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  • 2018
  • 1 Season
  • 0.0  (14)

Ella, Oscar & Hoo is an animated adventure series that aired on Kidstream in 2018. The show follows the titular characters - Ella, a thoughtful and curious elephant; Oscar, a playful monkey; and Hoo, a brave and resourceful bird - as they explore the wonders of their natural world and solve problems big and small.

Each episode sees the trio encountering a new challenge or mystery, from lost treasures to unusual creatures to environmental issues. With their different skills and perspectives, Ella, Oscar, and Hoo work together to find creative solutions and learn important lessons about cooperation, empathy, and resilience along the way.

The animation style of Ella, Oscar & Hoo is bright and colorful, with a focus on detailed landscapes and expressive character designs. The show also incorporates educational elements such as science and geography, with each episode featuring fun facts and trivia about the animals and environments the characters encounter.

One of the standout features of Ella, Oscar & Hoo is its emphasis on music and song. The show's catchy theme song sets the tone for each adventure, and the characters often break into musical numbers that incorporate different genres and styles. Whether it's a jazzy tune about befriending a lonely fish or a reggae jam about cleaning up the ocean, the songs add an extra layer of fun and energy to the show.

In addition to the main trio, Ella, Oscar & Hoo features a diverse cast of supporting characters, including a wise old turtle, a mischievous chameleon, and a group of friendly penguins. Each character brings their own personality and backstory to the mix, adding depth and variety to the show's world.

Overall, Ella, Oscar & Hoo is a charming and entertaining show that offers a blend of adventure, education, and music. With its diverse cast of characters, detailed animation, and positive messages, it's a great choice for young viewers and families looking for wholesome and engaging content.

Ella, Oscar & Hoo is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on April 16, 2018.

Ella, Oscar & Hoo
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Ella's Gang | The Polluted Cloud
13. Ella's Gang | The Polluted Cloud
April 16, 2018
Oscar lost his ball and counts on Ella to come up with another game. She's going to have to use her all ingenuity to keep him entertained | It's a heat wave, and Hoo comes home very dirty. Ella and Oscar try to clean him up.
A Cloud in Love | The BoHooat!
12. A Cloud in Love | The BoHooat!
April 16, 2018
Oscar wants to find a cloudfriend for Hoo. But this is not easy when your cloud is so unique. | Ella, Oscar and Hoo embark on an imaginary voyage to visit Oscar's seafaring grandparents.
The Glider | Puppets
11. The Glider | Puppets
April 16, 2018
The glider that fell in Great Oak is really cool. Ella and Oscar both want to play with it. But they must be careful of accidents! | Oscar and Hoo are ruining Ella's handmade puppet. Now she wants revenge to get even.
Vegetable Patch in My Garden | Phew!
10. Vegetable Patch in My Garden | Phew!
April 16, 2018
Oscar planted seeds in the garden and can't wait for them to grow. But the next day, still nothing! Is that normal? | Thinking he's moving; Oscar is distraught about leaving his friends behind. So, he plans to build a cabin to move into with Hoo.
The Cloud Hunters | Let's Pretend
9. The Cloud Hunters | Let's Pretend
April 16, 2018
Oscar thinks Hoo is in danger and wants him to be prepared. But how do you train a cloud in the art of self-defense? | Ella, Oscar and Hoo's evening picnic is invaded by hungry elves who want to eat the children's dinosaur chips. They must be stopped!
Transfhoormation | The Cloud Eclipse
8. Transfhoormation | The Cloud Eclipse
April 16, 2018
Hoo is exhausted and can't stay cloud shaped. Ella and Oscar try to help him any way they can. | The clouds are planning to eclipse tonight. Ella, Oscar and Hoo fight sleep to see it.
Where's Francoise? | It's Not Fair!
7. Where's Francoise? | It's Not Fair!
April 16, 2018
Ella's mom promised her a dog. But first she must prove that she can take care of Francoise, her turtle, for a week. | Oscar is blamed for damaging his mother's drawings. But he didn't do it! The trio will investigate and solve this case.
Star Cloud | The Birthday Party
6. Star Cloud | The Birthday Party
April 16, 2018
Ella has a school project on the stars, so the three friends spend the night outside and observe the Milky Way. | Oscar is enjoying his birthday cake with Ella, but nothing is going to go as planned.
Precious | Bossy
5. Precious | Bossy
April 16, 2018
Oscar looks everywhere for Jean-Pierre, his favorite stone. Ella is acting strange. Did she have something to do with Jean-Pierre's disappearance? | Ella hurts her ankle and comes home on crutches. Oscar will have to do everything for her.
Atchooo! | Letter to My Cloud
4. Atchooo! | Letter to My Cloud
April 16, 2018
Oscar caught a bad cold and must stay in bed. So, Ella and Hoo try to distract him. | Hoo is sad he didn't get any cards over the holiday. Ella and Oscar team up to make him smile.
Tastes and Colors | Cloud, Pretty Cloud
3. Tastes and Colors | Cloud, Pretty Cloud
April 16, 2018
Following a culinary misadventure, Ella is grossed out by colorful food. Oscar and Hoo try to find treats that she will like. | It's class photo day! Ella and Oscar are both dressed up and neat...but this won't last long.
The Surprise | Captain Superfly
2. The Surprise | Captain Superfly
April 16, 2018
With his parents away, Oscar plans to spend the day at Ella's, but it is a loooong day. | Oscar goes on a superhero adventure with the help of Hoo, but Ella doesn't think this is a good idea
Three Friends | No Picnic!
1. Three Friends | No Picnic!
April 16, 2018
The first meeting between Oscar and Hoo! Will Oscar be able to tame this shy little cloud? | Ella and Hoo have a fight when the costume picnic looks like it will be ruined by rain.
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Ella, Oscar & Hoo is available for streaming on the Kidstream website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Ella, Oscar & Hoo on demand at Amazon Prime.
  • Premiere Date
    April 16, 2018
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    0.0  (14)