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  • 2018
  • 1 Season

In the midst of troubling times Paul and Yuila Coate were scrabbling to make ends meet, until they hit upon a great idea. A cup of coffee. And thus Seattle's Foxy Ladies coffee chain was born. With its scantily-clad baristas, this steamy coffee house was bound to take off, and six years and 13 locations later, business is booming.

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Foxies Moving On
12. Foxies Moving On
February 6, 2018
Everyone has an agenda. As Paul and Yulia announce that they have decided to franchise Foxy Lady, many of the girls are jockeying to own and/or run their own shop. Diving deeper into the Bikini barista biz is good for some but not for others as it creates more personal angst and drama for our girls.
Hot Opps
11. Hot Opps
February 11, 2018
There have been some real creepers hanging out in Olympia lately and the girls have been feeling uncomfortable. Paul signs the girls up for a self-defense class. Adriann gets a new job offer. Will she take it?
Killer Cup o' Joe
10. Killer Cup o' Joe
February 6, 2018
Paul and Yulia decide all the girls need some back to basics coffee making training and then they get to test their new found skills on some finicky customers. Fed up with investor opportunities Paul & Yulia are exploring the Franchise idea. Dalilah celebrates her 3 year anniv at Foxy Lady.
I am a Woman
9. I am a Woman
February 6, 2018
In honor of International Women's Day, Yulia and Paul have organized a day that is all about our foxy ladies.
Calendar Foxies
8. Calendar Foxies
February 6, 2018
Paul and Yulia have a special surprise for the girls: a Calendar photo shoot and Chrystal has a photo surprise of her own.
The World According to Arielle
7. The World According to Arielle
February 8, 2018
Arielle's best shift is on the bubble of being lost to her nemesis, Ashley. In Tacoma all the girls are getting creative inventing new coffee drinks. Paul and Yulia are celebrating Yulia's 17 years in the US.
Foxy Fashion Showdown
6. Foxy Fashion Showdown
February 6, 2018
The Foxy Ladies need to up their outfit game. Stephanie enforces the new foxy lady dresscode encourages them with a company-wide fashion show competition. Paul continues to deal with on- going issues at the new gas station location.
Commercial Girls
5. Commercial Girls
February 6, 2018
The Foxy Ladies don their 'Mad Men' hats as Paul and Yulia task them to come up with the best 30 second TV commercial to promote their new location.
Team Dance
4. Team Dance
February 6, 2018
Paul has chosen Kallai and Arielle to represent Foxy Lady at a nightclub in Seattle. Dalilah continues to struggle with her long term boyfriend, Shawn.
Fresh Starts
3. Fresh Starts
February 6, 2018
Yulia and Paul are hiring new girls. Kallai challenges Arielle to rachet up her outfit game and engages Ashley to help, but Foxy Lady is not Ashley's future - she has loftier aspirations.
The Evening Shuffle
2. The Evening Shuffle
February 6, 2018
The competition between the managers begins as Stephanie challenges each to come up with & execute a promotion plan to amp up the night time business.
Meet the Foxies
1. Meet the Foxies
February 6, 2018
Our Foxy Lady crew is introduced. The groundwork is laid for a season of close friendships, intense conflicts and ultimate alliances.
  • Premiere Date
    February 6, 2018