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Mickey, a new farm dog, has just moved to the farm with his best friend, Megan. Follow Mickey as he experiences and learns new things on the farm and sometimes gets himself into troublesome situations. Mickey always resolves his problems with the help of Megan, Guy the goat and Fiona the likeable ferret and their Magic Book. Each episode ends with a fun song!

Mickey's Farm is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (140 episodes). The series first aired on October 2, 2009.

Where do I stream Mickey's Farm online? Mickey's Farm is available for streaming on Total Content Digital, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Mickey's Farm on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

Total Content Digital
5 Seasons, 140 Episodes
October 2, 2009
Cast: Erin Loretta Mackey
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Mickey's Farm Full Episode Guide

  • Mickey, Megan, Guy and Fiona reminisce about all the fun adventures they've had together on the farm, remembering and telling stories from episodes past.

  • Mickey finds some cookies on the bench by the barn and decides to try one but it hurts when he touches them. He thinks the cookies are being mean to him but Neil the Oatmeal Cookie explains that they just came out of the oven so they're hot, and you should always ask before eating a cookie so you don't burn yourself.

  • Mickey sees the leaves on the trees aren't green anymore, they're yellow and red and some have even fallen off. He thinks the trees must be sick, but Heath the Leaf explains that this happens every year when it starts to get cold in the season called fall, and new green leaves will grow back in the spring.

  • Mickey finds what he thinks is a pile of sand that looks like it's moving in the forest and thinks the sand is running away from his new sandbox, but Anderson the Ant explains that what he found is an ant hill, under which he and his ant colony family live in tunnels they dig into the ground.

  • Mickey decides to make peanut butter with some peanuts but then the peanuts go missing. A trail of peanuts leads to a tree where it looks like a hole was dug. Mickey thinks the peanuts are lost forever but Scotty the Squirrel explains that he buried them, which is what squirrels do to save food for the winter.

  • Mickey finds a picnic table with food on it and then sees a big grey bird eating the food. He thinks the bird is stealing someone's picnic, but Seamus the Seagull explains that some people forget to clean up after themselves and that's when scavengers like him like to swoop in and eat the leftovers.

  • Mickey sees all the hay in the field is gone and there are what look like giant marshmallows there now. He thinks a giant must have eaten all the hay and the marshmallows are next, but Hank the Hay Bale explains that the farmer wraps the hay up in plastic to keep it fresh.

  • Mickey learns about castles and dragons in a fairy tale, then sees a castle in real life and thinks the fairy tales are coming to life and there are dragons on the farm, but Christopher the Castle explains that castles are real and have been around for hundreds of years.

  • Mickey goes looking for wool to knit with in the sheep pen when he sees a creature that's bigger than a sheep with a long neck covered in wool. He thinks this creature is trying to steal all the sheep's wool, but Alvin the Aplaca explains that his job is to protect the sheep and he grows wool that can be used to knit clothing, too!

  • Mickey is playing with his rubber ducky in the river when it floats away and then looks like it disappears. Mickey thinks all the water on the farm is going to disappear but Sally the Salmon explains that what he saw was a waterfall, and his rubber ducky is waiting for him at the bottom.

  • While Mickey is collecting sticks for arts and crafts, one of the sticks keeps moving away from his pile. Mickey thinks the sticks don't want to be in his arts and crafts anymore but Stacey the Stick Bug explains that she's a special kind of insect that looks like a stick to blend in with her surroundings.

  • Mickey sees what he thinks is a beautiful giant fan on the farm but then the fan disappears and there's a funny looking bird in its place. Mickey thinks the bird stole the fan but Pierre the Peacock explains that those were his tail feathers which spread out just like a big beautiful fan.

  • Mickey goes looking for some dirt to go digging in when he finds some really stinky dirt. He thinks there's something wrong with this first but Coolio the Cucumber explains that this is special dirt called manure that helps vegetables grow.

  • Mickey decides to practice his skateboarding but winds up at the beach along the way where he sees what looks like skateboarders on the water. He tries putting his skateboard in the pond but it just sinks. Sully the Surfboard explains that he's a special kind of board that's much bigger than a skateboard that floats on water and rides waves.

  • Mickey discovers a new object in the playroom, a round circle that moves back and forth atop a long stick. At the same time he feels the wind and thinks it must be trapped inside, but Frida the Fan explains that she was blowing the air and that fans are a great way to cool down on a hot day.

  • Mickey keeps hearing a ringing sound that he thinks is the ice cream man, but the ice cream man is never there. Mickey is worried the ice cream man is playing tricks on him, but Phoebe the Phone explains that she was making the ringing sound and it means someone is calling you to talk on the phone.

  • Mickey discovers what he thinks is a painting in the playroom, but when he tries to hang it the painting falls apart. Mickey thinks he broke the painting but Pauline the Puzzle Piece explains that puzzles are meant to come apart and the fun is in putting them back together again.

  • Mickey discovers what he thinks is a new cupboard in the playroom that's full of food and drinks, and at the same time he gets cold and thinks it must be winter - but it's still summer outside. Mickey thinks there's something wrong with the seasons, but Reagan the Fridge explains that she makes things cold to keep them fresh, and you should keep the fridge door closed to keep the cold air inside.

  • Mickey is playing with some balls in the playroom when he discovers a ball that isn't round like the others. He thinks it's deflated but the air pump won't make it round again so he thinks the ball must be broken. But Fletcher the Football explains that he's a special shape that makes him great for throwing long distances in a game called football.

  • Mickey is setting up a picnic when he discovers the cheese is yellow and has holes in it. He thinks someone must have been eating the cheese but Sven the Swiss Cheese explains that there are all kinds of different cheeses and that Swiss Cheese is the kind with holes in it.

  • Mickey and Megan love going down to the pond to feed the fish. Fish have fins and a tail to help them swim in the water! Mickey decides to visit the fish and see if they're hungry but when he gets to the pond he sees a strange looking fish in the water. It's green and it has long legs - but fish don't have long legs, they have fins! Then he sees it hopping around in the grass. Mickey is worried.

  • Mickey finds the perfect spot to watch the sunset from, right in front of the barn. When he looks at the barn wall he sees what he thinks is a giant dinosaur! But, Barny the Barn explains that what Mickey saw was his shadow, which can get really big when the sun is low in the sky just before the sunset.

  • Mickey loves helping Megan clean up after playing. Cleaning up your mess is an important chore! Mickey wants to surprise Megan by doing all the dishes before she gets home from school. Mickey's never washed the dishes before, this should be fun! But when shiny clear balls start floating up out of the washing tub, Mickey is surprised. He tries to chase the floating balls but they pop and disappear!

  • Mickey and Megan are going to the carnival today and he can't wait! Last time the carnival was in town, they had cotton candy and it was pink and delicious! Cotton candy comes on a stick and Mickey is going to find his very own stick on the farm for his cotton candy. On his search he sees a flamingo and thinks it is a bird covered in cotton candy.

  • Mickey and Megan made a flag yesterday. Now Mickey needs to find the perfect place on the farm to fly it. He discovers a beautiful patch of green grass with its very own flag and flagpole. But then white balls start landing all around him! He thinks they're pieces of the sky-the sky is falling! Penelope the Putter explains to Mickey that he was on a golf course and that it wasn't the sky falling!

  • Mickey and Megan were making paintings of the scenery on the farm yesterday.Painting sure can get messy! Since it has just stopped raining, Mickey decides to look for some more fun things on the farm to paint. Then he sees his first ever rainbow! He thinks someone made a mess in the sky after spilling all their paint. But Rhiannon the Rainbow explains that rainbows like her are rare and special.

  • Mickey goes searching for bugs on the farm. He sees one bug that looks like a little beetle, only it is red with black spots. Mickey is concerned the bug might be sick. But Lucy the Lady Bug explains that her bright colours help other animals watch out for her because she's so tiny.

  • Mickey goes to the beach in to dig up clams for a clambake. But his pile of clams goes missing. Following the trail of empty clamshells, he sees a creature in the water that he's never seen before. He thinks it must be a clam-stealing monster. But Odette the Sea Otter explains that she's a fun-loving animal that loves to eat clams. She didn't realize the clams she took belonged to someone else.

  • Mickey decides to pick some flowers for Megan. He is surprised to find a flying creature that looks too small to be a bird, but too big to be a bee, eating nectar from the flowers. Hannah the Hummingbird explains the she is a very small bird and that loves to eat nectar. It gives her the energy she needs to fly.

  • Mickey decides to do a little bird watching through the window in the playroom, where a visiting cockatoo is staying. Mickey keeps hearing his name being called. But he's confused since the voice is coming from inside the playroom and no one else is around. Corey the Cockatoo explains that Cockatoos like to imitate things people say, like the sound of Megan calling Mickey.

  • Mickey is looking and listening for the new wind chime he and Megan hung in a tree yesterday. He hears what he believes to be more wind chimes in the cow field - but there are no wind chimes in sight. Carly the Cow explains that Mickey heard cowbells. The cows wear the bells so the farmer knows where the cows are.

  • Mickey decides to practice playing his doggy piano in the playroom. He is confused when he hears music coming from a box that doesn't look like any musical instrument he's seen before. Ricky the Radio explains that he plays music from all around the world by tuning into different radio stations. He says if Mickey keeps practicing, maybe his music can be on the radio someday, too.

  • Mickey goes looking for the perfect hiding place to play hide and seek with Megan.He comes across an animal that looks like a dog with red fur and a puffy tail. When the animal disappears, Mickey thinks they are playing hide and seek together. But then Mickey can't find the animal anywhere. Finnegan the Fox explains to Mickey that he wasn't hiding, he was foraging, which is his way of looking for

  • Mickey decides to plant a seed in a flowerpot to grow a flower. But even though he followed all the gardening steps, his flower won't grow. Frasier the flower explains to Mickey that flowers need time to grow.

  • Mickey goes to the pond for a swim. He's surprised to see a giant creature with big ears and a water-sucking hose for a nose. Mickey thinks this creature might be taking all the water from the farm. But Ed the Elephant assures Mickey he was only spraying water to cool off and there is plenty of water for everyone.

  • Mickey finds a goldfish in a bowl inside the farmhouse. He believes the fish must be lost since he's only ever seen fish living in the pond. But Gary the Goldfish explains that he's a house pet and that he loves living inside his fishbowl.

  • Mickey is excited to play with a new animal visiting the farm - a pet chameleon. But when it looks as if the chameleon has disappeared, Mickey thinks she might be lost. Clara the Chameleon shows Mickey how chameleons change colour to blend in withtheir surroundings. So she wasn't lost at all, she was just hiding.

  • Mickey goes to the beach in search of seaweed for Guy. Mickey keeps getting sidetracked when he hears Megan ringing the dinner bell. But every time Mickey arrives at his doggy bowl, it's empty. Bobby the Buoy Bell was making the ringing noise all along. And Bobby explains to Mickey that he makes a ringing sound with his bell when boats are near to warn them of rough or shallow water.

  • Mickey decides to collect all his toys in the farmhouse. He comes across a new toy; a big clear ball with what he thinks is a fuzzy ball inside of it. When the ball disappears, Mickey is confused. But, Holly the Hamster explains that she uses her hamster ball to get around and that it's great exercise.

  • Mickey thinks he's found the perfect flower for Fiona's birthday card. It's soft and fluffy, just like Fiona. But, every time he tries to pick one, the top of the flower blows away, Mickey thinks he broke all the flowers. But Patricia the Pine Tree explains that the flower is called a dandelion and it is the seeds getting blown off - and more dandelions are being planted.

  • Mickey decides to make a picture for Megan using pipe cleaners and popsicle sticks. But when he picks it up, his picture falls apart. Gilbert Glue explains that he can help keep Mickey's picture together because he makes things sticky.

  • Mickey decides to make a painting for Megan using his paws. When he's finished he sees he has made a mess in the playroom with his paw prints. Pete the Paintbrush explains the he can use a paintbrush instead of his paws so that painting doesn't have to be so messy.