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  • 2007
  • 2 Seasons

Codename: Hunter is a gripping and intense German crime drama that follows the work of an elite police task force in Hanover, Germany. The show centers around an experienced detective named Tobias Zier, who is tasked with leading a team of investigators as they hunt down some of the most dangerous criminals in the country.

The series begins with a shocking crime that shakes the city to its core: the brutal murder of a young woman in a park. Zier and his team are quickly called in to investigate the case, hoping to catch the killer and bring him to justice. As they dig deeper into the crime, however, they quickly realize that they are up against a formidable adversary – one who seems to be one step ahead of them at every turn.

As the episodes progress, viewers are taken on a rollercoaster ride that includes action-packed chase scenes, intense interrogations, and heart-pounding confrontations. The crimes that the task force is attempting to solve become progressively more complex and dangerous as the series unfolds, forcing Zier and his team to constantly up their game in order to solve them.

One of the strengths of Codename: Hunter is its intricate and nuanced storytelling. The series weaves together multiple plot threads and character arcs in a way that keeps viewers engaged and invested throughout. From the personal struggles of individual team members to the complex webs of criminal underworlds, there are always multiple layers to the story being told.

Another key factor in the success of Codename: Hunter is its strong cast. The series is anchored by a number of talented actors, including Bruno Eyron as Zier, the no-nonsense leader of the task force. Eyron brings a commanding presence to the role, depicting Zier as a man who is determined to uphold the law and protect his city at all costs. Other noteworthy performances include those by Oliver Mommsen as the gruff and slightly unhinged detective Frieder Weigert, and Christina Hecke as the intuitive and whip-smart crime analyst, Anais Schmitz.

The show is also notable for its attention to detail when it comes to police procedures and protocols. Viewers are given a behind-the-scenes look at how the task force operates, including how they analyze crime scenes, conduct interviews, and coordinate their efforts with other law enforcement agencies. This attention to detail helps to make the show feel more authentic and grounded in reality.

Overall, Codename: Hunter is a thrilling crime drama that is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. It features a compelling story with strong performances by its cast, as well as an attention to detail that lends the show an air of authenticity. Fans of crime dramas, action thrillers, and police procedurals won't want to miss this exciting series.

Codename: Hunter (English subtitled) is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on January 4, 2007.

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Episode 6 (English subtitled)
6. Episode 6 (English subtitled)
December 5, 2008
In Norwegian with English subtitles. Bj¸rn and Ulrik travel to South Africa as the fate of the peace negotiations hangs in the balance.
Episode 5 (English subtitled)
5. Episode 5 (English subtitled)
November 28, 2008
In Norwegian with English subtitles. Dan Wester suspects Ulrik Berg of leaking information. Cato pressures Carina to give false testimony.
Episode 4 (English subtitled)
4. Episode 4 (English subtitled)
November 21, 2008
In Norwegian with English subtitles. Gisela is assigned to ˜ystein S¦ther's security detail. An old nemesis provides a new lead in Georg Melby's death.
Episode 3 (English subtitled)
3. Episode 3 (English subtitled)
November 14, 2008
In Norwegian with English subtitles. The Hunter team uncovers a link between Sigrid Evjen and the MFA. Gisela's past comes back to haunt her
Episode 2 (English subtitled)
2. Episode 2 (English subtitled)
November 7, 2008
In Norwegian with English subtitles. Bj¸rn puts Sigrid Evjen under surveillance. Dan Wester travels to Brussels and makes contact with Gisela.
Episode 1 (English subtitled)
1. Episode 1 (English subtitled)
October 31, 2008
In Norwegian with English subtitles. The Hunter team is called back into action after a suicide bomber threatens the Oslo subway during rush hour
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Codename: Hunter (English subtitled) is available for streaming on the MHz Networks website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Codename: Hunter (English subtitled) on demand at Amazon Prime.
  • Premiere Date
    January 4, 2007