Ghost Stories (1997)

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Ghost Stories is a television show that focuses on the recounts people have had with the supernatural world. Most people think of ghosts as translucent figures which you are able to clearly communicate and talk with but the truth is that not all ghosts are like that. The show shows the different experiences people have had with them, how they communicate with them, and just their overall interactions with them. The TV show is great for any age group although some of the content may be disturbing to a younger audience since the topic is still pretty creepy even for grown ups.

Echo Bridge Entertainment
2 Seasons, 44 Episodes
September 28, 1997
Documentary & Biography Reality Science Fiction
Cast: Rip Torn, Emilie Jo Tisdale, Will Bond, R. Ward Duffy
Ghost Stories (1997)

Ghost Stories (1997) Full Episode Guide

  • The experience of having been trapped in a collapsed building has left Kate Bradshaw claustrophobic and mute. Now, as she's held hostage in an elevator by a disgruntled security guard, Kate finds herself confronting her worst fear. As she re-lives the terrible disaster from her past - the smoke, the debris, the screams of the dying - she pleads for release from the desperate guard. But strangely enough, a transference begins to take place - as Kate gathers her strength, the ghosts of her ordeal start haunting the guard. In the end, Kate triumphs over her fears as well as her captor--the guard winds up a hopeless claustrophobic in a jail cell, while Kate's ability to speak is restored.

  • Art Jones, who has faked his death in a mountain blizzard and killed his climbing guide in the process, hides out on a steamy tropical island, awaiting a hefty insurance settlement. After eight months in isolation, Art is now being tormented by the ghost of the climbing guide, who during a blistering heat wave turns Art's shack into a freezing cage of guilt.

  • Having missed the perfect photo of a celebrity she's hounded for years, a paparazza seeks the ultimate shot - of the now dead celebrity lying in state at a funeral home. But after finally getting the picture, she finds that the ghost of the celebrity starts to relentlessly hound her.

  • Locked in a stale marriage with her lackluster husband, a youth-obsessed woman starts to suspect that he is creating a young woman to replace her. As she starts to disappear, she learns too late that the woman is actually the younger version of herself - the one her husband fell in love with many years ago.

  • After his wife's murderer is finally sentenced, a man starts to see visions of the crime, revealing a horrible truth that he's managed to hide from himself.

  • A ruthless CEO gathers three of his executives for a most unusual poker game - the stakes of which prove more than anyone bargained for.

  • An Asian man, a refugee from his homeland's murderous regime, is haunted by a trio of death squad enforcers - all of whom were executed years ago.

  • A young guy gets a job working the night shift at a supermarket frequented by the neighborhood elderly. Much to his horror, he discovers that they aren't shopping for denture cream and hearing aid batteries - but for young bodies to take over and inhabit.

  • An African-American couple are terrorized in their new home by the ghost of a racist man. In the end, we discover the ghost's true motive - unable to rest in peace, he's been seeking forgiveness from his sins.

  • The recipient of a heart transplant finds herself attracted to a stranger she sees on a train. Turns out she's being controlled by the ghost of the donor - the erstwhile lover of the man on the train.

  • A lonely hospital orderly falls in love with a beautiful woman who just happens to be comatose. A la Sleeping Beauty she is reawakened by his feelings for her - yet only he alone can see her in a wakened state.

  • A man drags his wife back to the idealized neighborhood of his youth, but a trip to the old boardwalk fun house provides a terrifying glimpse into a past best forgotten.

  • A young disillusioned priest is sent to take over a dying parish, but finds his presence is resented by the older priest. The young priest soon finds himself haunted by the ghost of a girl he left behind to join the clergy.

  • A slumlord, condemned to house arrest in her own decrepit property, is haunted by the specters of tenants who suffered and died in the building.

  • An attendant, working in a subterranean garage, finds himself trapped in a nightmarish underworld.

  • A haggish old dowager is murdered by her put-upon niece and young boyfriend, only to return to haunt them in mirrors.

  • A nanny spends a terrifying first night with her strange new charge.

  • A grieving father refuses to accept the loss of his son, presumed dead from the bombing of a clinic in Africa. When the son miraculously returns home, his mother slowly begins to suspect the truth - his father's undying love has resurrected the living dead.

  • A young magician and his ambitious wife are invited to the home of a retired grand master. Hoping to discover the secret of the master magician's famed sword-skewering act, the couple get more than they bargained for.

  • A dream psychologist who takes on her patients' nightmares yearns to escape her work and insensitive husband. But when her nightmares start to invade her waking hours, she seeks refuge - into a peaceful dreamscape.

  • A crooked lawman hounds an ex-con bank robber to determine the whereabouts of his buried loot. Upon retrieving the ill-gotten booty, the dirty cop discovers to his horror that the money's even dirtier - it's haunted by the spirits of those who were killed during the heist.

  • A divorced, embittered repairman murders a woman he picked up in the bar, stashes her body in an industrial refrigerator, and dumps it into the river.

  • A young woman is stalked by the ghost of an obsessive suitor. After she's found murdered, the cop who failed to protect her is haunted by her cries for help from beyond the grave.

  • A social worker pursuing a mentally unbalanced man who escaped from a halfway house discovers that her client is prodded to murderous actions by a malevolent demon.

  • A frustrated writer is tempted to cheat on his wife by a mysterious woman he sees through his apartment window. But when he discovers that she is a ghost, it's too late -- and intends to get her revenge.

  • A year after the plane crash that claimed her husband and child, a guilt ridden woman takes a night flight. Amid the storm-tossed flight, the woman is haunted by ghosts of her past.

  • A cruel young couple wage a campaign of noisy terror to evict an old lady from their duplex. The old lady dies, only to return to exact retribution from her tormentors.

  • A tabloid reporter concocts a story about a long-dead serial killer, and unwittingly resurrects the killer's ghost.

  • The new chief psychiatrist at an old mental institution is haunted by Images from the hospital's cruel past.

  • An overworked intern is plagued by dreams in which he sees corpses being wheeled to the hospital morgue. They turn out to be premonitions of patients about to die the next day on the operating table.

  • A jealous husband becomes a green-eyed monster when he finds his wife giving undue attention to their backyard tree -- the very tree from which her ex-boyfriend committed suicide.

  • A hero fireman, who is actually a compulsive arsonist, forges an unholy alliance with a mysterious homeless man with more than a passing interest in blazes.

  • When a young girl's mother remarries, she moves into her step-father's house, only to find herself haunted by the ghost of her jealous step-brother. But soon she discovers he's trying to warn her - about his own death and the danger she now finds herself in.

  • A woman is saved from suicide by a mysterious lighthouse keeper with more on his mind than her salvation.

  • A thief, determined to steal valuable jewelry from a city morgue's storage room, romances a bizarre morgue attendant - a woman less comfortable relating to the living than to her dead charges.

  • A frenzied man finds himself trapped in a nightmarish hospital room. Surrounded by the dead from his past, it appears he's lost in a limbo world between life and death. We discover this is all the delusion of an astronaut adrift in space with his dead co-pilots as company.

  • A couple returns to their honeymoon hotel in a last ditch effort to save their crumbling marriage. When the wife vanishes, the husband is suspected of killing her.