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Join one of the nation's most successful comedians as he brings his trademark humor and perspective along with his camera crew as he treks across the country showcasing the uniqueness that makes America so great. Each episode of "Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy" introduces different experiences that build the fabric of our daily lives. Larry the Cable Guy dives in feet first to tackle one-of-a-kind jobs, immerses himself in local events and doesn't mind embarrassing himself a little as he participates in the customs, cultures and ceremonies across every city, town, borough or neighborhood in America.

Tag along with Larry the Cable Guy on this inspirational reality tour across the country as he brings the personal stories, histories and individuals of the country that he loves so much.

Wednesday 9:00 PM et/pt on History
3 Seasons, 50 Episodes
February 8, 2011
Cast: Larry the Cable Guy, Eric Weingrad
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Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy Full Episode Guide

  • On a drive through Central Illinois, Larry and the crew get online to see how Americans are making business.

  • Larry portrays how New York City refuses to surrender and how culture is preserved.

  • Larry attends a dog show in Topeka, Kansas and later connects with comic Yakov Smirnoff in Branson, Missouri.

  • Larry experiences spelunking in Tennessee. Later, he hikes along the Appalachian Trail.

  • Larry examines human decomposition at the "Body Farm" in Texas.

  • Larry is determined to prove that Los Angeles is the leading producer of weird people. Later he exercises with Richard Simmons.

  • Larry visits Boston to check out some customized cars.

  • Larry visits a man camp and works in a diner in North Dakota.

  • Larry heads to Vegas to visit Carrot Top and work with male strippers.

  • Larry travels through Missouri to demonstrate how American obsessions can turn into everything from extremely odd contests to a billion-dollar business. He starts by seeing just how far an obsession with anvils can take a man.

  • Larry follows one of Florida's leading herpetologists and milks a venomous snake.

  • Larry meets inventors and attends a mustache competition while traveling through Minnesota.

  • Larry examines how Pennsylvania became an industrial powerhouse. Plus, he works alongside boilermakers at a Pennsylvania power plant.

  • Larry visits an amateur rocket scientist in Roswell, N.M.

  • Larry visits a state fair in Iowa to become a carny and encounters an alligator wrestler.

  • Larry visits an Arizona ostrich ranch in the Season 3 premiere.

  • Larry goes behind-the-scenes at some American spots that are always marked "Authorized Persons Only." First, at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport, Larry joins the TSA. Then, Larry goes to a secret location to help the ultimate bomb squad get rid of explosive material. And Larry gets inside the everyday media machine that is a local TV station.

  • Larry is off to New Orleans to see how life is in the Big Easy. First up is gar fishing and then Larry tackles the mess that is the French Quarter the morning after a typical weekend.

  • Larry visits the site of the making of the Corvette. He also takes a quick visit to Louisville to visit the Louisville Slugger. Then Larry goes searching for Bigfoot and aims to see if Kentucky has the best Sasquatch hunters anywhere.

  • Larry gets in the trenches with the citizens who deal with critters that have invaded our country. First, Larry teams with a relentless pair of guys who use GPS-enhanced dogs and their own brawn to deal with the persistent, pesky and very scary problem that is the feral pig.

  • Mr. Cable Guy is off to Washington to spend a few days behind-the-scenes of our nation's capitol.

  • Larry experiences America after the sun has set. First, Larry gets to be the greenhorn trying to keep up with a four-generation shrimping family as they head into shark-infested waters at night to bring back the bounty of the sea. Then, Larry helps exterminators catch critters that only come out in the dark.

  • Larry shares a few of his personal favorite American things. His love of livestock leads him to a genuine cattle drive in the most unlikely place: the swamps of Central Florida. Then he joins a company called "Mr. John" and immerses himself in servicing port-a-potties.

  • Larry heads to the South to document the endeavors of rednecks - including a look at dirty, muddy drag racing and a visit with a motorcycle daredevil. Also: an attempt to obliterate an entire house by hand using martial arts.

  • Larry heads to the deep Ozark woods to see how squirrel hunting created the original American sharpshooters. Then Larry faces a steep challenge: training to stalk and shoot with the US Army's elite snipers at their training center in Fort Benning, GA. Finally, he heads to Colorado to meet "the most armed man in America."

  • Larry finds us a few crazy ways Americans earn a living. He starts out in Florida at a multi-generational family owned alligator farm. This means wrangling live (and scary) gators and learning the odd process used to skin them. Then, Larry joins a construction crew who are making their living on a 20-year gig building a medieval castle. Larry's final stop is New York City where he strips down to make a buck in Times Square with the Naked Cowboy.

  • Larry travels across the country as he reveals some extremes Americans go to when it comes to animals.

  • Larry heads to Wisconsin. His first stop is at the state's largest dairy farm, where he gets a taste of every tough job that goes into each glass of milk. Later he's off to the acclaimed hamburger birthplace and then to a ranch where a farmer has a soft spot for deformed cows.

  • Larry travels to Alaska where he attempts to bust moose poachers, uncovers Alaskan greatness, and then drops in unannounced on Wasilla's most famous citizen and her family.

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