancer - a schemer who looks for opportunity and seizes it through manipulation. A young London business analyst, con-man and outsider, Crane is called in to save Douglas Motors, a crumbling firm owned by the decadent Douglas family. Chancer is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (17 episodes). The series first aired on March 6, 1990.

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2 Seasons, 17 Episodes
March 6, 1990
Cast: Clive Owen, Simon Shepherd
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Chancer Full Episode Guide

  • Love, now working for Franklyn's ailing "Build British, Buy British" campaign, discovers his main weapon is to pour scorn on the bankers who refuse to back it.

  • Tom offers Love access to his son in return for accepting a job with him. Having discovered the secret gaming club at Winterleigh, Tom tries to make life difficult for Piers.

  • The letter confirming Joseph's paternity finds its way back into Love's hands. But having already crossed paths with Piers over the gaming club, Love finds his world is slowly crumbling around him.

  • Anna, now on the run, declares her love for Love. Meanwhile, having stolen membership records from Franklyn's gambling operation, Love and Piers start up a gaming club at Winterleigh.

  • Tom begins to suspect that Anna may have been involved in Jo's death. Love offers to help Piers save Winterleigh after scamming Tom's casino out of a fortune.

  • Devastated by Jo's death, Love is manipulated by Tom after a letter from Jo regarding the paternity of her son mysteriously disappears. Blake continues in his attempts to track down Anna.

  • Love, now out of prison, decides to make winning back Jo's affections his only goal.

  • Tom secures control of Douglas Motors, while Blake plans to settle some old scores in time for his retirement - unaware that Crane will soon become an unlikely ally.

  • The arrival of Crane's brother sparks concern for his position at the company, while Jamie's suicide raises a number of interesting questions.

  • Tom returns from Hong Kong, desperate to catch up with Crane for a few choice words. But when Crane surrenders to his demands, Tom is taken aback, resulting in a surprising offer.

  • Victoria talks Crane into a dangerous scam to ruin a property developer. Meanwhile, the residents of Stoneleigh are unhappy about a planned toxic waste dump orchestrated by Robert.

  • Robert is forced to come clean to Crane after using the money from the bank to pay off Jamie's gambling debts. Jo begins an affair with Piers behind Crane's back.

  • Crane discovers that Douglas Motors has been the victim of a scam operated by Fitchford, Lunchbox and Gerald. An absent Jamie returns home after two years in the French Foreign Legion.

  • Desperate to get his money back, Blake takes revenge on Crane by spilling the beans about his past to Robert. Meanwhile, Tom is also out for revenge.

  • Crane tries to secure a job for himself with Douglas Motors after he and Jo are sacked from the bank.

  • Crane attempts to save Douglas Motors by stealing 500,000 pounds from his boss in an insider trading scam, while Robert hires a private detective to look for Jamie.

  • When the Douglas Motors factory is destroyed in a suspected arson attack, Gavin Nichols, son-in-law of managing director Robert Douglas, calls upon an old friend for help.