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In this adventure docuseries, Philippe Cousteau Jr. , the grandson of oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, travels to remote and spectacular locations, including glaciers and volcanoes, to document the natural wonders of the planet. While his grandfather primarily explored the oceans in his films, the younger Cousteau ventures into the land and air as well as the sea. The syndicated series airs on Fox affiliate stations as part of the Xploration Station programming block.

Total Content Digital
5 Seasons, 65 Episodes
September 13, 2014
Documentary & Biography, News
Cast: Philippe Cousteau Jr.
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Xploration Awesome Planet Full Episode Guide

  • Philippe Cousteau meets the science communicators making science more relatable for everyone.

  • Philippe Cousteau explores the incredible science taking place in remote locations across our planet.

  • Philippe Cousteau explores the side of nature you don't always see.

  • Philippe Cousteau explores the side of nature you don't always see.

  • In this episode, we visit a few examples of threatened places. We'll start in North Carolina looking at the effects of sea level rise on barrier islands. Then we see how innovative tools are helping to protect against future oil spills. We'll head to Utah to learn why over a million acres of pristine land is now under threat of development.

  • We'll start at the national finals of the Stockhom Junior Water Prize where students are presenting solutions to some of our biggest challenges. Then we see how one student teaches younger kids about climate change in a creative way. We'll wrap up with a team of college students in Pennsylvania who help the local community by monitoring local sinkholes.

  • We start in the Rocky Mountains where an Olympic snowboarder aims to keep our mountains protected. Then it's off to Hawaii where a professional surfer is teaching kids the importance of keeping our oceans and beaches clean. Then it's on to California as a world champion boxer fights for water rights. And finally a professional football team leads the way with renewable energy in their stadium.

  • In this episode, Cousteau explores some of our planets most incredible natural formations. We'll look at different types of corals in Fiji, visit a remote glacier in the Canadian Rockies, and marvel at the arches of the Utah desert.

  • We dive with dozens of bull sharks in Fiji to see how a protected marine reserve is helping local sharks to thrive. We then head to South Florida to plant native mangroves. We head down to a nearby beach to remove invasive plants that affect Miami's coastlines in a negative way. The journey ends with a trip to Maui where local volunteers help to keep endangered seals safe when they come ashore.

  • In this episode, we venture into the remote wildness of British Columbia, and get up close and personal with its animal inhabitants.

  • Examine the different methods of farming. We'll join an oyster farmer as he pulls in a harvest off the coast of southeastern Louisiana, and then visit an aquaponics farm in Los Angeles.

  • Travel to Australia to catch the world's deadliest jellyfish. We'll also visit California to see how after years on the brink of extinction that California Condor continues to slowly recover. And finally, a visit to Maui.

  • We visit Pennsylvania to see how engineers are using new technology to fast-track the replacement of more than 500 bridges. Then it's off to New Orleans for an inside look at the city's newly constructed $1.1 billion dollar hurricane protection facility.

  • In this episode, we'll travel to Yellowstone National Park to learn how rescue dogs can find people caught in an avalanche and how rangers manage trails in harsh winter conditions. From there trips to Hawaii and Utah.

  • In this episode, Philippe travels to Pennsylvania to explore a hidden wonder beneath the Appalachian Mountains and see how researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are using cutting-edge science to measure air quality in Pittsburgh.

  • In this episode, we unearth some of the ways scientists, students and regular citizens are working to save our Earth. From creating safe havens for New Zealand's endangered species, to breeding clownfish in Australia.

  • In this episode, we reveal the winner of our first ever #StudentExplorer Contest. Philippe and the lucky student then head to Mexico to swim with whale sharks in the wild.

  • In this episode, Cousteau travels to New Zealand, where he explores Auckland's volcanic field and comes face-to-face with one of the largest insects on the planet.

  • In this episode, Cousteau dives off the coast of Australia to explore the Great Barrier Reef. He then heads to James Cook University to get an up-close look at some of the country's deadliest creatures.

  • In this episode, Cousteau explores the different ways an environmental painter, sculptor, photographer and craftsman blend nature with art

  • In this episode, Cousteau takes us to the American mid-West to see how wildlife in Yellowstone National Park cope with the harsh winter environment. We then climb to the top of Zion National Park's most famous peak before heading to a Pacific island.

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