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In this comedy series, the owner of a barbershop finds out that he has a biological son that he's never known. Plenty of laughs and mishaps follow as the two try to get to know one another and create the bond that they should have.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on BOUNCE TV
5 Seasons, 58 Episodes
August 25, 2015
Cast: Dorien Wilson, Ken Lawson, John Marshall Jones, Laura Hayes
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In The Cut Full Episode Guide

  • Jay and Cheryl’s petty fight over a remote leads to a bigger problem. Smitty tries driving for Goober using Kenny’s car, but his ratings aren’t the best.

  • Smitty moves on to the next round and turns on Jay and Kenny. Cheryl’s girls’ night takes a turn when two of the ladies find out they’re dating the same man.

  • Kenny, Smitty and Percy audition for a talent show competition with Jay as Percy’s manager. Mabel begins to lose customers when a famous food blogger leaves a bad review.

  • When a scam artist slips and falls in the shop, Jay defends himself in court. Kenny and Smitty’s plan to get things fixed in their building backfires when Kenny’s friend gets too involved.

  • Jay tries to mend Kenny’s relationship with Angelique by texting on his behalf, which makes things worse. A new fusion food truck is stealing all of Mabel’s loyal customers.

  • Jay’s sister visits with a new boo, who just so happens to be Jay’s old bully. Smitty’s barber’s license expires, leaving him in jeopardy of losing it without Kenny’s help.

  • Jay feels out of the loop when Smitty’s old friend comes to town, meanwhile Kenny becomes jealous of Angelique’s male friend.

  • Jay and Cheryl come across the perfect couple to double date with, until they learn about their criminal past. Percy gives Smitty a makeover while he goes through a mid-life crisis.

  • Jay struggles with accepting Cheryl's taste in bedtime attire. Percy gains a celebrity client, affecting his normal hours in the salon.

  • Jay, Smitty and Kenny try to win back their valuables after losing to a poker game. Kenny has to adjust to Angelique’s newfound fame when she becomes an internet celebrity.

  • Jay meets Cheryl’s mother for the first time while Kenny reunites with an old friend who goes from houseguest to burden.

  • Jay and Cheryl’s honeymoon phase is short lived when Cheryl empties out her storage unit into their condo. Kenny and Smitty become roommates for the weekend.

  • Jay and Cheryl try to overcome the obstacle of their wedding venue being double-booked. Mabel is offered a lot of money to sell her restaurant.

  • Kenny and Smitty compete over who should be Jay's best man for the wedding. Angelique starts working at Mabel's to earn some extra money.

  • Cheryl moves into Jay's condo and does some redecorating. Kenny witnesses a car break-in and doesn't know if he should snitch.

  • Kenny fails to check in with Angelique, leading to some tough love. Smitty struggles with insomnia.

  • Jay's sister, Thelma, airs out the guys' secrets. Smitty is acting stranger than usual.

  • Jay and Cheryl reluctantly agree to hire Percy as their wedding planner. Smitty is hustled into buying a broken TV and seeks vengeance.Dorien Wilson, John Marshall Jones, Ken Lawson, Laura Hayes, Kellita Smith, Emmanuel Hudson, Milan Christopher

  • Cheryl misplaces her wedding ring. Kenny is caught in an involuntary love triangle.

  • Cheryl puts herself and Jay on a diet to get wedding-ready. Smitty has a head injury that leaves him with a genius IQ.

  • Cheryl's ex-husband comes into town, testing Jay and Cheryl's relationship. Kenny gives Smitty his spare key for safety but soon regrets it.

  • Jay compromises Percy's new relationship. Smitty goes over the top when he believes he has shingles.

  • Jay battles with an unanswered proposal from Cheryl. Smitty sabotages Kenny's chances of finding an apartment.Dorien Wilson, John Marshall Jones, Ken Lawson, Laura Hayes, Kellita Smith, Earthquake

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