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  • 2018
  • 1 Season

Countdown To Apollo from Total Content Digital is a thrilling and informative show that offers an in-depth look at the Apollo program, its history, and its impact on science, technology, and humanity. The show is hosted by Joseph Bearor, a skilled presenter and expert in space exploration, who guides viewers through each episode, revealing new insights and revealing stories about the journey to the moon.

The show features a mix of archival footage, interviews with experts, and stunning CGI animations that recreate the iconic moments of the Apollo program. With each episode, we follow the timeline of the program, from the early days of NASA, the competition with the Soviet Union, the tragic incidents that marked the journey, the successes and failures of the missions, and the incredible achievement of landing humans on the moon.

One of the unique features of Countdown To Apollo is the depth of research and analysis that goes into telling the story of the program. Joseph Bearor and his team have scoured through rare material, interviewed key players who were involved in the program, and consulted with experts in various fields to provide new insights and perspectives on the program's history.

The show does an excellent job of breaking down the technical aspects of the Apollo program in a way that's easy for the audience to understand. The show doesn't shy away from the complexities of the program, but rather provides clear explanations of the science behind the missions, the calculations involved, and the challenges that needed to be overcome. This makes the show accessible to both science enthusiasts and casual viewers who are looking to learn more about the subject.

Another standout feature of Countdown To Apollo is the emotional resonance of the show. The program does an excellent job of capturing the human aspect of the Apollo program, highlighting the sacrifice, bravery, and dedication of the astronauts, engineers, and workers who made the mission possible. Through interviews with family members, friends, and colleagues of those involved in the program, the show brings a personal touch to the story and reminds us of the human cost and the legacy of the program.

Countdown To Apollo has been praised for its production values, with special attention given to the stunning CGI animations that recreate the missions in detail. The show's use of music, sound effects, and narration also adds to the overall cinematic experience, making each episode feel like a thrilling journey through space and time.

Overall, Countdown To Apollo is a must-watch for anyone interested in the Apollo program, space exploration, or science in general. The show provides an insightful and engaging look at this iconic moment in history, reminding us of the incredible achievements of the past and inspiring us to explore the frontiers of space in the future.

Countdown To Apollo is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (8 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2018.

Countdown To Apollo
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Was It Worth It?
8. Was It Worth It?
January 1, 2018
Apollo was a "central project" that is generally thought to be one of the greatest achievements in the history of mankind. Experts debate the positive and negative aspects of Apollo with an eye towards deciding: Was it worth the enormous costs?
Fact or Fiction
7. Fact or Fiction
January 1, 2018
This episode examines some of the popular notions surrounding the Apollo program and discerns whether they are fact or fiction. These include: were Neil Armstrong's words when he stepped on the moon scripted by Nasa? Products such as Velcro and Teflon are thought to be invented during the space program: true or false? These and more are featured in Fact or Fiction.
The Players
6. The Players
January 1, 2018
400,000 people worked in putting a man on the moon. This episode looks at some of the prominent, and not so prominent players who played their parts, including: Frank Borman and Bill Anders, astronauts of Apollo 8; Werner Von Braun, the German scientist who led the team of American scientists and engineers; and Bill Tindall, whose memos to astronauts, scientists, and engineers were indispensable.
The Mercury 7
5. The Mercury 7
January 1, 2018
Before Apollo, there was Gemini, and before Gemini, there was the Mercury program. This episode examines Mercury, the first U.S. program to put a man in space. It looks at the people, such as astronaut John Glenn, the events, such as Alan Shephard's first flight to low earth orbit, and the triumphs of this precursor to Apollo.
Amiable Strangers
4. Amiable Strangers
January 1, 2018
Three very different, uniquely talented men came together to form the crew of Apollo 11. Neil Armstrong, the skilled pilot, Buzz Aldrin, the astronaut with a PhD, and Mike Collins, the well-liked pilot of the command module. This episode looks at all three men, not only in their professional capacities, but their personalities as well. They were, as Mike Collins described them, amiable strangers.
Decisions Decisions
3. Decisions Decisions
January 1, 2018
This episode chronicles several of the major decisions that define the Apollo mission including: the decision to use a lunar module that detached from the command module rather than one giant spaceship landing on the moon; the decision to have Neil Armstrong be the "first man," and the controversy around it; and the surprising decision on who should be the first astronauts.
2. Firsts
January 1, 2018
This episode features the important "firsts" of the Apollo program. From the first satellite launched by the Soviets called Sputnick; to the first man who flew in space named Yuri Gagarin; the first spacewalk to the first live broadcast in space, many of the monumental achievements of the space race are documented.
Caught on Camera
1. Caught on Camera
January 1, 2018
This episode captures Apollo's most amazing video and audio moments caught on camera including: the famous John F. Kennedy speech at Rice University where he inspires the nation to reach the moon; Kennedy's never-before- heard private audio in which he voices his doubts about sending a man to the moon; and the first spectacular pictures of Earth ever taken from the moon.
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Countdown To Apollo is available for streaming on the Total Content Digital website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Countdown To Apollo on demand at Amazon, Hoopla, Crackle and Tubi TV.
  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 2018