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  • 2019
  • 1 Season
  • 2.8  (82)

HobbyKids Adventures is an animated television series produced by pocket.watch and premiered in 2019. The show follows the adventures of the HobbyKids - a group of three siblings, HobbyPig, HobbyFrog, and HobbyBear, who love to explore, learn and have fun. Throughout the series, they embark on a variety of exciting adventures that teach important lessons along the way.

The show is narrated by HobbyDad, who also serves as the voice of reason for the sometimes mischievous HobbyKids. The narration provides context and background information, helping viewers understand the various challenges and obstacles the HobbyKids face on their adventures.

Griffin Burns stars as HobbyPig, a knowledgeable and curious young pig who is always eager to learn and try new things. He is often the first to jump into a new adventure and is always ready to offer his help to his siblings.

Cristina Milizia voices HobbyFrog, the fearless and adventurous member of the group. She is always eager to explore new places and try new things, often dragging her reluctant siblings along with her. However, her enthusiasm often leads to trouble, and she must learn to think things through before acting.

Johnny Rose stars as HobbyBear, the youngest member of the group. He is often more cautious than his siblings, preferring to observe and think before jumping into things. However, when he does get involved, he is an invaluable member of the team, often using his intellect to solve problems.

Each episode of HobbyKids Adventures follows a different adventure, from exploring new places to learning about science and history. The show often incorporates educational elements into the adventures, teaching viewers about things like dinosaurs, space, and engineering.

The animation style of the show is bright and colorful, perfectly capturing the fun and adventurous feel of the series. The characters are all adorable and uniquely designed, with each having their own distinct personality.

One of the unique aspects of the show is its use of live-action segments. At the end of each episode, the HobbyKids are shown doing a related activity in the real world, such as building a model rocket or visiting a science museum. These segments help bring the lessons of the episodes to life and encourage viewers to try new things in their own lives.

Overall, HobbyKids Adventures is a fun and educational series that teaches important lessons while still offering plenty of excitement and adventure. With its lovable characters and engaging storylines, it's a show the entire family can enjoy together.

HobbyKids Adventures is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on June 22, 2019.

HobbyKids Adventures
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Flavor Fixer
12. Flavor Fixer
September 7, 2019
The Hobby Kids use a new invention to alter their taste buds, but something goes wrong!
Showtime: Bro Time!
11. Showtime: Bro Time!
August 31, 2019
The Hobby Kids plan to buy a Detective Unisquirm 2 movie ticket works a little TOO well.
Hobby, I Shrunk the Kids
10. Hobby, I Shrunk the Kids
August 24, 2019
When the Hobby Shrinker accidentally shrinks Hobby Bear to be an inch tall, he must find a way to get the other Hobby Kids' attention and return to normal size!
Broken Record
9. Broken Record
August 17, 2019
Will the Hobby Kids finally be able to break a world record? Or will the Slobby Kids sabotage them and make them look like the world's biggest failures?
Big Bird Battle!
8. Big Bird Battle!
August 10, 2019
When a monstrous bird mistakes the Hobby Egg for her own, it's up to The Hobby Kids help her find the way back to her nest...and rescue their own Hobby Egg in the process!
Maybe Baby Bear
7. Maybe Baby Bear
August 3, 2019
HobbyBear wants to show his big brothers that he's not a baby by going on his own adventure, but a T-Rex sized bite is more than he can chew.
Hooray for Hobbywood
6. Hooray for Hobbywood
July 27, 2019
The Slobby Kids become stunt doubles for the Hobby Kids' first movie! This way they can break into Hobby HQ - and stardom - at the same time!
Dump Dummies
5. Dump Dummies
July 20, 2019
When the Slobby Kids get sent to the dump by mistake, it's up to the Hobby Kids to rescue them!
Waste of Space
4. Waste of Space
July 13, 2019
When The Slobby Kids launch slobby surprise eggs into the atmosphere, The Hobby Kids have no choice but to enter orbit and clean up the Slobby mess!
Title Wave
3. Title Wave
July 6, 2019
With no title for their newest video, Gamergoose194 tells The Hobby Kids that they must surf the Title Wave in order for title inspiration to strike!
The Drawing Board
2. The Drawing Board
June 29, 2019
The Hobby Kids invent a magic crayon that brings drawings to life! Who could possibly want to steal it and use it to destroy the Hobby treehouse? Enter: the Slobby Kids!
Breaking Bedtime
1. Breaking Bedtime
June 22, 2019
The Hobby Parents are home and it's time for bed! But the Hobby Kids aren't done playing! The Hobby Kids build elaborate inventions all in hope of distracting their Mom and Dad and getting out of bedtime.
Where to Watch HobbyKids Adventures
HobbyKids Adventures is available for streaming on the pocket.watch website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch HobbyKids Adventures on demand at Vudu, Nick and Tubi TV.
  • Premiere Date
    June 22, 2019
  • IMDB Rating
    2.8  (82)