Reality Rides

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This is a reality series that focuses on the struggles of an auto restoration crew. The car must be finished in time to compete in The North American Buick Nationals. The show focuses on the triumphs and tribulations that the crew must face to make their project car worthy to compete. The crew must replace degraded or missing parts. This requires them to go hunting through a myriad of junkyards and garages attempting to find original parts to restore their car to mint condition.

3 Seasons, 38 Episodes
October 6, 2013
Documentary & Biography, Reality
Cast: George Bowden, Hank Fricke, Bradley Meredith, Carl Meredith

Reality Rides Full Episode Guide

  • The Buick returns with a beautiful leather interior. Carl spends the day at the CNC shop while the machine carves out the one of a kind center console control array that includes an innovative transmission selector.

  • Progress on the Buick continues as the car heads off to the upholstery shop. Meanwhile the Henry J is complete and competes at the Texas National Good Guys event to a very enthusiastic crowd.

  • Finally the '57 Buick receives it's paint, after months of struggling over color choices and options. The Henry J receives it's gorgeous new leather interior.

  • Carl develops a custom front suspension system for the Buick, Brad continues detail work on the Henry J, and then we meet Cody and Trish, who restore gas pumps, vending machines, and signs to their former glory.

  • The Buick receives an undercoat of rust protection and top grade interior insulation, while Brad works on the in depth wiring that the Henry J requires.

  • The Henry J gets painted, a tedious process to create a unique "candy" color. Carl and the gang meet a collector of very rare classic cars from the 30's and 40's. Several of the cars in this collection are so rare that only a handful were ever made!

  • Brad is hard at work taking a classic Impala dash and cutting it down to fit the Henry J. However Michaela is dreaming of more tropical locations to spend her time, soaking up sun instead of exhaust fumes.

  • The Buick starts the long and tedious process of straightening the body and grinding down the imperfections. Meanwhile, Brad meets with the clients to design the new interior.

  • The Buick body is sandblasted and it takes awhile to remove all the rust and years of neglect. A new client and build project arrives at Carl's Shop, it's an unusual assignment, creating a hot rod out of a Henry J.

  • A suitable donor car for needed Buick parts is found and hauled back to the shop. In the meantime we take a hop over to England for a look at what the classic and hot rod scene looks like in the UK.

  • The season opener finds Carl and the gang looking at an old beat up '57 Buick that has literally been rotting away in a barn for the past several decades. However this particular model and trim package is rare, making it a must have find for the team!

  • It is the Lincoln's time in the spotlight as this beautiful convertible springs to life. In celebration of his work, Carl takes a ride in a class WWII military airplane.

  • The 1942 Dodge Command car is finally complete and shipped to its new owners in California. The winery staff can hardly recognize it and are amazed by its transformation.

  • The command car is almost complete and shown off for the first time to an excited crowd. Meanwhile, it is entered in the "Good Guys" annual car show and surprises the crew in how well it does against 2,000 other cars.

  • As the command car is near completion, the team take a much needed break to the Dallas Autorama and go look at some of the best hot rods and classic cars in the world. The team runs into an old and dear friend, their beloved 1955 Buick.

  • The command car is looking up, as Carl begins to work on the interior. However, challenge presents itself again as the fit and finish of the seats and dash are more critical than they thought. Meanwhile, paint is brought to the Lincoln.

  • As the progress on rebuilding this Lincoln continues, good news is uncovered- the engine is completely rebuilt and in perfect condition. This news serves as both an encouragement to the team to keep moving forward and to its original 1942 design.

  • The condition of the car is making it hard for the team to decide where to start in making and mending what's left of it. After the discovery of rust on the Lincoln, the team puts their efforts into hyper-speed.

  • As work in Carl's shop moves forward, we take a closer look at the client. The Jordan Winery prides themselves on making some of the best Cabernet and Chardonnay in the world. This facility is a great place for the work on the Lincoln to take place.

  • The car is finally sent off for sandblasting but after a normal procedure goes awry, the team is left with very little of the body to work with. Challenged with rust, Carl questions if the car should even be built.

  • Carl and the build team begin to dismantle the command car. After stripping it to it's frame, a few unexpected surprises make their way and the crew realizes it's a much bigger challenge than they first thought.

  • The command car arrives at Carls shop after being shipped from Colorado. After the team goes over the car, it appears to be in dismal condition. Can the team restore it?

  • Carl, Kenny, and some of the staff from Jordan Winery make their way from California to Colorado in their private jet to inspect the vehicle that may be their next project.