Globe Riders Full Episode Guide

  • Ride across China with GlobeRiders. Visit Urumqi, explore ancient irrigation canals in Turfan, experience a sandstorm near Dunhuang, float down the Yellow River on a sheepskin raft and see the ancient terracotta warriors in Xian.

  • Ride across Central Asia with GlobeRiders. Visit fabled Bukhara and Samarakand in Uzbekistan, discover the world's oldest Koran in Tashkent, watch horse games in Kyrgyzstan, and ride into a deep canyon.

  • Ride across the Caucasus. Visit historic Tblisi, explore an ancient caravan motel in Azerbaijan, watch the sunrise over Baku oilfields, cross the Caspian Sea on a freighter ferry, and explore the ancient oasis of Merv.

  • Explore markets and nightlife in Istanbul, visit a pottery workshop in Iznik, go shopping for silk in Bursa, sleep in an ancient caravan motel in Safranbolu, fly high above Cappadocia in a contour balloon, and meet the locals in the Black Sea region.

  • Explore Southern Thailand and Malaysia by motorcycle including a tiger monastery, a Death Railway, seaside fishing, rubber tree plantations, Penang Island, a charcoal factory, and butterfly farms.

  • Explore Northern Thailand by motorcycle including Khao Yai National Park elephants at night, Bangkok flower market and foot massage, King Cobra village, historic Buddha statues, umbrella factory, orchid farm, Chang Mai.

  • Explore Cambodia by motorcycle, including ferrying motorcycles across Mekong River, river dolphins, Phnom Phen's municipal waste dump, Pol Pot's Killing Fields, seaside crab market, stone Buddha sculptures, and ancient temples.

  • Explore Vietnam and Laos by motorcycle to see hill tribes in Sapa, muddy roads near Dien Bien Phu, a corn harvest, silk worms, Pathet Lao caves, a Mekong River cruise, and Buddhist monks receiving alms in Luang Prabang.

  • Explore Central Vietnam by motorcycle including Nhatrang seaside resort, Central Highlands coffee and rubber tree plantations, rice harvest, Hoi An clothing, Vietnamese school, ancient capital Hue, DMZ border, Hanoi strange food and cruise on Halong Bay.

  • Explore Vietnam by motorcycle starting in "Scooter City". Visit the Mekong Delta and its floating markets, pottery and candy workshops. Struggle with bureaucracy to get the bikes out of customs before hitting the crowded roads of Vietnam.

  • Three motorcycles, 30 days and 3,000 miles of exhilarating riding through raging rivers, breathtaking fjords and expansive lava fields. Join us on this incredible journey across a motorcycling paradise unlike anywhere else on Earth!

  • GlobeRiders conquers the largest landmass in the world on a 65 day motorcycle tour across Eurasia. The motorcyclists ride across countries such as China, Russia, and the Ukraine to the BMW Motorcycle headquarters in Munich, Germany.

  • Explore Africa by motorcycle in Botswana, Zambia and Namibia including difficult dirt roads and accidents, wildlife safaris, border crossings, police checkpoints, the world's biggest meteorite, sand dunes and the amazing Fish River Canyon.

  • Explore Africa by motorcycle including Cape Town, Cape Agulhas, ostrich farms, world's highest bungee jump, game reserves, Sani Pass, Africa's highest pub, Zulu villages, Kruger National Park, God's Window and geocaching in Botswana.