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Using cutting-edge cameras and a revolutionary editing process, Earth At Night In Color presents nature's previously unseen marvels with striking new clarity. Captured across six continents, from the Arctic Circle to the African grasslands, this pioneering work follows the moonlit lives of animals at night, revealing new insights and never-before-seen behaviors into some of our favorite species' nocturnal habits. The show will also introduce relatively unknown creatures who are sure to become new icons of the animal kingdom.

Apple TV+
1 Season, 6 Episodes
December 4, 2020
Documentary & Biography, History, Nature
Cast: Tom Hiddleston

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Earth at Night in Color Full Episode Guide

  • In Kenya's Maasai Mara, two cheetah brothers attempt a high-speed night hunt with a gang of powerful hyenas on their trail.

  • When Los Angeles, Chicago, and Toronto light up at nightfall, they create worlds of opportunities for the cleverest animals willing to take the risk.

  • In the boreal forests of Europe, a young brown bear clashes with wolves--and tries to find a mate beneath the stars.

  • A jaguar fights to keep his river home in Brazil as the night brings both challenges and opportunities to hunt.

  • As darkness falls, a family of tiny primates in Sulawesi ventures into the jungle to find food while protecting their babies.

  • After dark on Kenya's Maasai Mara grasslands, a lioness won't rest until she finds the young cubs she's lost.