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In this comedy series, the owner of a barbershop finds out that he has a biological son that he's never known. Plenty of laughs and mishaps follow as the two try to get to know one another and create the bond that they should have. In The Cut is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (77 episodes). The series first aired on August 25, 2015.

Where do I stream In The Cut online? In The Cut is available for streaming on BOUNCE TV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch In The Cut on demand at Amazon Prime, Bounce online.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on BOUNCE TV
7 Seasons, 77 Episodes
August 25, 2015
Cast: Dorion Renaud, Dorien Wilson, Ken Lawson, John Marshall Jones
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In The Cut Full Episode Guide

  • Kenny joins an outreach program called Big Bruh, while Jay and Wade are forced to deal with a biker crew.

  • Cheryl starts an in-home salon and at Mable's Tables, Trish, desperate for a chef, teaches Karen how to cook.

  • Kenny’s famous, favorite aunt visits with her new boyfriend. Meanwhile, Wade lists his apartment on a vacation rental property site.

  • An old friend of Jay's resurfaces while Percy struggles in revealing a secret he has kept from his parents.

  • Jay undergoes dental surgery and milks his recovery for longer than necessary. Meanwhile, Mable’s Tables new manager, Trish Devoe. has a new plan to grow business for the restaurant.

  • Jay looks for a replacement to run Mable’s Tables, and to make matters worse, discovers that his ex-convict brother-in-law is moving in at home. Kenny is creeped out by Angelique's antique doll collection.

  • Kenny plans to propose to Angelique, but her recent actions have him second guessing. When Mabel is approached by the local newspaper for a front-page feature, things go awry when they go digging into her past.

  • Jay has a new secret admirer that he tries to hide from Cheryl. Kenny and Angelique struggle to move forward when they have trouble letting go of things from their past.

  • The salon and Mable’s Tables are both short staffed, so the guys take over the restaurant while Percy hires a social influencer to assist at the salon.

  • A female friend from Percy’s past believes he is the father of her child. Smitty wins big at the racetrack and holds a ‘Smitty Tank’ competition to invest his winnings.

  • Jay teaches Kenny how to play dominoes in preparation for a domino tournament. Meanwhile, Smitty’s gambling debt has him in trouble with an unlikely loan shark.

  • Jay is shadowed by an over the top method actor preparing for his next role as a barber and gets too close for comfort. Mable’s bourgeois sister, Ruby, visits and she must deal with their stark differences.

  • When Kenny becomes superintendent of their apartment building, Smitty tries to take advantage of him. With business booming, Mabel brings a new server on board at the restaurant, while a customer tries to cause trouble.

  • Jay hires a temporary barber who becomes a big hit with customers. Mable’s new sandwich draws massive crowds and her supply can’t keep up with the demand.

  • Cheryl and a reluctant Jay decide to seek marriage counseling to help with their communication issues. Smitty starts dating a stand-up comedian and becomes part of her act.

  • Jay conspires with his doctor on an elaborate scheme to convince Smitty he needs a colonoscopy. Mable’s birthday celebration takes an interesting a turn when two of her ex-boyfriends show up.

  • Jay and Cheryl struggle to keep their place clean, so they hire a maid that turns into a fiasco. Meanwhile, Angelique accuses Kenny of cheating and goes to extreme measures to prove her suspicions.

  • When the city announces it will demolish Jay's businesses to make way for a new freeway, everyone must come together to convince an appraiser that the barber shop is a historical landmark.

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