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In the Fight is a monthly half hour program that takes us beyond standard news coverage and shows us the day to day of military in the field. It is the ultimate reality show, no glam, no gliz, just a good honest look of what is happening in the field as well as at home.

In one episode we see "the most hated unit in the military", a unit whose job it is to train others to fight against al Qaeda. Because of them, many units are better prepared when they arrive overseas. It also talked to a young Marine who lost a hand in combat, but rebuilt his life with the help of martial arts. Another episode, showed how the Army is teaching the police force in Afghanistan to use non lethal weapons.

Between each news story are shout outs from servicemen, and women, from around the globe. It is a refreshingly positive look at how our military work at keeping us safe every day.

2 Seasons, 24 Episodes
March 29, 2010
Documentary & Biography Military & War
In the Fight

In the Fight Full Episode Guide

  • On this episode, Marines comes under fire from insurgents in Helmand Province, U.S. forces help bring stability to Central Africa, and we find out what measures are being implemented to ensure free and fair elections for the women of Afghanistan.

  • On this episode, a birds-eye-view gives forces on the ground a tactical advantage, the Afghan army recruits a new breed of soldier, scientists follow the trail of evidence left behind by insurgents, and Coalition forces learn about non-lethal weapons.

  • On this episode, we see how the U.S. military is taking on the task of moving equipment out of Afghanistan, Soldiers help locals battle disease throughout Uganda, and service members from all branches of the military compete in the Warrior Games.

  • On this episode, Coalition and Afghan forces fight the information war with the Taliban, Marines learn the art of water survival, and a Soldiers battling PTSD finds peace through an unusual hobby.

  • On this episode, NATO pledges its resolute support to Afghan troops beyond 2014, Combat Search and Rescue Airmen in Japan hone their skills for deployment downrange, and we see the toll that Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder can take on returning veterans.

  • On this episode, a de-mining crew searches for hidden dangers throughout Afghanistan, a crisis action team brings aid to the people of Tacloban, Marines give us a glimpse of the future, and a 1st lieutenant applies her civilian job to her military duties.

  • On this episode, Soldiers take to the hills and valleys of Afghanistan to disrupt the threat of indirect fire, cooperation at the Khyber Pass helps countries fight the Taliban together, and Army snipers compete against each other and test their skills.

  • On this episode, the Army Chief of Staff gives his take on the way ahead in Afghanistan, the Afghan Air Force leads its first operation in thirty years, and an Air National Guard member shares her thoughts on being a woman in a male-dominated field.

  • Soldiers take to the front lines during multi-national military exercise Saber Strike, Soldiers hunt for explosives throughout the roads of Afghanistan, the U.S. military works to develop a united front in Africa.

  • A remote combat outpost becomes a tangible symbol of transition, U.S. troops begin to say farewell to their Afghan partners, a new type of equipment helps the Coast Guard complete its missions, we see what steps NATO is taking to defend cyber threats.

  • On this episode, the Afghan military takes control of the Coalition Forces' oldest base, an Air National Guard unit quietly passes a significant milestone, and we see what it's like to be the wife of a deployed service member.

  • On this episode, we look back at what 2012 meant for Afghanistan, wounded combat veterans leave Afghanistan on their own terms, and we get a look at the people tasked with keeping the capital of Afghanistan safe.

  • On this episode, diplomats and village elders come together to discuss peace, a U.S. sniper passes along his skills to Afghan soldiers, and Army engineers keep Northern and Southern Afghanistan connected.

  • On this episode, we follow the military as they help those hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy, we take a tour of one of Afghanistan's fastest growing cities, and we go behind the scenes with an aircraft that has been in production for over fifty years.

  • On this episode, service members head home after their final deployment to Afghanistan, a new Afghan organization looks to rid corruption from within its ranks, and we meet a team tasked with responding to crises at American embassies.

  • Marines battle insurgents during Operation Helmand Viper. New technology trains Sailors in a realistic setting. Doctors study service members to learn more about traumatic brain injuries. Service members find aid transitioning to the civilian work force.

  • On this episode, a lieutenant leads his men through Southern Afghanistan one last time, military forces from nine different countries come together for RIMPAC 2012, and we find out what it takes to become one of the best junior officers in the U.S. Army.

  • On this episode, Afghan forces take the lead in Operation Southern Strike II, Coalition forces relinquish their bases as they draw down throughout Afghanistan, and we revisit a battle between U.S. forces and the Taliban.

  • On this episode, we see what it takes to execute a combat operation in Afghanistan, Soldiers are put through their paces to become members of the Afghan Special Forces, and an Afghan athlete prepares for the summer Olympics.

  • On this episode, an Afghan crisis response unit leads a night mission against the Taliban, Marines train the Uganda People's Defense Force to combat the al-Qaida linked group al-Shabaab, and a Marine welcomes a new beginning.

  • On this episode, Soldiers provide on-the-job training to Afghan forces, an iconic vehicle heads home marking the end of an era, we profile an Afghan army general, and we see what one Marine overcame to compete in the Warrior Games.

  • On this episode, Coalition Forces disrupt insurgent activity in Southern Afghanistan, Afghans take the lead in eradicating the drug trade, we seen how Army flight medics save military and civilian lives, and a famous B-17 gets a second life.

  • On this episode, U.S. and Afghan Forces work with the people of Kandahar to make their villages safe, a worldwide charity takes a novel approach to unearthing mines throughout Afghanistan, and an Olympic hopeful races for his country.

  • On this episode, a personal security detachment team transports high level personnel throughout Afghanistan, Afghan forces prepare for a transition of authority on the Afghan/Pakistan border, and sports returns to Libya in time for the 2012 Olympic Games.

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