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In this comedy series, the owner of a barbershop finds out that he has a biological son that he's never known. Plenty of laughs and mishaps follow as the two try to get to know one another and create the bond that they should have.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on BOUNCE TV
3 Seasons, 32 Episodes
August 25, 2015
Cast: Dorien Wilson, Ken Lawson, John Marshall Jones, Laura Hayes
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  • Jay is ready to take things to the next level with Cheryl but there is one problem, Kenny can't take the hint that it is time to move out.

  • Cheryl and Percy have a design disagreement, driving The Percy Experience to the barbershop; Smitty is convinced that he is the target of a parking ticket conspiracy.

  • The ladies and Percy are completely absorbed in their new book club, but the guys soon discover that their real-life secrets are the true topic of discussion.

  • Cheryl has her eyes on the grand prize at the big hair show, but her ambition is contagious and soon Jay and Smitty are competing against her.

  • When Mable introduces a relationship game show to the restaurant to attract new business the couples compete but their partnerships are put to the test.

  • Jay and Smitty see dollar signs when an enthusiastic lawyer convinces them their complaints can result in big cash settlements; Kenny reconnects with Angelique, but it's her new boyfriend, Conrad, that is interested in a relationship with Kenny.

  • Kenny's music career is taking off, and Jay wants a piece of the action; Sherlock Smitty is on the case when Jay's new ATM machine goes missing from the barbershop.

  • Smitty and Mable switch jobs in a competition to prove who is the more skilled worker; Kenny and Stella make a big relationship decision.

  • When the IRS comes knockin', Jay solicits his friends for help.

  • Jay hires an efficiency expert to improve the business; Smitty sees fire when Mable's old flame, Charles, reappears.

  • The couples trust is tested when they share too much on social media but refuse to share their passwords.

  • Jay's old friend, Roderick, drops by the barbershop, bringing back old memories and old grudges. Smitty's at odds with his new landlord.

  • The guys find themselves in hot water after reacting to a pregnancy scare.

  • Jay finds a positive pregnancy test.

  • Kenny falls in love with Smitty's beautiful daughter, Stella. Jay and Cheryl get offers to sell their shops.

  • Mable forces healthy food on her soul food eating clientele. Kenny plans a reunion for Jay and his estranged sister, Thelma (Angie Stone).

  • Kenny’s new girlfriend has one big flaw. Jay embellishes his past gang affiliations and almost gets a "Thug Lives Matter" Award.

  • Jay agrees to the filming a reality show in the barbershop, but personalities flare and chaos ensues once the camera turns on.

  • Jay and Cheryl have a hard time remembering their date. Kenny proposes to Angelique. Smitty gets sick and is nursed back to health.

  • Jay learns an important lesson while living the same day over and over and over.

  • Smitty gets a new smartphone and begins online dating. Jay receives more than he planned when he makes a withdrawal from the bank.

  • Kenny becomes a savvy saver and everyone thinks the shop is haunted.

  • Beverly Clark (Rolonda Watts), Jay's one-night stand and Kenny’s mother, makes a surprise visit. Smitty has a bad case of the hiccups!

  • It’s a boy’s night at the condo as Jay and Smitty entertain some ladies. Kenny tries to get some peace and quiet at Smitty’s apartment.

  • The barbershop, the beauty salon, and Mable’s Tables are all up for an "All Good in the Hood" award. Kenny decides he wants to go to college.

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