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This television show documents and investigates violent crime, primarily against women. To this end the show creators have utilized all the sources available including reenactments and actual interrogation tapes. The show is hosted by Theresa Saldana who was herself several years earlier the victim of a violent crime.

Confessions of Crime is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (14 episodes). The series first aired on July 23, 1991.

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Total Content Digital
1 Season, 14 Episodes
July 23, 1991
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Zoe Berman, Jose Antonio Colon, Richard Colon, Michael Dowd
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Confessions of Crime Full Episode Guide

  • On December 22nd, 1984, a 32-year-old professional named Bernhard Goetz shot 4 young men he thought were about to attack him on a New York City subway train.

  • One teen worked pat time as a babysitter for family and friends in a small community. Problem is, almost every child in her care wound up dead, asphyxiated as coroners reports later showed. Her reason will surprise you.

  • Elizabeth Haysom developed a taste for drugs and a love affair with Jens Soering which developed into an insane passion. Haysom, later described as schizophrenic, persuaded Jens to murder her parents and cover it up.

  • Johnny Jones and Jason Rose were troubled youths, drawn together by scarred backgrounds. The teenagers took to playing the fantasy board game Dungeons and Dragons, convincing themselves they needed to sacrifice for their evil god.

  • Linda Culbertson, desperate to end the affair she was having with her boss Don Pierce, a Kansas City attorney, hired a gunman to kill him. When he botched the job, Culbertson finished it herself.

  • Manny Pardo, a much decorated police officer, committed execution style murders of citizens in the Florida county of Dade. In the trial, he described himself as the real life Charles Bronson.

  • Sarah Rairdon went missing on the way home from school. She was gone over 6 weeks until her body was found. The investigation revealed she had been killed by her father, who had been sexually abusing her for over five years.

  • It started out as an unfortunate mistake that turned into 16 years of serial murder, leaving 54 people dead in various hospitals. Donald Harvey, posing as a nurses aid, killed the patients by obstructing their oxygen supply. He was convicted in 1987.

  • Karen and Michael Diehl adopted 13 emotionally and physically disabled children over a 13 year period. In 1986, they used harsh methods to control one disturbed child, chaining him to the floor and beating him several hundred times leading to his death.

  • Brian Britton - a seemingly normal 16 year old, until his passion for guns and Rambo-like violence got out of control. In March 1989, without unknown provocation, Brian murdered his parents and 8 year old brother.

  • Where does free will end and mind control begin? Can someone be guilty of a crime they may only have set in motion? These are the life and death questions that confront a woman, accused of a shocking multiple murder.

  • Oliver Petrovich had long been sneaking his girlfriend in his closet to spite his parents disapproval of her. When his parents found out, he shot both of them dead in a rage. Oliver is serving a 50 year prison sentence while Angel waits, still in love.

  • Edith Mendez never experienced love in a relationship till she met Carlos. Passion turned to violence when she became victim of numerous beatings. One fateful night, she stabbed Carlos to death. The judge sentenced her to 2 years in prison.