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  • 2009
  • 5 Seasons
  • 5.7  (32)

Mickey's Farm is an engaging educational television show designed to teach children between the ages of two and seven about the natural world in a fun and engaging manner. The show follows the adventures of Mickey, a lovable and curious little white terrier, as he explores the diverse animal habitats around his family's farm. Each episode centers around Mickey and his friends learning about the behavior and habits of different animals through fun and interactive activities.

Joining Mickey on his adventures are his best friends, Megan the horse, Farmer John, and a host of other friendly animals. Together, they explore the many different areas of the farm and discover something new and exciting in each episode.

Throughout the show, children learn about a wide variety of animals, including goats, chickens, cows, pigs, and many more. Each animal is introduced in a vibrant and engaging way, with plenty of music, humor, and energy to keep children engaged and entertained.

One of the standout features of Mickey's Farm is its focus on hands-on learning. Each episode is designed to encourage children to get up and participate in the action, whether it's through dance, singing, or other interactive activities.

For example, in an episode focused on cows, Mickey and his friends visit the farm's dairy and get to see how milk is collected and processed. Children watching the show are prompted to join in and practice "milking" their own imaginary cows at home, helping to reinforce the lesson in a memorable and engaging way.

Along with its focus on hands-on learning, Mickey's Farm is also notable for its commitment to promoting positive values and behaviors. Throughout the show, children learn about the importance of being kind, helpful, and respectful to animals and each other.

In one episode, for instance, Mickey helps a lost duckling find its way back to its mother. This teaches children the value of empathy and kindness towards others, including animals.

Overall, Mickey's Farm is a wonderful educational tool for parents and caregivers looking to help their young children learn about the natural world in a fun and engaging way. Its cheerful and colorful animation, catchy music, and lovable characters make it a show that children are sure to enjoy watching again and again.

From learning about animals and their habitats to discovering the joy of helping others, Mickey's Farm is an educational experience that children will cherish for years to come.

Mickey's Farm is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (151 episodes). The series first aired on October 2, 2009.

Mickey's Farm
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Memory Lane
26. Memory Lane
October 3, 2013
Mickey, Megan, Guy and Fiona reminisce about all the fun adventures they've had together on the farm, remembering and telling stories from episodes past.
Cooling Cookeis
25. Cooling Cookeis
October 3, 2013
Mickey finds some cookies on the bench by the barn and decides to try one but it hurts when he touches them. He thinks the cookies are being mean to him but Neil the Oatmeal Cookie explains that they just came out of the oven so they're hot, and you should always ask before eating a cookie so you don't burn yourself.
Fall Leaves
24. Fall Leaves
October 3, 2013
Mickey sees the leaves on the trees aren't green anymore, they're yellow and red and some have even fallen off. He thinks the trees must be sick, but Heath the Leaf explains that this happens every year when it starts to get cold in the season called fall, and new green leaves will grow back in the spring.
Ant Hill
23. Ant Hill
October 3, 2013
Mickey finds what he thinks is a pile of sand that looks like it's moving in the forest and thinks the sand is running away from his new sandbox, but Anderson the Ant explains that what he found is an ant hill, under which he and his ant colony family live in tunnels they dig into the ground.
Burying Nuts
22. Burying Nuts
October 3, 2013
Mickey decides to make peanut butter with some peanuts but then the peanuts go missing. A trail of peanuts leads to a tree where it looks like a hole was dug. Mickey thinks the peanuts are lost forever but Scotty the Squirrel explains that he buried them, which is what squirrels do to save food for the winter.
21. Seagulls
October 3, 2013
Mickey finds a picnic table with food on it and then sees a big grey bird eating the food. He thinks the bird is stealing someone's picnic, but Seamus the Seagull explains that some people forget to clean up after themselves and that's when scavengers like him like to swoop in and eat the leftovers.
Hay Bales
20. Hay Bales
October 3, 2013
Mickey sees all the hay in the field is gone and there are what look like giant marshmallows there now. He thinks a giant must have eaten all the hay and the marshmallows are next, but Hank the Hay Bale explains that the farmer wraps the hay up in plastic to keep it fresh.
19. Rose
October 3, 2013
Mickey is picking flowers for Megan when the red flowers keep pinching him.He thinks the flowers are mean, but Rosie the Rose explains that roses have thorns to remind the animals not to eat them because roses are so pretty.
18. Castle
October 3, 2013
Mickey learns about castles and dragons in a fairy tale, then sees a castle in real life and thinks the fairy tales are coming to life and there are dragons on the farm, but Christopher the Castle explains that castles are real and have been around for hundreds of years.
17. Alpaca
October 3, 2013
Mickey goes looking for wool to knit with in the sheep pen when he sees a creature that's bigger than a sheep with a long neck covered in wool. He thinks this creature is trying to steal all the sheep's wool, but Alvin the Aplaca explains that his job is to protect the sheep and he grows wool that can be used to knit clothing, too!
16. Greenhouse
October 3, 2013
Mickey finds a house covered in windows with vegetables inside and is worried they won't grow because they're not outside in the ground, but Graham the Greenhouse explains that he's specially made with lots of windows to let light and in keep growing vegetables warm, even when it's cold outside.
15. Treehouse
September 21, 2013
After a windy storm Mickey decides to clean up around the farm when he discovers a house in a tree that he thinks the wind must have blown up there. But Theresa the Treehouse explains that she's a special kind of house that's great for playing in, but only with an adult nearby.
14. Waterfall
October 3, 2013
Mickey is playing with his rubber ducky in the river when it floats away and then looks like it disappears. Mickey thinks all the water on the farm is going to disappear but Sally the Salmon explains that what he saw was a waterfall, and his rubber ducky is waiting for him at the bottom.
Stick Bug
13. Stick Bug
October 3, 2013
While Mickey is collecting sticks for arts and crafts, one of the sticks keeps moving away from his pile. Mickey thinks the sticks don't want to be in his arts and crafts anymore but Stacey the Stick Bug explains that she's a special kind of insect that looks like a stick to blend in with her surroundings.
12. Peacock
October 3, 2013
Mickey sees what he thinks is a beautiful giant fan on the farm but then the fan disappears and there's a funny looking bird in its place. Mickey thinks the bird stole the fan but Pierre the Peacock explains that those were his tail feathers which spread out just like a big beautiful fan.
11. Manure
October 3, 2013
Mickey goes looking for some dirt to go digging in when he finds some really stinky dirt. He thinks there's something wrong with this first but Coolio the Cucumber explains that this is special dirt called manure that helps vegetables grow.
10. Dryer
October 3, 2013
Mickey goes looking for the clothes on the clothesline on a rainy day but it's not there. He follows a rumbling sound inside where he sees what he thinks is a monster eating all the clothes, but Drake the Dryer explains that he drieswet clothes faster than a clothesline and is good to use when it's raining outside.
Surf Board
9. Surf Board
October 3, 2013
Mickey decides to practice his skateboarding but winds up at the beach along the way where he sees what looks like skateboarders on the water. He tries putting his skateboard in the pond but it just sinks. Sully the Surfboard explains that he's a special kind of board that's much bigger than a skateboard that floats on water and rides waves.
8. Fan
October 3, 2013
Mickey discovers a new object in the playroom, a round circle that moves back and forth atop a long stick. At the same time he feels the wind and thinks it must be trapped inside, but Frida the Fan explains that she was blowing the air and that fans are a great way to cool down on a hot day.
7. Phone
October 3, 2013
Mickey keeps hearing a ringing sound that he thinks is the ice cream man, but the ice cream man is never there. Mickey is worried the ice cream man is playing tricks on him, but Phoebe the Phone explains that she was making the ringing sound and it means someone is calling you to talk on the phone.
6. Puzzles
October 3, 2013
Mickey discovers what he thinks is a painting in the playroom, but when he tries to hang it the painting falls apart. Mickey thinks he broke the painting but Pauline the Puzzle Piece explains that puzzles are meant to come apart and the fun is in putting them back together again.
5. Refrigerator
October 3, 2013
Mickey discovers what he thinks is a new cupboard in the playroom that's full of food and drinks, and at the same time he gets cold and thinks it must be winter - but it's still summer outside. Mickey thinks there's something wrong with the seasons, but Reagan the Fridge explains that she makes things cold to keep them fresh, and you should keep the fridge door closed to keep the cold air inside.
4. Football
October 3, 2013
Mickey is playing with some balls in the playroom when he discovers a ball that isn't round like the others. He thinks it's deflated but the air pump won't make it round again so he thinks the ball must be broken. But Fletcher the Football explains that he's a special shape that makes him great for throwing long distances in a game called football.
3. Mirror
October 3, 2013
Mickey is playing alone with his toys in the playroom when he discovers what he thinks is another dog who does everything he does, but disappears when he walks away. Mickey thinks this dog is playing tricks on him, but Miranda the Mirror explains that the dog was Mickey's reflection, and everyone has a reflection when they look in a mirror.
Swiss Cheese
2. Swiss Cheese
October 3, 2013
Mickey is setting up a picnic when he discovers the cheese is yellow and has holes in it. He thinks someone must have been eating the cheese but Sven the Swiss Cheese explains that there are all kinds of different cheeses and that Swiss Cheese is the kind with holes in it.
1. Globe
October 13, 2012
Mickey goes looking for his missing marbles and discovers what he thinks is a giant marble that won't roll around; it just spins in place. Mickey thinks the marble must be broken, but Gertrude the Globe explains that she's not a marble; she's a map of the world.
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    October 2, 2009
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    5.7  (32)