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  • 2013
  • 3 Seasons
  • 8.8  (37)

Guitar Center Sessions is a music television program from AXStv that showcases live performances and interviews with some of the biggest names in music. Hosted by Nic Harcourt, a famed music journalist, the show gives viewers a unique behind-the-scenes look at the artists, their process, and their music. One of the standout episodes from the show is the one featuring iconic grunge band Alice in Chains, and in particular, the band's guitarist and primary songwriter, Jerry Cantrell.

The episode begins with Harcourt giving viewers some background on the band and their place in the music world. He notes that Alice in Chains emerged in the early 1990s during the height of the grunge movement in Seattle, along with contemporaries like Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam. However, unlike their peers, Alice in Chains had a sound that was darker, heavier, and more melancholy.

After this brief introduction, Harcourt introduces Cantrell, who sits down for an in-depth interview about his life and career. Cantrell talks about his childhood in Washington state, and how he started playing guitar at a young age. He also talks about his musical influences, including classic rock bands like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, as well as punk rock and metal bands like the Sex Pistols and Metallica.

In the interview, Cantrell also discusses the early days of Alice in Chains, and how the band got started. He talks about meeting singer Layne Staley, who would become his musical partner for the next decade, and how the two of them started writing songs together. Cantrell also talks about the challenges of being in a band, including dealing with the pressures of fame and the toll it took on his personal life.

After the interview, the focus shifts to the live performance part of the show. Cantrell and his bandmates take the stage at the Guitar Center Hollywood store, playing a mix of classic Alice in Chains songs as well as material from their then-recent album Black Gives Way to Blue.

One of the highlights of the performance is the band's rendition of their hit song "Rooster," which Cantrell wrote about his own father's experiences in the Vietnam War. The song is slow and haunting, with powerful lyrics that speak to the pain and trauma of war. Cantrell's guitar playing during the song is understated but powerful, adding to the emotional weight of the lyrics.

Another standout moment of the performance is the band's cover of "What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye. It's a song that's far removed from Alice in Chains' usual repertoire, but the band makes it their own, with a slow, mournful version that highlights the song's message of social justice and political awareness.

Throughout the performance, it's clear that Cantrell is the driving force behind the band's music. His guitar playing is intricate and complex, but also deeply emotional, and his vocals are raw and powerful. The rest of the band provides solid backing, with drummer Sean Kinney and bassist Mike Inez locking in tight rhythms and harmonies.

Overall, the Guitar Center Sessions episode featuring Alice in Chains and Jerry Cantrell is a must-watch for fans of the band and grunge music in general. The interview with Cantrell is insightful and informative, and the live performance showcases the band's talents and the power of their music. Harcourt's hosting is engaging and informative, providing context and backstory to the music and the artists. All in all, it's a great example of what makes the show so special, and why it's a must-watch for any music fan.

Guitar Center Sessions
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