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The television program Instant Star is a Canadian based program which had a four year run, starting in September 2004 and lasting until June 2008. The television program focused on Jude Harrison, a teen music competition winner (similar to American Idol, only known as Instant Star). Although the program was set around music it wasn't just a musical number over and over. Instead, Instant Star wanted to develop rich characters as it shoed Jude's struggle's in the recording industry and his overall experience.

Instant Star is is geared more towards older children than actual adults, although it proved a hit with both audiences as it received a large number of Germini Awards for Best Children's or Youth Fiction Program.

The television series, which had a total of 52 episodes, started with Jude Harrison trying out for the musical competition program Instant Star. The pilot episode gave a quick background over Jude and what he had to go through to make it to the final matchup n Instant Star. Upon winning the music competition his normally life quickly turned upside down as he essentially become a new celebrity and sensation overnight. This put a bit of a strain on his personal relationships with friends and family members as he tried not to change while adapting to his new life as a professional musician.

On ever single episode of Instant Star, Jude is faxed with some sort of program he must deal with. The different issues arose from just about every single aspect of his life, ranging from personal and family life to the music industry. This proved a rather interesting insight into the music industry as your'e able to gain a bit of knowledge as to what takes place during the recording process. This is one of the fantastic aspects of the show, especially as it is geared towards a younger audience who might not have received this sort of exposure through other programs on the television.

Instant Star received a good amount of success, especially for a Canadian program which is usually overshadowed by its United States counterpart programs. However, the show did broadcast in over 120 countries and proved fruitful in its 50 plus episodes (which actually is a rather long run in terms of Canadian television, which is different from American based programming as these seasons run much longer and the contracts are tired in for a greater length of time).

Echo Bridge Entertainment
1 Season, 52 Episodes
September 15, 2004
Drama, Kids & Family
Cast: Alexz Johnson, Tim Rozon, Kristopher Turner, Laura Vandervoort
Instant Star

Instant Star Full Episode Guide

  • Karma couldn't be happier and her head couldn't be huger. But when the show airs, she is mortified. Karma has been reduced to the role of harpy, the villain of her on-screen life.

  • Tommy's back but makes no attempt to see Jude and to take her mind off her Tommy troubles, new friend and break-up survivor Megan comes to the rescue with her Five Steps To Achieving Total Closure.

  • It's the big day: Jude's third album is hitting the shelves! Completing the thing nearly destroyed her, and she's eager to see it become the hit she knows it'll be.

  • After the break-up, Jude keeps the info to herself and throws herself into making her third album the best ever as she spirals into a musical obsession that threatens her career, her relationships and her health.

  • Weeks have passed since Tommy left for New Brunswick. Communication has been sporadic and frustrating. What's a lovestruck girl to do...but surprise her guy by arriving unannounced on his doorstep.

  • Darius announces that Tommy and Jude will be judges in the fourth Instant Star competition... without telling them first. But, after receiving a mysterious phone call during the audition, Tommy checks out.

  • Jude's happy and in love! And, she's bursting to tell her fans about her relationship with Tommy. When she gets the opportunity to do so on television, her enthusiasm fuels some ill-advised couch-jumping antics. Jude is tossed into a downward spiral when the paparazzi make Jude look so bad that she questions her own emotional and mental stability. Will she keep it together, or will the spotlight finally prove too bright for our young hero? Meanwhile, Jamie and Paegan are surprised when the teenage music keener Lynn pops up in Nana's basement eager to start working for their record label as an intern. Lynn's eagerness soon has Jamie worried, though, and he starts to suspect that she's hiding some stalker-like impulses.... is she a harmless kook, or should Paegan be watching his back?

  • For better or worse, everyone is getting sucked into the vortex of Karma and Speed's upcoming, on-camera wedding extravaganza. Thanks to the ever-present reality TV crew, Speed starts learning things about Karma he never knew. They find a spot in their apartment hidden from the cameras and start confessing secrets to each other. Desire for fame overwhelms and Karma begins laying into everyone, including Speed with enough Karma-tude that she's in danger of sabotaging both the lavish wedding and the entire relationship.

  • It's party time at G Major. Darius is being awarded for his business achievements and party preparations are the perfect thing to distract Jude from all her personal drama. Let's face it; if anyone needs an escape, it's Jude. And when the Harrison sisters work together on Darius' awards ceremony, Jude can't resist using the occasion as an opportunity to fix Sadie's love life. But will Jude's matchmaking efforts blow up in her face? Meanwhile, Tommy struggles to free himself from his personal baggage but winds up getting crushed when a heavy secret comes crashing down during Darius' party.

  • Jude continues to struggle with the ups and downs of being famous.

  • Jude continues to struggle with the ups and downs of being famous.

  • In honor of Jude's 18th birthday, G Major is throwing her a swank bash. What more could a girl ask for? Jude's in love with Tommy, and he loves her back. Jude wants to sing as loudly as she possibly can about her new romance, but Tommy's hesitant for some reason. And when Jude meets a handsome, mysterious stranger claiming to be an old friend of Tommy's, Tommy overreacts when he sees Jude with him. What is making Tommy so jumpy and what is he keeping from Jude? Once again, Tommy is as tight-lipped as ever. As for Sadie, she's questioning whether Kwest is the one who can spark her flame. But will her doubt put out their romantic fire for good?

  • It's Jude and Tommy's first day in the studio as co-producers and the romantic sparks are flying. When they hit the road in search of inspiration, Tommy struggles with a ghost from the past and his true feelings for Jude. Will Tommy Q ever find a way to let go of the past and let Jude into his heart? Back at G Major, Karma is having love troubles of her own. When Speed won't help her write a song, she dupes the other SME boys into doing it. Will Karma be the Yoko who splits SME up?

  • Jude continues to struggle with the ups and downs of being famous.

  • In the aftermath of Patsy's self-destruction Darius announces plans for a memorial in Patsy's honor. But instead of doing what Patsy would've wanted, Jude sees Big D just trying to fast-track Patsy's album and ghoulishly capitalizes on her demise. When Jude turns to Jamie for support, he surprises her by coldly siding with Darius. As it turns out, Jamie blames Jude for what happened to Pasty. Jude battles to find peace for Patsy and to soothe her own soul in the process.

  • Jude continues to struggle with the ups and downs of being famous.

  • Jude's feeling pretty damn good after taking control of her life and releasing the would-be blackmail photos on the Internet. In an attempt to make nice with Darius, Jude accepts to perform at a bar mitzvah for the son of a G Major board member. And Portia's arranged a press conference to let the media see the distinction between the 'new' Jude and Karma, G Major's latest Instant Star. Too bad for Jude, Karma's idea of demonstrating they're different is by announcing she's a virgin -- unlike "bad girl" Jude. Now Jude has to restore her dignity, while finding a way of getting even with her new nemesis. Meanwhile, Sadie tries to decipher Kwest's cryptic love vibes. Could they ever become a couple under Tommy's watchful eye?

  • Jude's faced with performing, yet again, on this year's Instant Star finale but this time she manages to convince Darius to let her off the hook. Jude enjoys her newfound freedom until "revealing" photos of her surface and a blackmailer threatens to destroy her hard-won credibility. Things get even stickier for Jude when Karma, a rising Instant Star and prot?g?, spills everything to Darius. He seizes the opportunity to regain control, using the photos as leverage over Jude. When Tommy Q finally returns from "business" will Jude find a way to move on from him? And just who is this new little friend he's brought home?

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