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The television series Nightwatch takes its viewers on a ride along with some of the most courageous people who keep the wild streets of New Orleans safe. This television show gives viewers an in-depth view of the life of third shift workers who work on the fire department, police, EMS, and much more.

In this television series, viewers will see police as they catch the bad guys who roam the streets of New Orleans. Viewers will watch chases, take-downs, and all the dangerous arrests they have to face. In addition, viewers will see EMS teams and fire fighters as they work to save lives.

Nightwatch is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (47 episodes). The series first aired on January 22, 2015.

Where do I stream Nightwatch online? Nightwatch is available for streaming on A&E, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Nightwatch on demand at Apple TV+, Amazon Prime, Philo, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, The Roku Channel, Google Play, Hoopla, iTunes, A&E online.

Thursday 10:00 PM et/pt on A&E
4 Seasons, 47 Episodes
January 22, 2015
Drama, Reality
Cast: Gavin Istre, Dan Flynn, Nick Manning, Titus Tero
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Nightwatch Full Episode Guide

  • Robb and Bethany rush to the scene where a man is shot by the police, while Tony and Dave have to think quickly to treat a stabbing victim, and Stokes and Mayville rush to put out a fire.

  • Pierre and Jerry are backed up by Air Service when they go on a high-speed car chase. Rush and Benny have to restrain a combative patient, while Stokes and Doug transport a victim of sexual assault.

  • Shots are fired at a high-school football game; Mayville and Stokes investigate multiple bomb threats in Ybor City; the ROC Squad chases a teen on a joyride with his parents' car.

  • Robb and Bethany respond to a scene where a man was shot by police. Meanwhile, Tony and Dave treat a stabbing victim and Stokes and Mayville rush to extinguish a grocery store fire.

  • Pierre and Jerry are backed up by Air Service when they go on a high speed chase through the streets of Tampa. Rush and Benny have to restrain a combative patient.

  • Chaos ensues when shots are fired and a teenager is wounded while Will and Dimitri are on patrol at a high school football game. Meanwhile, Mayville and Stokes are on the scene when multiple bomb threats are made in Ybor City.

  • It's Halloween night and things are getting crazy. Tony and Dave tend to a woman who was shot in the chest with a BB gun and is bleeding uncontrollably. The ROC Squad responds to a call from a man who was shot, so Will and Dimitri start investigating to find the assailants.

  • Tampa first responders have a chaotic night treating seizure and overdose patients. The ROC Squad Task Force tracks down armed robbers in a high speed chase.

  • Police Officers Robb and Bethany are helped by the K9 Unit to nab a suspect who took off running after a car chase. Fire Rescue's Rush and Rutledge struggle to convince a man with heart problems to go to the hospital. Mayville and Doug are called in when a car careens off a bridge and the driver can't be found.

  • Mark and Austin face a dilemma when a man stabbed multiple times angrily refuses treatment. Jerry and Chase are involved in a car chase that results in a foot chase when an armed suspect bails from the vehicle into a parking lot.

  • Officers Roni and Cooper are on a foot chase following a stabbing at a nightclub; Fire Rescue's Doug and Stokes try to save the life of a man shot in the throat; the hunt for a carjacker leads Will and Dimitri to the roof of an apartment complex.

  • Family bonds and family struggles take center stage when a man approaches Robb and Bethany and asks them to help find his missing daughter whom he fears is dead. The ROC Squad set up a high-profile sting to capture a group of thieves preying upon Tampa. Rush and Rutledge try to save a puppy from a raging apartment complex fire.

  • Tonight, police officers Robb and Bethany find themselves in an armed standoff with a suspect who has holed up in an apartment complex.

  • The EMT’s recall and reflect on their craziest and most memorable calls on the Nighwatch shift in New Orleans.

  • The EMT’s recall and reflect on their craziest and most memorable calls on the Nighwatch shift in New Orleans.

  • An in-depth look at what it is like to be an officer patrolling the streets of New Orleans today.

  • Each and every call on the Nightwatch can go in one of two directions. But, when calls come from every direction, the New Orleans EMTs rely on skill, experience and luck to save their patients. From gunshot victims to seizures or a moped rider playing Pokemon Go, they see everything on one more busy night before they can celebrate the end of the summer.

  • True to New Orleans form, when times are toughest, family and friends are more important than anything in the world.

  • The police deal with a woman in an argument with her boyfriend claiming he once brought her back to life after she was murdered. Then a purse snatcher stops running away from police so he can finish some chicken strips. Also, a tarot card reader gets dehydrated after a long day on Bourbon Street.

  • On a hot and humid New Orleans night, there's no escaping the temperatures as tempers rise and violence swells. The police chase two armed carjacking suspects, while Keeley tends to an injured young family in a car accident. Titus and Dan answer a call from a woman who was formerly a Playboy bunny.

  • The members of the Nightwatch team intend to serve people and offer southern hospitality, New Orleans style.

  • The men and women of New Orleans receive news that one of their own has been seriously injured, forcing them to reflect on the risks they take.

  • The Nightwatch crew are reminded daily to be thankful for what they have. Titus and Dan resuscitate an overdosing drug user just before all hope is lost. Brooke and Landon care for a young girl with congenial heart failure. Later, a team of firefighters contain a fire before it causes major destruction.

  • Working together for years has created a friendship between Titus and Dan. On their shift, they encounter people who are the victims of crimes perpetuated by those close to them.

  • In a night filled with multiple shootings, Holly and Nick must search for a missing gunshot victim. Meanwhile, Titus and Dan take care of a stabbing victim. Keeley is heartbroken about the shooting tragedy in Orlando and can't wait to participate in the city's upcoming pride march.

  • The team celebrates the opening of its new headquarters after a decade of working out of trailers. Titus has received his paramedic license and his long time partner, Dan, struggles to adjust to their new shared responsibilities as they respond to a variety of calls. New to the team, Arcady and Ted, get to know each other's styles in their first shifts together.

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