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  • The Trojans are surprised to discover that the Greeks have suddenly left the shores of Troy, leaving only a wooden horse. Inside the horse, Greek warriors remain silent and still.

  • The River Scamander and its banks are set alight by fireballs sent by the god Hephaestus. The river god spares Achilles, who immediately goes back on the rampage. The gods are shocked by his rage.

  • Thetis asks Hephaestus, the god of blacksmiths to forge new armour and weapons for her son Achilles. At dawn, she hands them to him, knowing that they will lead to his death.

  • Saved by Apollo, Hector goes back on the attack and leads the Trojans as far as the Greeks' ships. Patroclus, a childhood friend of Achilles, rushes to him and implores him to re-join the battle.

  • Odysseus and Ajax try to convince Achilles to return to combat, but the Greek warrior rejects their appeals. On the battlefield, Agamemnon, Diomedes and even Odysseus are injured one after the other.

  • The chaos that reigns between Greeks and Trojans has now spread to Mount Olympus. Back on the battlefield, the Trojans have driven back the Greeks, and decide to build a long wall.

  • Agamemnon has seen it in a dream: Troy will be taken today. Helen's husband Menelaus recognizes Paris, the man who took his wife. The two men decide to face each other in a duel.

  • All of the Greek kings and their armies have responded to Agamemnon's call, all except two, Odysseus and Achilles.

  • A golden apple inscribed 'for the fairest' is sent to a feast at Olympus. Unable to decide between the goddesses Aphrodite, Hera and Athena, Zeus decides to let a mortal choose.

  • Located in the bowels of the Earth, Tartarus was the prison of the Underworld, the place where fallen Gods and banished heroes ended up. The Gods also sent three men there...

  • Antigone was one of Oedipus' four children. She had two brothers, Eteocles and Polynices, as well as a sister, Ismene. One day, her sister informed her that her two brothers, who were heirs to the throne of Thebes, were fighting each other for power. They had agreed to take power alternately, but when the time came for Eteocles to hand his crown over to Polynices, he refused. An war ensued.

  • No mortal endured more terrible a tragedy than Oedipus. He was the son of King Laius, King of Thebes. The Gods forbade him to have offspring, and decreed that if Laius gave birth to a son, that son would kill him. Laius removed Oedipus from Thebes, and he grew up far away from the city, without knowing his true identity or the curse that weighed upon on him.

  • We all know about Heracles' unequalled strength, and the twelve labours he had to carry out, but we know a great deal less about the way in which his life was turned upside down by a series of terrible curses.

  • On his quest to find the Golden Fleece, Jason asked the cruel King of Colchis and his daughter Medea, a powerful sorceress, for help. Medea fell in love with Jason, helped him to find the precious Fleece, and fled with him.

  • Bellerophon, the grandson of Sisyphus, one of the Greek world's worst criminals, dreamt of becoming a hero, of being equal to the Gods. But his plans got off to a bad start with the accidental murder of his brother. Forced into exile, he took refuge in Tyrins.

  • Hermes was the youngest of the Gods of Olympus. Right from birth, he was an insolent, thieving, trickster God. While still a baby, he escaped from the cave in which his mother Maia gave birth to him, and stole Apollo's herd.

  • Kronos revolted against his father Uranus. He severed his father's genitals, and threw them into the sea, where they mingled with the foam and gave birth to Aphrodite. Aphrodite was born from this highly unusual union. She inspired romantic love and physical attraction in equal measure.

  • The Goddess of War Athena was the wisest, most level headed and rational deity. She was born out of Zeus' skull, wearing a helmet and holding a spear. She was the protector of heroes, the State, and mankind, to whom she passed on many inventions.

  • Dedalus, a prominent Greek inventor, settled in Crete among King Minos' court. Queen PasiphaĆ«, who had an all-consuming passion for a white bull, called upon his services. Dedalus found a way to allow PasiphaĆ« to mate with the bull, and Minos locked Daedalus and his son, Icarus, away for their betrayal. Dedalus found a way to escape - but his method put his own son's life in peril.

  • Zeus had a reputation for being a seducer of women. One day he lay with a mortal - Semele, the daughter of the king of Thebes. Their son Dionysos was brought up by nymphs. One day he discovered the vine, and decided to travel the world teaching mankind the art of making wine out of it.

  • Although they were the son and daughter of Zeus, Apollo and his twin sister Artemis were born under threats from the goddess Hera. Zeus' wife Hera never forgave the twins' mother - the nymph Leto - for her union with the King of Mount Olympus, and she forced Leto into exile.

  • Taking revenge against Prometheus, Zeus created the first woman - the beautiful Pandora. He gave her a manipulative and deceptive character, and subjected Prometheus to terrible torture. But although Zeus and Prometheus both shared a shrewd and cunning nature, they clashed fiercely. Prometheus wanted to be of help to mankind, and managed to convince Zeus to give them fire.

  • On certain evenings, the constellation of Lyra is visible in the skies. Following Orpheus' death, Zeus placed the constellation in the sky, as a tribute to the greatest poet and musician in Greek mythology. Watched over by the muses from birth, Orpheus' talent enchanted nature, both trees and animals alike. A brave young man, Orpheus left on board the Argo, to conquer the Golden Fleece.

  • His first wife was Metis. His second, who was known as his wife on Olympus, was the jealous Hera. But there was also Themis, the goddess of Justice, with whom he produced the Hours, the Fates and the Mnemosyne - meaning "memory" - who gave birth to nine Muses. In order to achieve his aims, Zeus metamorphosed. He was an expert at changing shape and form.

  • To earn the title of Master of Olympus, Zeus took many important steps, and overcame many challenges. His story is one of an incredible conquest of power, dating back to time immemorial, when the world began. Born from Chaos, Gaia - Mother Earth - mated with Uranus, the sky.

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